Viking Marijuana Strain Review

Viking Marijuana Strain Review

The Viking strain surprises with its interesting flavor, delighting with spicy and sweet notes. Almost a full indica, this strain is perfect for winding down and falling fast asleep.

Price(per gram)
Dominant Terpene:
Caryophyllene, Myrcene
Common Usage
Growing Info
Viking is moderately difficult to grow. It flowers in 8-10 weeks and can be grown both indoors and outside.

Everybody knows the basic marijuana strains like OG Kush and Sour Diesel. However, every so often, you’ll come into contact with a rare and exciting strain, one like Viking.

Viking is not the most common strain you’ll encounter, but it’s a Dutch delight that you should sample if given the opportunity. If you like the chilled-out effects of indica strains, then you’re bound to enjoy the relaxing body high provided by the Viking strain.

Be aware that this strain can pack a surprising punch, and you’ll enjoy the deep high and exciting combination of flavors. With a name like Viking, you might not expect the waves of sweet and spicy notes and the complex profile of this strain. But trust us – it’s a taste you won’t soon forget!

In this full strain review, we run down everything you need to know about the Viking cannabis strain. Read on to discover its aroma, flavor, cannabinoid content, and some tips for growing it yourself at home.

What Is Viking Strain?

Viking weed is an indica-dominant strain. In fact, it lies heavily toward the indica side, with 90% indica genetics. With this combination, you’d be right in assuming that Viking has potent indica effects that will have you glued to the couch and drifting off in no time.

This strain’s breeding history is much debated. It’s likely a cross between Afghani IBL and an unknown strain. The breeders over at Derg Corra Collective created Viking, but they’re keeping their cards close to their chests when it comes to its parentage.


Although not the most common strain around, it’s not impossible to get a hold of some Viking bud. And when you see it, it’s not a strain you want to miss! Viking offers up an incredible flavor profile, predominantly one of sweet berries. There are other, more complex notes, too.

Its flavor aside, Viking provides an enjoyable indica high. It begins quite quickly, with a reasonably high THC content that sets in fast. The effects will hit you pretty quickly, and the powerful body high will have you sinking into the nearest couch. Be prepared, because you won’t be moving from that position for some time to come!

We also recommend having some snacks to hand, as Viking provides a decent dose of the munchies. You’ll struggle to get up and head to the kitchen, so it’s best to be prepared with this strain.

Alongside these physical effects, Viking is really uplifting. Rest assured, you’ll have a smile on your face as you drift off into a deep sleep.


When you first smell the Viking marijuana strain, you’ll be struck by the scent of berries. The delicious, sweet aroma will have your mouth watering as you imagine biting into juicy forest fruits. However, lean a little closer, and you’ll notice some other notes in there, too.

Just like many other cannabis strains, Viking has elements of earth. It wouldn’t really be weed without it, would it?!

When you grind the buds up and they begin to burn in the joint, you’ll also detect notes of hash and some more herbal notes. As these mingle with the sweet berry aroma, it makes for a surprisingly pleasant experience that you’ll be itching to taste.


The flavor of Viking is quite similar to its aroma. On the inhale, the overwhelming taste is one of wild berries and fruits. It’s so sweet that some users say it even tastes a bit like candy! While these sweet flavors are a delight, there is also something more complex hidden in there.

The herby, earthy tinges to the aroma translate into a touch of spice on the palate. As you breathe through the smoke, the spice mingles with the berries to create something akin to mulled wine. It’s a delicious and warm flavor that you’ll be in no rush to breathe out.


The Viking strain grows like a typical indica – short and bushy. The buds are very dense, too. They’re shaped quite like grapes, but they’re a very dark, forest green.

Orange hairs, known as pistils, weave their way through the buds, adding a smattering of intrigue to this otherwise typical plant. Alongside, there is a layer of white trichomes that can glisten in the sunlight.

