The Complete Guide to Cannabis Grinders

The purpose of a grinder is to shred and cut the cannabis into smaller particles. This process makes it easier to smoke marijuana. It also increases the surface area of the plant matter, which ensures better flavor. This guide looks at how a cannabis grinder functions, the different types, and outlines how to clean one. It also investigates the best options on the market and concludes with tips on finding the best cannabis grinder.

How Does a Cannabis Grinder Work?

The best grinders make it easy to shred marijuana buds. Doing this makes it simpler to pack a bowl or roll a joint. It also provides a smoother smoking experience. You don’t necessarily need a grinder. You can use your hands, keys & cards, scissors, a coffee grinder, or other household items. However, a grinder does a far better job.

It is a tool specifically designed to grind cannabis. It should also have ‘extras’ such as a handy kief catcher that gathers the potent crystals knocked off the plant material when you grind it. You can use kief to increase the THC content of a joint or bowl.

Why Not Buy Pre-Ground Cannabis?

It is unwise to buy pre-ground herbs because dried buds become stale over time. If you see already ground bud, there’s a good chance it has already lost much of its flavor. To get the best out of your cannabis, you need to keep the buds intact until it is time to use them. This is where a grinder comes in useful.

Type of Cannabis Grinder

In general, you’ll find four types of cannabis grinders available for commercial sale. The following relates to hand grinders capable of handling a few grams at a time.

Two-Piece Single-Chamber Grinder

This is the grinder of choice for marijuana users on a budget. It is a basic design with both parts containing sharp teeth. These grinders have no kief catcher, and the crystals usually get stuck to the chamber’s sides. Typically, these items are made from metal, plastic, or wood.

Four-Piece Three-Chambers Grinder

This is the cannabis grinder best suited to regular users. Each of the three chambers has a specific function:

  • One for the bud you want to grind
  • One for the bud you’ve already ground
  • One for catching kief

Electric Grinder

These are quite expensive but provide you with an immense level of convenience. It is best to find a battery-powered one. Otherwise, you’ll need to find a power outlet for a plug. The other downside with electric grinders is that they can demolish your cannabis. In general, you should only use one of these devices if you need to grind a large amount of marijuana in a short timeframe.

Card Grinder

This is the least popular option, and you won’t find much of a difference between the top brands. Advantages of card grinders include low cost and being easy to store and carry. The design is very basic: A metal card with numerous small holes for grinding. They look like food graters but using one typically results in a mess.

How to Use a Cannabis Grinder

While each one has the same function, they don’t necessarily work in the same way. Here is how to use each of the four cannabis grinder types outlined above.

Two-Piece Grinder

Using this type of grinder is very easy. Place your buds in one part, close the two pieces together and start rotating. Keep spinning the device until you feel no further resistance as you grind. Place the ground bud into a container and knock the two pieces together upside-down to remove whatever gets stuck. If any large buds remain, put them back inside and start grinding again.


Four-Piece Grinders

Using this one is slightly more complicated but is still fairly easy.


  • Remove the top lid and add the buds to the chamber designed for grinding. It is helpful to use your hands to reduce the size of the buds. Avoid putting anything in the middle, as this is where the grinder’s magnet turns. As a result, buds you place in this area don’t get shredded.
  • Put the lid back on and rotate the grinder. Keep rotating it for as long as it takes for all plant material to fall through the holes. Remove the lid and tap it against the grinder’s side to loosen the bud stuck in the teeth.
  • Unscrew the chamber that holds the ground bud, and you’ll see the fruits of your labor. Load the bud into a bowl or joint and enjoy the experience.
  • You should also check the kief chamber regularly to see if there is enough to add to a joint or bowl.

Electric Grinder

A lot depends on the brand as one electric grinder could have different instructions than another. Generally, however, the process will look like the following:


  • Unscrew the glass chamber and place the buds inside.
  • Put the chamber back in and press the power button.
  • Switch off the power from the mains and check to ensure the bud is well ground. If it isn’t, switch the power back on.
  • Clean the device thoroughly after use.

Card Grinder

Finding a suitable ‘workspace’ is essential given how easy it is to lose bud when using a card grinder. Although you can get by with a flat table or even a book in a pinch, a rolling tray is ideal. Here’s how to use a card grinder:


  • Keep the marijuana between the thumb and forefinger of your dominant hand. It is best if the plant material sticks out from the bottom of these two fingers.
  • Proceed to grate the bud like you’re grating cheese. Use a reasonable degree of force and push the bud through the card with your fingers if necessary.
  • Reposition the marijuana as necessary for better efficiency and cut down on the wear and tear on your fingers!
  • Pick up whatever large chunks that fall and grind them down.
  • Continue grinding in this fashion until you’re happy with the consistency of the cannabis buds.

