Cherry Bomb Strain Review [Origins, Benefits, Potency]

Cherry Bomb Strain Review [Origins, Benefits, Potency]

Cherry Bomb tastes exactly how you’d imagine it: like a big blast of cherries. It also combines notes of blackberry and blueberry, so it’s like an explosion of flavor on your tastebuds. This strain is just as potent as it is delicious however - and is well-known for its psychoactive high. Cherry Bomb can also help combat aches and pains, and leave you in a blissful mellow haze.

Dominant Terpene:
Pinene, Linalool, Myrcene
Common Usage
Chronic painFocusMigraines
Growing Info
Flowering period is approximately 9-10 weeks, can be grown both indoors and outdoors

You know that you’re in luck when you come across a perfectly balanced, deliciously moreish and exceptionally bred bud. With so many tasty and not so tasty strains out there, it can become a challenge to find one that offers the best of both worlds, but today we have the perfect hybrid!

Yes, you heard us right – the perfect daytime strain that boasts fruity notes, calming effects, and a host of medicinal benefits. We can only be talking about the wonder that is the Cherry Bomb cannabis strain!

If you have yet to try this fruity little number, stick around as we give you the full lowdown on this vibrant flower.

What is the Cherry Bomb Cannabis Strain?

Cherry Bomb has been around for some time, and as a result, there are a few different variations of the strain floating around. Without a doubt, the most popular is the cross between an unnamed California indica and the renowned Mr. Greengenes landrace Hawaiian Sativa bred by Barneys Farm.

This mild to moderate hybrid is the perfect daytime smoke and has a plethora of desirable traits, not least its light-hearted and all-around fun nature. It has been often referred to as one of the most popular strains out there for everyday use and has been hailed for its medical applications.

Cherry Bomb Cannabis Strain Appearance, Aroma and Flavor


A real hybrid bud, cannabis enthusiasts will pick up this strain’s lineage at first sight as it boasts a distinctive hybridized structure. With stunning, medium-sized flowers that are dense in the center, this takes a bit of the typical indica plant and adds the fluffy, loose leaves typically found in sativa strains.

The pale green hues of Cherry Bomb resemble sage, although this varies depending on the particular phenotype you have. If you are particularly lucky, you will pick up purples and brighter greens for a more colorful bud.

One stand out feature of Cherry Bombs is its icy white trichomes which coat each bud and are primarily responsible for the bud’s psychoactive effects.


Leading the aromas of Cherry Bomb are notes of musk and fragrant berry, but underlying the initial scent, there is a complex network of smells that a cannabis enthusiast will love.

Upon grinding this bud, users will pick up notes of deep berries, and the mouth-watering sweetness of cherry. Upon first inhalation, however, things balance out with a smooth and palatable smoke boasting strong, earthy notes that almost take on a dank scent.

The majority of users describe this to be a strongly sweet-smelling strain, but this is balanced out nicely by these muskier tones, so if sweetness isn’t your thing we would still advise you give this a go!


Not too dissimilar to this strain’s fruity aroma, Cherry Bomb is unmissably fruity in its taste, with delightfully moreish hints of blueberry and blackberry and an intriguing herbal kick which comes unexpectedly on the exhale.

If you love a fruity, refreshing and smooth smoke, then we’re confident you will like this!

Cherry Bomb Grow Info

Once again we find ourselves celebrating a hard-to-get strain, as there are no available seeds of this bud online. However, not as rare as some, those hoping to cultivate their own Cherry Bomb plants can do so by taking a clipping from the original.

You can successfully grow Cherry Bomb both indoors or out, but this should be a choice you make based on your location. Outdoor growth of this hybrid bud requires a hot, humid climate which can help the flower thrive, so if you are in the wrong place, we would advise sticking to an indoor crop.

We would advise those looking to try Cherry Bomb cultivation do so only if they have some level of experience, because she does grow tall and bushy, so will require skilled growers to know where and when to trim her back. For those growing indoors, trimming your plant back early in its vegetative stages will help you optimize space.

As we said before, Cherry Bomb is capable of bringing out some beautiful purple hues, and you can help her along by briefly exposing the plant to lower nighttime temperatures.

Cherry Bomb tends to take anywhere between nine and ten weeks to flower when grown indoors.

Medicinal Benefits of the Cherry Bomb Cannabis Strain

Part of the reason behind Cherry Bomb’s immense status and popularity is its well-rounded psychoactive high. Often described as a multilayer high, this hybrid offers users fast-acting results that take you on a real journey.

What begins with a comfortable pressure behind the eyes quickly turns into a feeling of mental clarity and focus, lending itself perfectly to activities, studies, or mundane tasks. Combine your new found mental alertness with the overwhelming feelings of calm and happiness, and you have one great start!

An hour or so into your high, you will note the mental clarity begins to die down a slight bit. However, you will remain focused and tuned-in as your body starts to succumb to the wave of physical relaxation.

Perfectly relaxed and physically numb, this is a great way to combat aches and pains; from headaches and migraines to PMS and back pain. Although you won’t be left in an uncomfortable and unwanted state of sedation, you will pick up on the mellow and lazy side effects of the latter stages of this weed.

The sativa and indica effects of this strain are so perfectly matched that it is impossible not to see why it is such a hit with both recreational and medicinal weed users. For an upbeat and soothing high, there is no better than Cherry Bomb!

Potential Risks of the Cherry Bomb Strain

With any strain, you run the risk of having some unwanted side effects, and Cherry Bomb is no exception to this rule. Some users report headaches, paranoia, and panic; so for those not accustomed to weed, we advise caution. Most users can expect dry eyes and dry mouth from this bud also.

Final Thoughts: Is Cherry Bomb a Hybrid You Want To Try?

We appreciate everyone that has different preferences when it comes to what makes their perfect hybrid, but we feel you would be hard pushed to find one more ideal than this.

If you are yet to try Cherry Bomb, is it one you’re interested in trying? Whether you are new to this or not let us know in the comments your thoughts on this highly popular fruity cannabis strain!

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