Viking isn’t the most gorgeous plant to behold, but it’s not the ugliest plant you could grow in your garden.

Viking Strain Grow Info

Since Viking is so rare, you may want to grow it yourself. You can find Viking seeds online, so it’s not too hard to get growing. Viking suits beginner and intermediate growers because it isn’t too demanding.

You can grow Viking both indoors and outside. Nevertheless, it responds well to organic growing methods and tends to take a dislike to chemical fertilizers. Furthermore, you need to be careful with nutrients as Viking can suffer from nutrient burn very easily. Limit the number of nutrients you feed it, and you should be fine.

Viking plants flower after about eight or nine weeks, or around early October if grown outside. Although it’s a fairly easy plant to grow, you should be aware that Viking isn’t high yielding.

What Viking lacks in yield, it more than makes up for with its potency and flavor. The high is hard-hitting thanks to the THC content, so you won’t need an enormously high yield to get you by.

THC Content – Highest Test

Viking cannabis typically tests between 14-20% THC. Admittedly, it’s not the strongest strain on the market by modern standards, but you should still take caution. If your sample of Viking weed packs a 20% THC content, it may overwhelm particular users.

CBD Content – Highest Test

Not much is known about Viking’s CBD content. Currently, there is no data on the CBD levels within this strain. Judging by the majority of strains on the market and the decently high THC level, Viking is unlikely to contain much CBD. In all likelihood, the CBD content is probably less than 1% – if there’s any at all.

Medical Benefits of Viking Strain

Viking has become quite popular with medical marijuana users. As an indica, its primary uses include relaxation and help with sleeping.

When you first consume Viking, your body will become overwhelmed by the sudden need to sit down. The indica body high will consume you, leaving you glued to the couch or to your bed. At this point, you’ll feel uplifted and content with the world. As a result, it could be beneficial for helping with low mood and stress.

Since the high is so body-focused, it also has use for chronic pain sufferers and those with muscular spasms. In fact, many medical users suggest that Viking can help with multiple sclerosis. Anecdotal reports imply that Viking can reduce spasticity.

As the high progresses, you will start to notice yourself becoming increasingly sleepy. It becomes hard to fight off, and you will eventually fall asleep. Insomnia sufferers enjoy Viking for this reason. Bear in mind that, as a mood-lifter, Viking can also help you get off to sleep if you are kept awake every night due to worries and stresses.

Here’s a quick run-down of the common conditions Viking users suffer from:

  • Insomnia
  • Chronic pain
  • Stress
  • Multiple sclerosis (MS)

Possible Side Effects of Viking Strain

All strains have their side effects. In the case of Viking, you can expect dry mouth and dry eyes. These effects accompany pretty much any strain, especially if smoking is your preferred consumption method. Keeping a glass of water and potentially some eye drops on hand is an easy way to combat this.

Aside from that, some users of Viking experience the munchies. If you’re on a diet, then you will want to be aware of the urge you’ll get to burn through your cupboards. It’s also a good idea to keep some snacks on hand (perhaps even healthy ones) before you start consuming.

Final Thoughts on the Viking Marijuana Strain

The Viking marijuana strain is one you should definitely try if you ever happen to come across it. It’s a delicious strain with an awesome flavor profile, combining the sweetness of berries with tasty spicy notes. Not only that, but it also has excellent effects.

Those looking to unwind and relax will love Viking for its indica-heavy effects. Sit back, grab some snacks, and take some Viking next time you need to chill out and get some shut-eye. Not only will you feel more relaxed and stress-free, but you’ll also benefit from the uplifting effects of this strain. There’s nothing better than falling asleep happy.

If you don’t see any Viking bud at your local dispensary, why not grow it yourself? This strain isn’t too difficult to grow and you can even buy the seeds online. While the yield isn’t too high, it remains a rewarding strain to cultivate yourself.

Have you ever tried the Viking strain? What did you think? We’d love to hear from you in the comments!

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