6 Ways to Add Moisture to Over Dried Marijuana

Whether you’re a grower who has let his harvest hang too long or you’ve simply purchased weed and have had it lying around for a while, you’ve probably encountered over dried weed.

This is a common thing but can be quite annoying, especially if you’ve purchased some of that quality stuff that has put you out of pocket.


There are a few ways to rejuvenate your weed or even how to keep your buds sticky but most of the time it simply comes down to finding something that has moisture in it and placing it in a closed environment with your dry weed.

Find out how to keep buds sticky with these useful tips…

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6 Creative Ways to Add Moisture to Over Dried Marijuana

Here are 6 of the most unusual ways to add moisture to over-dried marijuana, so you can enjoy the best smoke possible.

1) Lettuce for Over Dried Marijuana Buds


To be exact, Iceberg lettuce, as this type has the most moisture. Simply take a few leaves place it with your buds in a container and presto, the magic will happen after a few days.

2) Orange Peels for Over Dried Marijuana Buds


Similar to the lettuce trick, you simply take orange peels and place it in a container with your buds. There is one problem though with this method; your bud will get an orangy smell, which not all smokers like, so opt for a different method if you are not a fan of citrus fruits.

3) Wet Cotton Balls for Over Dried Cannabis Buds


Wet some cotton and place it in tin foil. Poke the tin foil to make some holes for ventilation. Place it in a container next to your buds for a few hours and watch as the nuggets become moist again.

4) Fresh Bud Mix for Over Dried Marijuana


Take some fresh bud from a plant that is high in moisture and put it in a jar with some bud that is dry. Should do the trick and will keep the scent natural and won’t introduce any non-ganja elements into the mix.

5) A Very Small Sponge for Over Dried Marijuana


Wet a small sponge or a piece that is cut off and place it a jar with your bud. Make sure the piece is relatively miniscule to keep the moisture at the right level.

6) Humidity Pouches for Keeping Marijuana Buds Fresh

boveda humidity pouches

If none of the above work you can always pick up some humidity pouches from Boveda.

Additionally, if you’d like to prevent your buds from drying out in the future, opt to always store them in air tight containers with humidity control packs. This will prevent future hassles, that’s for sure.

If you’ve got any other cool ways to moisture your bud, share them with us on our Facebook Post or in the comments below.

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