Or Marijuana Strain | Complete Review

Or Marijuana Strain | Complete Review

The Or cannabis strain is a profoundly relaxing strain designed to help you feel both mentally and physically calm. With a pungent aroma and diesel-infused flavor profile, Or can take a little getting used at first but offers a reward that makes it worth every second. Or is also a powerful medical strain that can be used to treat even the most persistent of aches and pains.

Dominant Terpene:
Appetite, Body high/numbing, Calming, Relaxation, Sleep/Sedation
Common Usage
Chronic painInflammationLack of appetiteMuscle spasmsNauseaNerve painSleep
AppetiteBody high/numbingCalmingRelaxationSleep/Sedation
Growing Info
Or cannabis plants are easy to grow, requiring minimal attention and maintenance. Or plants grow best when kept in a warm and humid climate, producing a pleasing, large yield.

We have all had those days when all we want to do is go home and relax. We have also all experienced that horrible feeling when your brain is preventing you from relaxing, flooding you with an overwhelming sense of worry and stress.

It is at times of such high stress that a potent indica strain really comes into its own. Indica strains are known for helping you to both mentally and physically relax and block out the world around you.

But what if you could have all of the relaxation of an indica with a slight sense of sativa-driven euphoria? It sounds almost too good to be true! With the Or cannabis strain, experiencing a deep level of relaxation while also being mentally uplifted is very much possible.

Or is a hybrid strain that takes everything you love from indica strains and mixes it with just enough sativa to brighten your mood and leave you feeling truly relaxed.

So, what can you expect when smoking Or and why is it a strain that you cannot afford to miss?

What Is the Or Strain?

Or cannabis is an Israeli strain that the Tikun Olam breeders originally created. The Or strain is mainly a medicinal strain, although it does have a number of effects that also make it an enjoyable recreational option.


Designed to provide a deep level of relaxation both mentally and physically, Or is a hybrid strain consisting of 70% indica and 30% sativa. The strain’s high indica percentage results in some powerful physical effects that have the ability to leave you couch-locked for many hours at a time.


One of the main benefits of Or is that it acts as a natural appetite enhancer. Even a small dose of Or is enough to send your appetite into overdrive. When smoking Or, it is always a good idea to have a few snacks on hand since you might find movement challenging as the high progresses.

Or is predominantly a relaxing strain that helps you transition into the evening free from stress and worries. Within just a few short minutes of taking your first puff of smoke, you notice a sense of euphoria wash over you.

The happy buzz that comes at the start of an Or high lasts throughout the entire experience. The deep sense of mental relaxation makes Or the perfect strain after a long and stressful day, allowing you to unwind and chill.

As the effects of Or start to wear off, you notice that you suddenly feel extremely sleepy, drifting off into a relaxed night’s sleep. When smoking larger doses of Or, the feeling of sedation kicks in much quicker. Large amounts of Or can result in the majority of the high being spent falling in and out of sleep.

Or is best to enjoy on your own or with a close friend. The effects of Or can leave you feeling so relaxed and sedated that you have no desire to use your limited energy on being social.

However, you can enjoy smaller doses of Or with friends, resulting in a very relaxed, mellow evening chatting and bingeing on a take-out. When smoking Or in larger groups, it is best to stick to close friends who you know will enjoy such a laid back experience. Having music or a casual movie playing in the background can also help to keep the mood of the room upbeat.


Or has an interesting aroma that takes a little time to get used to. Or buds have a pungent aroma to them, combining a harsh chemical smell with a fruity tang.

The strange mix of diesel and fruit is one that should not work on paper, but given time can become very enjoyable. As you grind Or buds apart, the chemical aroma strengthens, filling the air around you with an almost gas station smell.

When grinding buds or smoking Or indoors, it is always a good idea to have a window open as the smell from the buds can hang heavy in the air for some time.

