What Is Shake Weed… And Does it Get You High?

Marijuana is beautiful in all shapes and sizes, so it is always a shame to see when the “less glamorous” parts of our beloved plant get a bad rap. Unfortunate as it is, this is often the case for marijuana shake.

Shake weed is widely available in both medical and recreational dispensaries, but for many, the jury is still out on whether it’s worth smoking. What is shake weed? Is it as good as ‘regular’ weed? Will it get you as high? Keep reading to find out.

What Is Shake Weed?

If you type ‘shake weed’ into Google, you will likely be overrun by conflicting opinions. By and large, it seems to be a substance that is widely up for interpretation. In a general sense however, shake is the term used for the small bits of flower that collect and gather at the bottom of a cannabis baggy or storage container.

Marijuana shake comes from the same part of the weed plant as normal buds. In fact, shake is part of the buds. It’s just tiny little pieces of the buds that have fallen off over time. This could be due to handling, general bumping around through transporting, etc.

Shake weed can contain any part of the bud, including sugar leaves and trichomes. So yes, shake can have just as much THC as any other part of the flower. That’s right, despite what you may have read elsewhere, shake can get you high. In fact, it can be quite potent in some instances.

Where Can You Buy Shake Weed?

If you’ve ever bought cannabis in small plastic baggies, you’ll notice that small little bits break off and gather at the bottom. Kind of like crumbs in a bag of potato chips.

The same thing happens at dispensaries, albeit on a larger scale. Budtenders are well aware of this, so often times they’ll have shake weed for sale at discounted prices. In fact, dispensaries often sell shake as a stand-alone product. It can be bought by the gram, eighth, quarter-ounce, or sometimes even a full ounce.


If you’re on a tight budget, you could save a fair amount of money if you buy shake weed. A lot of dispensaries will even have shake for sale in the form of pre-rolled joints, but this can be slightly problematic – particularly for those using cannabis as a medicinal treatment.

Shake weed is often bits and pieces of flower from various strains – rarely does it come from the same origin.

The reason it can be problematic is because in most cases, there isn’t enough shake from one particular strain to make up a pre-rolled joint. The dispensary will use shake from multiple strains to fill the joint, thereby minimizing waste and maximizing profit.

For some, a ‘mix-n-match’ shake joint can be a tasty treat and produce an exciting and potent high. But for those who are seeking treatment for a specific ailment, shake weed can fall short of the mark. It can even have some unwanted side effects such as headaches.

We would advise anyone looking to buy shake in pre-rolled form from a dispensary to first consult the budtender. Ask them where the shake is from, and whether it’s from one single strain or a hodgepodge of multiple strains. Also, if you are using pre-rolled joints for medicinal purposes, be sure to tell the budtender your ailments so that they can point you in the right direction.

How to Use Shake Cannabis

One of the nice things about shake is that it’s used in largely the same way as normal bud – it just costs a lot less. Not only is shake cheaper, but it can also be more convenient. Since it’s already small bits of flower, there is no need to grind it.

If you’re wondering how to smoke shake weed, there are a number of different ways you can consume it. A lot of people prefer to use it to make edibles. If you do this, make sure to decarboxylate the shake first by putting it on a baking sheet in the oven. You’ll want to heat it at roughly 230 degrees Fahrenheit for at least 40 minutes to make sure all the THC-A is converted to THC.

Of course, you can also smoke or vape shake just like you would with other buds. Since the bits of flower are so fine, however, it can be difficult trying to roll a shake joint or pack a bowl with shake weed. If you do decide to roll a joint with shake, be sure to lay out an even layer for a perfect, even burn.

Also, be sure to look out for any unwanted plant matter in your shake before using it in a joint, bowl, or vaporizer. Since shake is largely considered ‘waste material,’ it oftens contains other unwanted parts of the plants – including stems and seeds.

Is Shake Weed Good?

If you are still wondering whether shake is worth your time or money, we don’t blame you. With so many unreliable sellers out there, it’s often difficult to know what you’re getting. And unfortunate as it is, you can’t always trust a dispensary to be honest about the exact “source” of their shake weed for sale.

DID YOU KNOW? ‘Premium Harvest Shake’ is shake that has all come from one flower.

In order to have the best experience possible, make sure you know the difference between shake and trim. Many sellers will try and pass off trim for shake – this is one of the oldest tricks in the book. Trim is the unwanted parts of the cannabis plant that are removed before curing, and often it is full of chlorophyll and makes for a harsh smoke.


Lastly, we would simply recommend being upfront and asking questions before you decide to buy shake weed. Most dispensaries will be happy to help, and they’ll do what they can to point you in the right direction. Also, if you see shake referred to as “premium harvest shake,” this usually means it has all come from one flower. When possible, opt for this variety as it typically results in a much more enjoyable experience.

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What are your thoughts about using shake weed? Have you found any great deals in the past? How was your overall experience? Let us – and the community – know by leaving a comment below!

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