Killer New Haven Strain Review + Growing Info

Killer New Haven strain is a mysterious type of marijuana born in Kentucky. Due to its rarity, it has achieved something approaching mythical status among cannabis connoisseurs. It is on many smokers’ bucket list of strains to try, even if it is just for bragging rights.

The origins of the strain are Kentucky’s best-kept secret since the Colonel’s blend of herbs and spices. Killer New Haven’s lineage is unknown and, with the original breeder remaining anonymous, it is unlikely that we will find out anytime soon. All of this has added to the mystery surrounding Killer New Haven.

You may have heard of this elusive strain and be curious to find out more. Well, you have come to the right place. Over the course of this article, we will shed a little light on Killer New Haven weed, giving you all the information you could possibly need.

What Is the Killer New Haven Strain?

The Killer New Haven strain is a rare type of marijuana. Little is known about Killer New Haven strain weed as it is tough to come by. Most have only heard of it due to its parentage of the popular Herijuana marijuana strain.

Herijuana marijuana is a well-regarded breed that is the strain of choice for many. With Herijuana’s popularity, it is not surprising that people have also tried to seek out Killer New Haven. After all, if the baby is this good, then the parents must surely be worth trying, no? But as Herijuana has grown in popularity, so has the mystique surrounding Killer New Haven.

Being practically impossible to track down has just made Killer New Haven weed more appealing. After all, you always want you can’t have; and for many, it has taken on Holy Grail status.

Due to being such a rare find, we don’t know much about Killer New Haven. Here is what we do know. It is a hybrid strain that leans towards the sativa side. We know it initially originated in Kentucky as an outdoor breed, although it grows well indoors too. Knowledge of its genetic lineage is murky at best, but it is thought to be a mix of the best outdoor phenotypes Kentucky has to offer.

The original breeder remains a mystery and seeds are incredibly hard to track down. Those looking to grow Killer New Haven will have to rely on cloning an existing plant.

Killer New Haven Strain Aroma

The Killer New Haven marijuana strain has a lovely, homely smell to its bud. Beneath the obvious ganja tones, there is a subtle earthy undercurrent. Citrus notes are noticeable too within the aroma.

The scent is classic green skunk smell. Pleasant without being anything too spectacular. There are benefits to this. It is not as pronounced a smell as some of the fruiter concoctions available. This means Killer New Haven is less conspicuous than other strains.

Killer New Haven Strain Flavor

Despite both calling Kentucky home, Killer New Haven’s taste is far removed from a bucket of greasy KFC. Don’t think it is any less tasty, though. The flavor is just as pleasurable, albeit in a much more earthy way.

The citrus notes with Killer New Haven’s smell translate to its initial taste, too. A slight peppery flavor joins this. Upon exhale, the citrus and pepper give way to a wonderful, lingering piney aftertaste. This earthy sensation loiters on the taste buds for a good couple of minutes, creating a lovely, lasting impression.

The two subtle flavor ranges complement each other well, giving Killer New Haven a Sandalwood flavor profile. It is a pleasing smoking experience, a reminder of simpler strains before breeders tried to outdo each other with fruitier combo after fruitier combo.

Killer New Haven Strain Appearance

Killer New Haven strain has elongated, fat colas, with a trichome frosting throughout. You get a lot of weed on each bud which is excellent, and they are just begging for the grinder. The nuggets have a classic green color flecked with rusty orange pistil hairs, adding a charming accent to the look of Killer New Haven.

Killer New Haven Strain Grow Info

Killer New Haven strain seeds are rarer than gold dust. They are near impossible to track down with no one seeming to sell them online.

It may be possible to purchase the seeds from physical seed specialist outlets but, again, this is not a common find. You may have more luck if you look closer to the strain’s Kentucky home for the seeds but don’t get too hopeful.

If you find someone selling Killer New Haven seeds, ensure you are purchasing from a reputable supplier. With the strain being so rare and in demand, some shady characters could be tempted to mislabel seeds to make a quick buck from unwitting punters.

On the other hand, if you manage to track down some Killer New Haven strain seeds that you are confident are genuine, stock up! Those little babies could be worth a fortune!

Growing Killer New Haven from a Clipping

If you’d like to try growing Killer New Haven, your best bet is to obtain a clipping from a healthy Killer New Haven plant. Using this, you can develop a genetic “clone.” The benefit of this is you will be cloning an already successful grow, giving you an excellent chance of your grow also being fruitful.

It should be noted that again, like the seeds, finding a healthy Killer New Haven strain plant to take a clipping from is hard. All we can recommend is to try looking in Kentucky. Once you have one clone growing, it would be wise to keep creating clippings to keep your supply up. You may not come across another easily.

If you are one of the lucky few who manage to acquire some Killer New Haven seeds or a clipping, then congratulations! The strain was initially bred outdoors but is also suited to indoor growing.