When burned, Or produces a thick, heavy smoke, which can be frustratingly choking at first. The first puff of dense smoke that you take is sure to leave you coughing uncontrollably as your lungs adjust.

After a few drags, you quickly become used to Or, and rather than finding yourself coughing for minutes at a time, are instead able to enjoy its unique aroma and flavor.

After smoking Or, the aroma sits heavy in the air, providing you with a chance to soak up the subtle notes that you were not able to notice before. As your mind empties, you are able to really focus on your senses and simply enjoy Or’s pungent smoke. It can be pleasant to pick apart the different fruits that seem to be swimming in a sea of diesel.

How does Or’s flavor profile compare to its aroma?


As you inhale Or’s thick smoke for the first time, your taste buds are washed with all of the flavors that you would expect from a strain with such a pungent aroma.

The most noticeable flavor – and definitely the first one to grab most people’s attention – is a strong wave of diesel. The initial taste of chemicals in your mouth can put some people off Or, believing that the flavor will continue throughout the entire experience.

As Or’s smoke starts to settle, you are able to work through the different flavors that are hidden underneath the strong diesel tang. A mix of sweet fruit and an almost bitter sourness start to shine through.

For those who are able to work through the initial flavor profile of Or, the sweet and sour mix of fruit makes it all worthwhile. It can take a few puffs to make it to this point, but once you notice the different flavors, they will never again go unnoticed. Or’s flavor profile is definitely one that rewards repeat users, increasing in enjoyment with each toke.

As you finally exhale, you get left with a tangy sweetness on your tongue, which comes from the fruity flavors hidden within the strain. As time passes, the chemical diesel flavor remains, becoming once again the most prominent flavor.


Or cannabis plants blend in perfectly when planted among other botanicals in your garden. Growing to a medium height and with a muted color scheme, Or plants draw very little unwanted attention.

Or buds grow in a variety of different shapes, not conforming to the standard indica shape that you would expect from such a powerful indica strain. The buds have a dense texture, making them hard to crumble apart with your hands.

Straight off the plant, the buds have a vibrant coloring, mixing a bright, rich green with rusty orange. The thick layer of flavorful and beautiful white trichomes that covers the buds helps to mute the green and orange coloring.

When purchasing Or buds, they are much more likely to have a muted color to them. From a distance, older buds have a washed-out green coloring. When looking at buds up close, you are able to see the rusty orange coloring that comes from the thick hairs that weave their way throughout.

The leaves on Or plants blend in with the rest of the plant, having no distinct coloring or shape of their own. The short length of the leaves helps to further disguise the buds within the plant.

Or Strain Grow Info

Or is a relatively easy strain to grow; however, it’s one that home growers rarely choose. Resistant to most common garden molds, mildews, and pests, most experts consider Or plants a low-maintenance/high-reward strain.

Or Strain seeds can be difficult to find online, as it is not a common household strain. Part of the reason for the lack of popularity in growing Or plants comes from the lack of information online about the strain.

While Or is not a difficult strain to grow, the very limited growing guidance often puts people off taking on the challenge. The reason for the strain’s lack of popularity is a mystery given that the plants are simple to cultivate and often provide an abundant yield.

Or plants grow best when kept in a warm, damp climate with a consistent temperature throughout the day. You can easily recreate the precise climate indoors with the right equipment.

When growing Or plants outside, you can generally expect a harvest around late September, or early October as the weather starts to decline. Indoor plants can be ready at any point between 10 and 13 weeks.

Indoor Or plants tend to produce a slightly smaller yield than their outside counterparts, in part due to being confined while growing. This should not put you off keeping your Or plants indoors, as they will still provide a rewarding yield.

When growing Or plants indoors, regular trimming is essential to prevent the plants from feeling confined and becoming stunted. When growing Or plants outside, trimming is generally not as vital as they have no physical limits on their growth.

THC Content – Highest Test

The Or cannabis strain has a higher than average THC content, ranging from 20% up to 25%.

