What’s the Best Way to Take CBD Oil? [ANSWERED]

Cannabidiol (CBD) has a wide range of applications and consumption methods. If you’ve been thinking about trying CBD oil for a while now and don’t know where to start, or if you’re used to the world of CBD but want to try something different, then this article is for you.

People take CBD oil for a variety of reasons. As a naturally occurring cannabinoid found in the marijuana plant, CBD has several purported health benefits, which is why so many individuals are trying it for themselves. Thanks to the body’s endocannabinoid system (ECS), it is thought that ingesting CBD could help us to maintain homeostasis. In other words, it might help to keep our whole body in balance.

Furthermore, sufferers of certain ailments use CBD oil as a means to mitigate certain symptoms. For example, some studies* have suggested that CBD oil might be able to relieve feelings of low mood experienced with depression, and others have concluded that it can alleviate chronic pain.

Therefore, if you want to know the best ways to take CBD oil, read on to hear our top 6.

1. Sublingual oils

Old but gold, sublingual CBD oils are the classic. These consist of oils or tinctures made from CBD extracted from hemp. The reason these are so popular is because they are so fantastically easy to take! All you need to do is place a few drops beneath your tongue and hold the liquid there for around 90 seconds before swallowing. It’s really that simple!

The drawback is that CBD oil is not regulated, and there are a vast number of products out there you need to be wary of. As long as the hemp was organically sourced and made via CO2 extraction, you should be safe. It’s best to do some research into the company before buying any oils.


  • Very easy to take.
  • So many products means that oils and tinctures are the easiest CBD products to find.
  • You can dose them very easily using the information on the label and the dropper.
  • Usually containing very few other ingredients, the oils are very natural.
  • Great for newbies, as you can start with a low-dose CBD oil and work your way up to better strengths to find what works for you.
  • Sublingual absorption is quite fast.


  • Lack of regulation means some products are sub-standard.
  • Some users complain about the taste, which is usually very earthy and strong unless extra flavoring has been added.

2. CBD Capsules

With some people lamenting the taste of CBD oil, CBD capsules are beginning to grow in popularity. These consist of a CBD oil enclosed within a little capsule, similar to a lot of other medicinal pills. For this reason, CBD capsules are popular with older people who are getting into CBD, because they so closely resemble traditional medicines.

In terms of finding a reputable seller, it’s best to look for CBD capsules that don’t pull apart in the middle, as these are lower quality and are also more likely to leak. Another problem with capsules is that, as of yet, they aren’t as available in as many strengths as their oil counterparts, but this will probably change as their popularity increases.


  • Extremely easy to add to your daily routine: all you need to do is pop a capsule in your mouth and swallow!
  • Dosage is very safe and easy, as the correct dosage is already contained in the capsule.
  • Those who don’t like the taste of CBD oil can get the same benefits (i.e., lack of additional ingredients) whilst also avoiding the earthy flavor.


  • They are not as readily available as oils, meaning you might not be able to get it in as many strengths.

3. CBD Dabs

Concentrated extracts all fall under the category of dabs. Basically, this encompasses CBD isolates, shatters, and waxes. CBD isolate is a powdered form of CBD, containing nothing but the cannabinoid we all know and love. It packs a huge punch of CBD, without the smell or taste you get with an oil. It is also versatile, as you can incorporate it into a number of products.

When this isolate is infused with terpenes that make it resemble certain marijuana strains, it becomes a shatter. There’s no need to worry, as no extra cannabinoids are added so it remains legal. Depending on the terpenes added, there can be a variety of different aromas, appealing to a variety of individuals.

Finally, wax is a gooey form of CBD concentrate made by similar processes.

Dabbing refers to heating these various forms of CBD concentrates on a hot surface in order to vaporize them. Then, the vapor is inhaled. Of course, this process requires the requisite tools in order to create the vapor.


  • Can be a more enjoyable way to get your CBD hit, as it makes it more of an activity.
  • The added terpenes in shatters and wax means that the CBD can taste much better than it would with an oil.
  • The CBD is pure, meaning you don’t have to worry about anything else you might be ingesting.
  • It takes effect very quickly.


