Lemon OG Candy | Cannabis Strain Review

Lemon OG Candy | Cannabis Strain Review

An excellent strain for newbie cannabis lovers, it will leave you feeling content, pleased, and mentally charged all evening.

Dominant Terpene:
Body high/numbing, Calming, Creativity, Energy, Euphoria, Focus, Happy, Relaxation, Sleep/Sedation
Common Usage
AnxietyChronic painDepressionFocusMigrainesNerve painSleepStress
Body high/numbingCalmingCreativityEnergyEuphoriaFocusHappyRelaxationSleep/Sedation
Growing Info
Incredibly simple to grow, but you will need to practice a little bit of topping to encourage even better yields.

Everyone loves a sweet flavor profile in their cannabis. That big hit of unctuous sweetness is just as enjoyable as it was when you were a child, but sometimes, we just want something a little bit more interesting. You should give the Lemon OG Candy strain a try if you enjoy a bit of an acidic lemon kick, too.

As strain that different people take different things from, this is not only an excellent flavor bomb, but it also gives you an incredibly relaxing afternoon where you can just kick back and relax.

Let’s investigate this strain and find out what makes it different from all the other citrusy strains out there.

What Is the Lemon OG Candy Strain?

Everyone is familiar with the Lemon OG family, from plain old Lemon OG to the predecessor of the whole thing, Lemon Skunk. It is so prevalent within cannabis society that pretty much everyone has a favorite.

However, the big problem with the Lemon OG family is that they tend to have way too much acidity. While this is certainly enjoyable in moderation, what about those of us with more of a sweet tooth?

The Lemon OG Candy strain, made from an exciting cross between Super Lemon OG and Amnesia Haze, offers precisely that.


After smoking just a little bit of Lemon OG Candy, the first thing you will notice is a pleasant rush of creativity and mental energy. This is pretty surprising considering the fact that Lemon OG Candy isn’t a true sativa, but instead a hybrid.

A hint of physical energy also follows up the creativity and mental energy. It’s not enough to make you want to go for a run, but enough to make you want to move about and get off the couch.

These typically sativa effects are always pleasant in other strains, but the intensity and effectiveness are extraordinary.

The annoying thing about the Lemon OG Candy strain is that there really is not a gigantic amount of information out there about it despite its excellent effects. This is because of its relative scarcity in most dispensaries.

If you can manage to get a hold of some Lemon OG Candy, you can enjoy its incredible flavor profile and effects for as long as it lasts.


Some strains have names based on some random adjectives or based on where they come from.

Thankfully, Lemon OG Candy is named precisely after what it smells and tastes like. The buds themselves smell like a freshly squeezed lemon, but once you break them open and smell them, it further develops.

There is a kind of poignant tartness that helps to contrast with the sweetness so beautifully. However, it also manages to smell like a candy shop – you can almost hear the doorbell’s jingle as you open the shop door.


As you might expect, Lemon OG Candy tastes like sweet lemons the moment you get the smoke in your mouth. Expect to find your palate almost overwhelmed with the complexity of its flavors; it is incredibly sweet, yet tart and acidic at the same time.

There is also a fair amount of undiagnosable citrus flavors that could be oranges, grapefruit, or anything in-between. But it is the sweetness that really overrides everything; it is like eating a lemon sherbet that is covered in sugar.

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Despite the Lemon OG Candy strain’s sugary flavor profile and its really sativa-like effects, it looks a lot like a regular indica strain. Its buds are tightly curled and come with a good quantity of pleasant pistils and trichomes that promise a potent effect once you smoke it.

Other than that, it is almost identical to other examples of the Lemon OG in appearance. Its slight yellow quality makes it look a little bit like a lemon.

Lemon OG Candy Strain Grow Info

The Lemon OG family are well known for their easy growth, making them really amazing for first-time growers.

You can quickly grow this strain either indoors or outside, depending on your local climate and your own level of comfort. However, make sure to try and grow it a little bit hotter than you think you might need. This temperature requirement makes it a great pick for the west coast and southwest growers in the USA.

