Overflo Strain Review: You Won’t Get Over This Amazing Hybrid!

Overflo Strain Review: You Won’t Get Over This Amazing Hybrid!

The Overflo strain offers a perfectly balanced mix of sativa and indica genetics. Uplifting to begin with, this hybrid can bring you gently back down to earth with its body relaxing effects, making it ideal for after-dinner use.

Price(per gram)
Dominant Terpene:
Caryophyllene, Limonene, Myrcene
Common Usage
Body high/numbingCalmingCreativity
Growing Info
Overflo’s indoor flowering period is approximately 65 days.

When searching online or visiting your local dispensary, you might come across the Overflo strain by its other commonly used names, Overflow and Over Flo. Rest assured, they are all the same strain, so no matter which it is listed as, the information in this review is applicable.

Read on to learn more about the Overflo strain in our comprehensive review.

What Is the Overflo Strain?

Overflo is a perfectly balanced hybrid marijuana strain with approximately a 50:50 sativa to indica ratio. As a result, its effects are typically uplifting and euphoric to begin with, before gradually dissipating into a body high over time. In their latter stages, Overflo’s effects tend to become more sedative and soporific, which is why many choose to use this strain in the evening.


Some describe Overflo’s initial high as cerebral and say they feel more thoughtful and creative – so this one may be a good choice for artistic types seeking inspiration.

However, as time passes, you may start to feel lazier and lazier as the weighty physical effects of the Overflo strain take hold. Depending on how much you consume, you may become couch-locked or sleepy. So, if you plan on being creative, starting your project earlier rather than later is best.

Overflo Strain: Aroma, Flavor, and Appearance


Overflo’s aroma is a fragrant fusion of its parent strain’s distinctive smells. Most prominent are the sweet blueberry notes with hints of menthol inherited from the mother plant, Colorado Flo, and the citrusy lemon and lime aroma coupled with the OG dankness of its Kush father, Face Off OG.


The Overflo cannabis breeders at Archive Seed Bank describe this hybrid’s flavor as having an almost “carbonated zest” to it. The citrusy lemon and lime elements are the dominant flavors, but you can also detect hints of blueberry.


A mature Overflo plant grows to just over four feet in height and, according to Archive Seed Bank, has “ample branching and thick leathery leaves.”

This plant exhibits breathtakingly beautiful fall colors upon flushing at the end of the flowering stage.

Overflo Strain Grow Info

Experienced Overflo growers rate this plant’s growth difficulty as moderate. Therefore, the Overflo strain is not a great choice to begin your cannabis cultivating career if you are a novice.

The indoor flowering period for an Overflo plant is around 65 days, and it typically yields around 15 ounces per square meter.

Outdoors, Overflo plants thrive in warm and sunny conditions in a Mediterranean-type climate. Your crop should be ready for harvesting by mid-October, and you can expect 15 ounces or more per plant.

THC Content – Highest Test

The Overflo strain has an average THC content of approximately 20%. However, tests show that this hybrid can contain up to 23% THC. Therefore, novice cannabis users or those with a low THC tolerance should bear this in my mind before consuming this strain.

CBD Content – Highest Test

The exact CBD content of the Overflo strain is unknown, but it is thought that it can contain up to a maximum of 1% CBD.

Overflo Lineage

Overflo is a cross of Colorado Flo and the Kush strain, Face Off OG.

Medical Benefits of the Overflo Strain

The most dominant terpene in the Overflo strain is beta-caryophyllene, which has known anti-inflammatory properties. Therefore, it is unsurprising that medicinal users laud the Overflo strain’s ability to address inflammation and pain.


The second most abundant terpene in the Overflo strain is limonene, which has anti-inflammatory properties and mood-enhancing effects. Combined with Overflo’s THC content, it is easy to see why medicinal consumers suffering from mood disorders like depression and anxiety consume this strain for temporary relief from their conditions.

Finally, Overflo also contains a small amount of myrcene, a terpene with sedative properties, which explains why some use this strain to address sleep disorders and insomnia.

Possible Side Effects of the Overflo Strain

Given that the Overflo strain contains myrcene, its sedative properties can potentially lead to couchlock and drowsiness, depending on how much you consume in one sitting.

As Overflo has a relatively high THC content that can reach 23%, some may experience dizziness or heightened anxiety if they overconsume.

When trying new strains, a good rule of thumb is to go low and slow to see how you tolerate that strain’s potency.

Final Thoughts on the Overflo Strain

Overflo is a well-balanced hybrid with initially uplifting effects followed by a pleasant feeling of relaxation when consumed in lower doses. However, consuming higher doses can lead to couchlock, sedation, and unwanted adverse reactions such as heightened anxiety and dizziness.

If you intend to try the Overflo strain, go low and slow with it to get the best out of this hybrid.

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