Be warned: Killer New Haven plants usually triple in height during flowering, leaving you with a massive herb! To limit this, growers should keep vegetation time limited to two weeks maximum.

Indoors, you can expect a nine to 10-week wait for the flowering period. If you are growing outdoors, Killer New Haven will flower around the middle of October in the Northern Hemisphere, and mid-April for the Southern Hemisphere. Both indoor and outdoor grows can expect to yield an above-average amount of top quality bud.

THC Content of the Killer New Haven Strain

With Killer New Haven cannabis being so rare, no official laboratory tests have been conducted to determine the exact THC content. As such, we cannot give you an exact percentage for THC levels to expect.

You may think because this is a sativa-dominant hybrid that means it should be high in THC and low in CBD or vice versa, but this isn’t true. There are a lot of common myths around the category of breeds being an indicator of their effects. However, research has shown that whether a strain is sativa or indica is not a reliable predictor of the THC/CBD content.

A strain’s classification as sativa or indica is just a clarification of how the plant looks and climates it is suited to grow in. If it is tall with narrow leaves, and suited to warm climates, it is a sativa. If it is short with broad leaves and best suited to colder climates, it is an indica.

With no laboratory test results to let us know the precise THC content, we can only look at the effects of the strain and make an educated guess.

Users report you may need to take a few extra hits compared to what you usually would to feel effects from Killer New Haven. Killer New Haven can give moderate to above-average body and cerebral effects.

Based on the above, we can assume it contains average levels of THC, most likely between 15-20%. We can make this assumption because it does provide the cerebral effects you would expect from THC but not to a considerable degree unless you take multiple hits.

What does this mean for the CBD content?

CBD Content of the Killer New Haven Strain

For the CBD content of Killer New Haven strain, it is the same story as with THC. With the strain being so elusive, no official laboratory tests have been conducted to find out the exact percentage of CBD within the strain. All we can do is hypothesize based on the effects of consuming Killer New Haven.

Killer New Haven does elicit a bodily effect on users and has reported health benefits which focus mainly on physical problems, as opposed to psychological. Using these facts, we can assume that Killer New Haven must have at least a decent percentage of CBD. It is hard to predict what percentage this is, but we can assume it must be somewhere between 2-5% CBD to produce the effects it has.

Medical Benefits of the Killer New Haven Strain

It is unusual to come across the Killer New Haven strain, which means we do not know precisely what levels of THC and CBD it contains. Not knowing this information makes suggesting possible medical benefits difficult. All we can go on is anecdotal evidence from past users.

Users of the Killer New Haven strain have previously seen improvements in a few conditions which they attribute to their usage of the strain. Mainly these are asthma, inflammation, and depression.

It is reasonable to presume Killer New Haven contains a decent level of CBD. Due to this, it could potentially be of benefit to a long list of issues. Research suggests CBD usage could help a wide range of problems from osteoporosis and Crohn’s disease to diabetes and cerebral palsy. If you are curious as to whether Killer New Haven or another strain of cannabis may help your problem, conduct some research online. There is a lot of high-quality information freely available on the internet to help.

If you are looking to help alleviate an issue with marijuana, Killer New Haven may not be the best strain to place your hopes in. Due to its rarity, it is unlikely you will be able to secure a regular enough supply for it to offer repeated benefits.

As with all medical treatments, there is also the possibility of Killer New Haven proving to be ineffective for yourself. There is no way of 100% accurately predicting how everyone’s body will react to a substance, meaning there is the possibility that Killer New Haven may not provide the relief you hoped it would.

Possible Side Effects of the Killer New Haven Strain

The possible side effects of the Killer New Haven strain are much the same as what you would expect from any marijuana. It can lead to dry mouth and dry eyes. There is the possibility that over-usage could lead to paranoia and heightening issues such as anxiety. The risk increases if you already suffer from a problem like this.

To avoid any potential adverse side effects, we recommend consuming Killer New Haven in moderation. This is especially true if it is your first time consuming this breed.

Final Thoughts on the Killer New Haven Strain

Finding information about Killer New Haven strain can be as hard as finding some of the bud itself. With it being such a mystery strain, not much is known about it. That’s why we have compiled this article telling you everything you need to know about Killer New Haven. Hopefully, we have managed to illuminate a little of the darkness surrounding this strain.

The Killer New Haven strain sounds like a decent breed, one whose reputation has increased due to the intrigue surrounding it. If you do manage to come across some, consider yourself one of the select few and enjoy it.

While Killer New Haven is tricky to track down, it has been used successfully as a parent to several other types of marijuana. These include the well-known Herijuana strain (also known as Herojuana) and two different types of Killer New Haven and Freezeland hybrids. You may have more success in finding these types. Of course, these breeds won’t give you the same effects as Killer New Haven itself, but they will provide a sense of what it would be like.

Are you one of the lucky lot who have tried Killer New Haven? Maybe you are even the legendary breeder who created it! Let us know in the comments below.