To encourage a better yield from your Lemon OG Candy plants, you need to practice just a little bit of horticulture. For starters, chop the plant’s upper growth away in a process known as ‘topping’ about halfway through its growing cycle.

This will encourage more lateral branching, which will, in turn, result in even more harvestable buds for you to use and enjoy.

Other than that, though, it really couldn’t be easier to grow, especially for newbie cannabis growers. The only thing that you need to do is use a few basic cultivation techniques, allowing you plenty of opportunities to get used to growing your own cannabis.

THC Content – Highest Test

Most great and well-loved cannabis strains tend to have pretty significant levels of THC. While the best strains aren’t always the strongest, most people prefer more THC than less.

Lemon OG Candy cannabis thankfully offers a great deal of THC for you to enjoy, usually around 20%. This is a significant THC quantity and is more than enough to affect you, no matter your personal tolerance level.

CBD Content – Highest Test

Most cannabis strains that boast significant levels of THC tend to have very little CBD, most likely due to generations of careful breeding. Breeders looking for more THC in their strains are usually pretty quick to reduce the CBD in their breeding projects, so as to make room for more THC.

However, despite there being basically no CBD in Lemon OG Candy, you can still enjoy all kinds of valuable medical benefits.

Medical Benefits of the Lemon OG Candy Strain

Most strains generally boast some medical benefits for you to enjoy. Sometimes they are focused on treating specific conditions. Other times, they are more about general well being. The Lemon OG Candy, and indeed the entire Lemon OG family, definitely falls into the latter category.

When you imbibe Lemon OG Candy, you likely aren’t going to notice any significant medical effects right away. In fact, if you are looking for it to fix your problems, you should probably look elsewhere. However, the main thing that Lemon OG Candy gives you is a new and innovative look at life.

For those who struggle with mental issues, such as depression or anxiety, this strain can greatly benefit your mental health.

After taking some Lemon OG Candy, you will feel both emotionally and mentally lightened, and everything will seem more manageable. You will have the new mental energy to withstand anything the world throws at you, as well as plenty of physical fortitude to deal with it.

It will feel almost impossible to remember why you were feeling down or why you were struggling with anxiety or anything else because you are only concerned with feeling amazing.

This is also why many people use Lemon OG Candy, and indeed the whole Lemon OG line of strains to help them fall asleep. It isn’t especially soporific, and it doesn’t actually send you to sleep, but it makes going to sleep a lot easier, as your mind isn’t focusing on unpleasant things.

Thanks to its sweet flavors and relaxing list of effects, it is a great night time treat to help lull you into a comfortable night’s rest.

Possible Side Effects of the Lemon OG Candy Strain

One of the great things about the Lemon OG Candy strain is that it has very few side effects whatsoever despite its pretty significant quantity THC.

Of course, you are going to struggle with a little bit of both dry mouth and dry eyes. This will always happen with any cannabis strain with a decent amount of THC, but with Lemon OG Candy, it isn’t that unpleasant. Just keep yourself hydrated to avoid any significant dryness.

The only real side effects that the Lemon OG Candy strain might induce is a slight sense of being overwhelmed. Due to its high THC concentration, if you aren’t being careful with how much you are smoking, you might find yourself struggling with just a bit too much THC.

Of course, as long as you are being careful and only taking as much as you think you can handle, then you really shouldn’t have a problem.

Final Thoughts on the Lemon OG Candy Strain

The Lemon OG family of cannabis strains are among some of the very best strains out there, and their endless permutations can be found all over the place.

However, for those looking for a sweeter, more after-dinner cannabis strain, the Lemon OG Candy strain might be just what you are looking for. Offering up all of the great benefits and medical effects of other Lemon OG strains, along with a whole host of sativa-like effects that last long into the night, this strain is wonderful.

Its uniquely sweet taste makes it great as either a treat after a long day or as a dessert equivalent. You can sit there, relax, and digest your meal while gradually developing a creative, relaxed high that gives you the energy you need to tackle a few creative projects in the evening.

As it starts to wear off, you can enjoy its relaxing and soothing effects as you go to sleep. Expect to find yourself well-rested, refreshed, and overall pretty happy with yourself after enjoying some Lemon OG Candy.

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