How to Clean a Cannabis Grinder

There will come a time when you have to give your grinder a deep clean. Incidentally, make sure you clean it thoroughly when you first buy it. The shipping process could leave residues you don’t want in your cannabis. In an ideal world, you’ll clean your grinder after every single use. This ensures that you’re not mixing old buds with new plant material.

If you don’t clean your grinder for a while, you’ll eventually notice a resin build-up. It will cause the threading on the sides where you screw the pieces together to get sticky. This means you won’t be able to twist them. If this happens, here’s what to do:

  • Use salt and isopropyl alcohol on the stickiest parts.
  • Knock the kief loose with a small brush.
  • Consider freezing your grinder before cleaning the kief, as this makes it harder for the resin to stick to things.
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Alternatively, you can soak your grinder in warm water, salt, and isopropyl solution after each use. This should make it easy to wipe clean.

If your grinder no longer functions well, it is time to replace it even after a deep clean. You should also buy a new one if you cannot clean the sticky kief properly. It is possible to get a reasonably good four-piece grinder for around $50. However, the top brands can charge over $100. Care for it correctly, and it should last you a long time. There are cheap two-piece grinders available for less than $20 if you’re on an extremely tight budget.

Who Sells the Best Cannabis Grinders on the Market?

Marijuana users have a wide range of options. Here are three of the best choices in the four cannabis grinder categories outlined above.

Two-Piece Grinders

  1. Cali Crusher
  2. Croc Crusher 1.5”
  3. Masterdam Grinders Anodized Aluminum

Four-Piece Grinders

  1. Santa Cruz Shredder
  2. Marley Natural Wood Grinder
  3. Higher Standards Aerospaced

Electric Grinders

  1. LONZEN Rechargeable Electric Dry Herb Grinder
  2. Banana Bros. Otto
  3. Quant Premium Electric Grinder

Card Grinders

  1. G Card Grinder
  2. Tokyo Smoke Dot Infinity Grinder Card
  3. Vsyndicate Caterpillar Nonstick Grinder Card

Shopping for Weed Grinders? Here Are Some Quick Tips

It is all too easy to pick the first cannabis grinder on the list above. However, there are a few things to consider before investing.

  • Material: Above all else, make sure the grinder is made from premium-quality aluminum. Such devices are safer and more durable than their plastic counterparts.
  • Teeth Shape & Quantity: There is nothing better than a marijuana grinder with razor-sharp diamond-shaped teeth. This tooth shape does an excellent job of grinding smaller particles and provides a smooth and consistent grind. Also, while it is tempting to focus on grinders with a large number of teeth, bear in mind that too many teeth can result in clogging. For reference, 30-40 teeth is a good range for a 2.5-inch grinder.
  • Storage & Size: Simply put, the larger the storage and device, the more cannabis you can grind at once. Consider how much weed you intend to grind at a time before making a purchasing decision. As an aside, a magnetic lid is useful as it prevents the smell of weed from escaping. However, remember that large grinders aren’t discreet and are perhaps unsuitable for travel. 1.5-inch grinders can fit in your pocket, whereas 3-inch devices are far more noticeable.
  • Grip: If a grinder doesn’t provide a strong grip, turning it can soon become a literal pain! Less force is required with a good grip, ensuring smoother and easier operation.
  • Performance: If you’re a regular marijuana user, a cheap and cheerful grinder will cause more problems than it solves. Ultimately, it is best to pay as much as you can afford for a grinder that operates efficiently and effectively.

Consider your budget, and don’t be afraid to pay an extra $10-20 for a top-notch cannabis grinder as it could last several years. To make things easier, here are three reputable online stores that sell marijuana grinders:

  • DopeBoo
  • Waxmaid
  • Grasscity®

I believe these 3 are affiliates; they are in the ‘Bongs’ tab on the Partners Sheet

Final Thoughts on Cannabis Grinders

Ultimately, it is a good idea to grind your marijuana buds before smoking them. You’ll enjoy a smoother, more flavorful smoke with a lower chance of coughing!

Look for a four-piece cannabis grinder with three chambers as these products are affordable and come with a kief catcher. Finally, make sure you clean your grinder regularly to get rid of the sticky mess.

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