With highs of 25%, Or is not suitable for those who have a low THC tolerance and experience adverse effects from such high levels. The best way to avoid unwanted side effects when smoking Or for the first time is to start with a small dose to help your body adjust to its powerful punch.

The overwhelming sense of calm and full-bodied sedation that you experience with Or very much makes sense when taking into account the strain’s high THC content and 70% indica make-up.

With such high levels of THC, how does Or’s CBD content compare?

CBD Content – Highest Test

Or contains almost no CBD, with some lab tests showing mere trace amounts. The lack of CBD is not really surprising given that Or has a higher than average THC content. It is extremely rare to find a strain that contains both high levels of THC and CBD.

While CBD might be the main cannabinoid associated with the health benefits of cannabis, Or is an excellent example of how it is not the only determining factor. The full-bodied numbing effects that are experienced when smoking Or provide a number of compelling benefits that take the strain beyond just recreation.

Why might you want to consider Or as a medical strain?

Medical Benefits of the Or Strain

Most of the medical benefits associated with Or come from the indica-driven effects of the strain. The effects of Or take hold quickly, seeming to melt pain away before your very eyes. The ability to act as a natural painkiller is probably the most significant benefit of using Or as a medical strain.

Whether you suffer from severe chronic pain or simply need a natural way to numb temporary pain, Or is sure to help. Due to the strain’s strong sedative effects, Or is not ideal for managing pain during the day as it can make routine daily tasks very difficult to complete.

The sedative effects of Or have an important use, allowing you to naturally tackle insomnia. For those who suffer from pain-related insomnia, Or is particularly helpful, numbing pain and giving your body some much-needed rest. Even in cases where insomnia is due to external factors Or can help you to sleep with ease.

Or is often recommended to those who are undergoing treatments such as chemotherapy, which can cause nausea and a lack of appetite. The appetite enhancing effects of Or, combined with its ability to suppress nausea, can help to remove the challenges faced at mealtimes.

Or can also be useful to those who suffer from eating disorders. The calming effects that quickly take hold along with an increased appetite can make it easier to work through meals and stay healthy.

While most of Or’s medical benefits are physical, the strain has also proven useful for those who struggle with stress and anxiety. The wave of euphoria that persists throughout an Or high makes it difficult to focus on negative and stressful thoughts.

Possible Side Effects of the Or Strain

Despite Or’s high THC content, there are very few side effects associated with the strain.

The main side effect that people experience when smoking Or is dry mouth. A temporary effect, dry mouth can cause your mouth to feel intensely dehydrated and slightly fluffy in texture.

Much less common side effects include dry eyes and headaches. Dry eyes are similar to dry mouth in that they should only last for a few hours at most. Dry eyes can leave your eyes slightly red and irritated but have no long-term effect on your health.

Given that Or is a medical strain often used to naturally deal with pain, people are often left confused as to how Or can cause headaches. The high level of THC present in Or is thought to be the reason for it causing headaches.

Side effects are much more likely to occur when smoking large amounts of Or at one time. For those who worry about the risk of headaches and other lesser-known effects, it is best to stick to smaller doses, especially at first.

Final Thoughts on the Or Strain

Or cannabis strain is a very stereotypical indica strain despite being a hybrid. From your first puff of thick, dense smoke, Or floods your body with a deep sense of both mental and physical relaxation that is only possible to achieve with an indica.

There are a few signs of Or’s sativa side, mainly in the form of an uplifting euphoric feeling that persists throughout the entire high. Or is ideal for a lazy night at home when all you want to do is block out the world and feel genuinely relaxed and peaceful.

Or is much more than just a recreational stain and has proven to be a powerful pain reliever able to target even chronic pain. Also, Or can be used to treat a number of other medical conditions with its full-bodied high.

If you are brave enough to take on Or’s initially pungent diesel aroma and flavor profile, you are in for a real treat.

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