  • Equipment such as a dabbing rig is necessary, and these can be expensive.
  • This method is not really accessible to newbies, as dabbing can take a little knowhow; it is not as easy as other methods.
  • Measuring out precise doses is not easy.

4. Vaping

While there is always the option to smoke high-CBD strains of cannabis (in states where this is legal, of course), this is not the most recommended option. Combustion can have some pretty nasty side effects on the lungs. Vaping, on the other hand, is reported to skirt around these effects because it does not involve any combustion.

Perhaps you have tried vaping already by vaping nicotine. But now, there are vape pens available out there made specifically for CBD oils. Many CBD sellers now produce little cartridges of CBD oils that are safe for vaping. It’s quite easy to get your hands on these cartridges, and there are also plenty of options when it comes to vaping tools.

Whether you would prefer a box-mod model to look flash while vaping, or whether a discreet vape pen is more your style, there will definitely be something out there for you. Moreover, there are quite a few strength options available when it comes to vaping oils, meaning that you can start with a lower strength oil if you prefer.


  • A healthier alternative to smoking
  • A variety of oils and vaping devices are available out there to suit different people.
  • Some of the oils taste quite good, making for an enjoyable consumption method.
  • The CBD takes effect very quickly through inhalation.


  • Pens and vaporizers can be quite expensive; it’s an investment.
  • For people who are not used to smoking, this may not be your thing.
  • Although cartridges will list the strength, it is not always easy to dose the CBD accurately when vaping.

5. CBD Topical lotions

For certain conditions, people are turning to CBD-infused lotions and balms to settle their aches and pains. This refers to ordinary lotions and products that have a certain amount of CBD inside.

Usually, these lotions are applied directly to the problem area, where the CBD can seep into the layers of skin. This is ideal for sufferers of chronic pain or conditions like arthritis, as it allows the CBD to target specific body parts.


  • An amazing way to treat specific problems.
  • Very easy to apply and incorporate into your daily routine.
  • Since it is quite popular, more and more creams of different strengths are becoming available.


  • Not very easy to dose, as you can’t tell how much CBD is in each application.
  • Not suitable for all problems, it is better just for aches and pains.
  • The effects are not as long-lasting as other treatments.

6. CBD Edibles

Nowadays, edibles are a very popular method of consuming CBD. With products like oils and isolates already available out there, it’s pretty easy to make your own edibles, but there are also ones available to buy from CBD sellers. One of the most common ones you’ll find online are CBD gummies, because who said gummy bears are just for kids?!

There are advantages and disadvantages to edibles. It’s hard to define these precisely, since a lot of them depend on which edibles you are using specifically. Gummies, for example, are incredibly easy to portion and allow you to know exactly how much CBD you’re getting in each sweet. Brownies, on the other hand, are a lot more difficult to dose.


  • A delicious, fun way of consuming your CBD.
  • With some edibles being so easy to make, you could even make your own at home!
  • Depending on the edibles, they can be easy to portion.
  • A huge variety of CBD edibles are available online to buy, meaning you have a lot of options.


  • The CBD edibles sold online can be very expensive.
  • They may not be ideal as part of a daily routine.
  • Certain edibles (e.g. chocolate) are not healthy and contain lots of additives.
  • The effects take longer to set in.

The consensus

At the end of the day, how you take your CBD oil is entirely up to you. There are plenty of methods out there for consumption, with the best 6 being featured above. We can’t tell you exactly what the best method would be, because that depends on several factors.

If you are an experienced vaper and fancy upping your CBD intake, then vaping would be the perfect option for you! If you’re a skilled chef who has dipped their toe into the pool of CBD already, then why not try edibles?

However, as a starting point, we recommend trying oils first. CBD oils are very easy to dose, make a simple addition to your daily routine, are usually safe, take effect quickly, and could have the potential to help with a variety of conditions. Most importantly, oils are available in the widest range of strengths. This is ideal, because someone just starting out with CBD should begin with a low-strength product, working their way up to find the minimum effective dose. This is the safest way to take any kind of new product, which is why we advise oils for newcomers.

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