Herijuana (Cannabis Strain Review)

Herijuana (Cannabis Strain Review)

The Herijuana strain is a potent hybrid that’s a cross of Killer New Haven and Petrolia Headstash. With a THC content of 25%, this is a strain best left to individuals with a high THC tolerance. MMJ patients enjoy the analgesic effects of Herijuana, and its indica dominance means it is best used in the evening.

Dominant Terpene:
Caryophyllene, Limonene, Myrcene
Common Usage
Chronic painDepressionMuscle spasms
Growing Info
Herijuana has a flowering time of approximately eight weeks. You are best served growing it indoors.

Those looking for relaxation and sedation should focus on cannabis strains with an indica dominance. The Herijuana strain falls into this category and has become a very popular option amongst medical marijuana and recreational cannabis users. If you’re in the market for an evening smoke to help you chill out, keep reading to learn more about Herijuana.

What Is the Herijuana Strain?

It is an indica-dominant hybrid that contains an extremely high level of THC. There’s a suggestion that Woodhorse Seeds created it by crossing Killer New Haven with Petrolia Headstash. According to another story, Motarebel tweaked the original Herijuana but was arrested in 2006. He then teamed up with Rushman to sell the remaining stock.

Motarebel subsequently gave several strains to Sannie’s Seeds, who may or may not have tweaked it again. Breeders have developed Herijuana to create an inbred line (IBL) that produces almost identical plants from its seeds.

Regardless of the back story, there’s no question that Herijuana is one of the strongest cannabis strains on the market. There is a cerebral effect, but it mainly helps you to slow down your thoughts.

The main effect is a sedating body high that is likely to send you to sleep. Anticipate feeling sheer euphoria as your heavy limbs ensure you have no desire to get up. It is even possible that you’ll laugh uncontrollably as Herijuana significantly lifts your spirits.

Make sure you use this strain in the evening; the closer to bedtime, the better. Unless you have an exceptionally high THC tolerance, Herijuana will eventually put you out for the count.


The main scent you’re likely to notice is one of spicy earth. This strong-smelling base is joining by hints of lemon. There is also spiciness when you combust it.           


If Herijuana’s aroma is appetizing, its taste is downright delicious. It has a delightful sweetness to it which combines grape and berries. Even the pine notes you get on the exhale taste sweet. The lemon flavor it provides on the exhale is coupled with tinges of woodiness.


You may be surprised, or even alarmed, at the seemingly furry appearance of Herijuana. However, it has its share of nice colors that make it aesthetically pleasing, including yellow pistils that stand out against forest green leaves. You’ll certainly notice the enormous array of trichomes, a clear indication of this strain’s immense potency.

Herijuana Strain Grow Info

In general, you can try to grow Herijuana indoors or outside. However, it tends to grow best in an indoor setting. Trying to produce an outdoor grow is impossible for many people. It requires owning private land or else breaking the law via guerrilla growing. You also need to regularly travel to the grow site to check on your plants and keep them out of view of the public.

If you’re able to achieve all that, Herijuana provides a yield of around 18 ounces per plant. It is ready to harvest by early October or even late September. On the plus side, this strain is resistant to common diseases and temperature fluctuations.


For indoor growers, Herijuana is easy to cultivate and is worth buying if you are a first-timer. Its robust nature means it requires relatively little maintenance. This strain can grow relatively tall, but you can keep the growth under control via a SOG or SCROG training method. Another option is ‘topping,’ which means snipping off the top part of the plant to encourage sideways growth.

If you cultivate Herijuana indoors, its flowering time is approximately 8-9 weeks. You can expect to get a yield of around 16 ounces per square meter planted. However, you’ll need to use one of the aforementioned techniques to get the most out of your crop.

THC Content – Highest Test

In general, Herijuana has a THC content of between 22% and 25%. However, there is a suggestion that a Californian producer developed a version with over 32%!

 CBD Content – Highest Test

There is hardly any CBD to mitigate the effects of the THC. You will seldom find more than 0.1% CBD in Herijuana.

 Medical Benefits of the Herijuana Strain

There’s no question that Herijuana is popular amongst recreational users looking to relax and get completely stoned. However, it is also a much-loved MMJ strain. The uplifting effects make it an option if you suffer from low mood. You might also find that its relaxation properties keep you mellow in the face of stress or anxiety.

As it is one of the most potent strains on the market, it isn’t surprising to learn that patients with chronic pain enjoy it. A few tokes of Herijuana are potentially enough to manage the effects of a significant degree of pain.

Finally, the strong sedation provided by this strain means it is ideal if you have issues getting to sleep. Make sure you use it no more than a couple of hours before bedtime. Most users admit that Herijuana overpowers them, and they find it almost impossible to keep their eyes open.

Possible Side Effects of the Herijuana Strain

The sheer strength of Herijuana means that novices should avoid it at all costs. It is far too potent for anyone who doesn’t have a fairly high THC tolerance. Using too much of it could result in dizziness, headaches, anxiety, and paranoia. Common adverse effects include dry and itchy eyes and cottonmouth.

Final Thoughts on the Herijuana Strain

Herijuana is one of the strongest cannabis strains you’ll find in any dispensary. It provides a sedating high that also elevates your mood and occasionally causes you to laugh for no reason. Ultimately, it will likely send you to sleep, so make sure you use it in the evening. MMJ patients use it for anxiety, depression, body pain, and insomnia.

Herijuana is an extremely easy strain to grow, and you are better off cultivating it indoors.

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