8 Tips for Growing Purple Urkle Marijuana [Grower’s Guide]

Purple Urkle is a mysterious strain whose origins have somehow become a riddle that even the best growers and marijuana retailers still know nothing about.

Considered an extremely popular California strain, this indica has origins in Mendocino Purple, but also possibly in Granddaddy Purple.

Whatever its true origins, this strain is well known for its flavor combination and its effects on pain and headaches. However, it is also well known for its significant difficulty in growing. Though many indicas might be seen as simple to try and grow yourself, a combination of difficult feedings and rigorous techniques required for a high yield make Purple Urkle a tough strain to produce at home.

What you really need is some kind of guide to provide steps and tips, so as to help make the process easier; if only someone, somewhere, could make one.

Here are 8 tips to help you in growing your own Purple Urkle.

Tip #1: Purple Urkle Strain Review

Purple Urkle is relatively consistent with other purple strains in its flavor and its effects. You can expect a wholesome, smooth-tasting experience coupled with an extremely mellow high.

The initial aroma and flavor are incredibly berry-like, with a subtle after note of slightly bitter grapes. This strain almost feels like a young wine on the tongue, with a heady, yet earthy aroma to back it up.

After the initial burst of flavor, you can expect some tropical fruit aromas, as well as interestingly breakfast cereal-like quality to it that almost overwhelms your plate.

The appearance of this strain does its name justice, with a deep purple hue that almost looks like over-ripened berries. This purple bud burns up exceptionally well, producing a thick, hazy cloud of smoke that carries with it some of its initial burst of aroma. You can expect to leave a thick trail for anyone to follow when you use Purple Urkle.

Despite its indica classification, Purple Urkle is actually an 80%/20% hybrid, meaning that around 20% of its genetics are rooted in sativas. This means that the effects of this strain are primarily indica leaning, but offer some sativa serenity as well.

You can expect to begin feeling the effects of this pretty quickly after you first light up, with a deep relaxation emanating through your body and lulling you into a state of peace and calm.

After this initial burst of relaxation, you can expect to feel extremely sleepy – many users report this sleepiness to be similar to taking sleeping pills, with an intense heaviness of the eyelids and a desperate desire to close your eyes, just for a minute.

This strain is excellent at hitting you hard and fast, which often results in only needing a few puffs to get you going.

Thanks to its powerful sleep-inducing effects, this is a great strain to take in the night time for those that struggle with getting to sleep.

Additionally, as you will only really need about two hits from your Purple Urkle, you can expect that a small amount will last you an extremely long time.

With only a few very typical side effects like dry mouth and a small amount of paranoia, Purple Urkle offers a uniquely powerful sedative effect that, coupled with its fast-acting nature, makes it the perfect strain for insomniacs or those that just enjoy a profound sleep.

However, if you want to try and grow your own, you might be in for a bit of trouble.

Tip #2: Difficulty Growing

Purple Urkle is a surprisingly hard strain to try and grow yourself – this is due to a few things; growing time and its feeding requirement.

Though it might seem difficult to ever classify a strain as particularly hard to grow yourself, Purple Urkle does possess a few problems.

Firstly, it is extremely slow to grow when planted outdoors. Though it can flower quite easily when indoors, it struggles with sporadic changes in temperature.

Secondly, it requires an extremely intense feeding schedule, as well as being extremely picky about it what it wants.

Let’s take a look at some of the advanced techniques you can utilize to ensure your Purple Urkle grows up right.

Tip #3: Purple Urkle Growing Techniques

As Purple Urkle prefers to grow indoors, it is a great strain to grow in hydroponics, especially using the SCROG (Screen of Green) method. This differs from the Sea of Green method by actually providing a barrier for high growth for your plants.

By putting a screen over the top of your plants (remembering to make sure light can still get in), you can simply tuck the growing plants underneath the screen and create an artificial canopy.

When it comes time to harvest, you will find yourself with a dense garden of Purple Urkle that will likely produce a considerable quantity of colas.

If you prefer to use simpler methods, you can instead utilize pruning techniques like frequent topping, as well as supporting the growing plant structure with trellises.

By topping, you encourage your Purple Urkle to grow laterally, rather than vertically, which is better for dense bud production, whereas trellising helps the plant not need to rely on its stem structure and thus devote more energy to creating you some harvestable cola.

If you prefer to do nothing at all, you might find yourself with a minimal amount of harvest, as well as struggling to feed this plant properly. As it requires so much food so frequently, you need to make sure the plant doesn’t grow over itself and make it impossible actually to feed it nutrients.

Tip #4: Purple Urkle Yield

The yield of a properly cared for Purple Urkle is typically very high, offering somewhere in the range of 3-6 oz per square foot if grown outdoors, but upwards of triple that if grown indoors using advanced growing techniques.

This is one of those strains where its final yield is heavily tied to the amount of effort you put into growing it, so make sure that you are prepared to give it all the love and attention that it needs.

Tip #5: Feeding for Purple Urkle

Purple Urkle’s main problem and the reason for its hard difficulty rating is due to its intense feeding requirements.

Depending on your local climate or what kind of humidity you keep your hydroponics bay at, Purple Urkle changes how much it wants. Make sure you keep its nitrogen content high and bump up the feeding once it begins to show flowering.

If you are growing this outdoors, or indoors in pots, make sure that you keep up the soil nutrition through frequent feeding. This is a lot easier if you have been training your plants correctly so that they don’t overcrowd themselves.

You can even trim off the bottom layers of the plants to make this more manageable if you are so inclined.

Tip #6: Growing Outdoors/Indoors

As mentioned, you are going to want to grow Purple Urkle indoors, preferably in a hydroponics setup.

You can grow it outdoors, and it will survive quite well, but it is essential to consider that your yield isn’t going to be anywhere as high.

If you are concerned with getting as much yield as possible, make sure you grow it indoors, but if you merely want a calm, low-effort growing experience, then feel free to grow it outdoors; just make sure you feed it as often as possible.

Tip #7: Purple Urkle Flowering Time

Purple Urkle can be generally expected to begin flowering in mid-October if grown outdoors, or after about 8 to 9 weeks if growing indoors. This flowering time for Purple Urkle can be seen as pretty decent, but make sure you remember how much food it is going to need throughout that entire time.

Tip #8: Climate for Growing Purple Urkle Strain

Purple Urkle is an Indica-leaning hybrid, so it has a reasonably typical temperature and humidity requirements, primarily as it was initially raised and bred in California.

Try and keep your Purple Urkle at between 72 and 80 degrees Fahrenheit. It can handle some decent humidity so that you won’t need any excessive de-humidifiers or anything like that, but make sure you are still keeping an eye on its climate.

It might be resilient, but it can still develop mold if you aren’t paying attention.

Final Thoughts on the Purple Urkle Strain

Purple Urkle is as close to a mystery strain as you will find these days. With almost every single phenotype and strain experiment being rigorously logged and categorized, it is exceptionally rare to stumble on a Marijuana strain that doesn’t have its history clearly laid out.

This level of mystery is what gives Purple Urkle its signature allure, as well as its tart, berry-like taste, and its powerful soporific effects.

If you are looking for a great sleep aid to take before bed, or if you just want to take part and experience one of those strains that people still ponder about its origins, like some lost Shakespearean play, then see if your local provider keeps some Purple Urkle in stock and try it for yourself.

Its origins might be mysterious, but its effects are well understood and fantastic.