Elmer’s Glue (Cannabis Strain Review)

Elmer’s Glue (Cannabis Strain Review)

The Elmer’s Glue strain has the potential to improve focus. It is popular amongst MMJ patients for issues such as headaches, chronic pain, and insomnia. You should consider trying it in the early evening to give it enough time to provide the desired effects.

Dominant Terpene:
Limonene, Linalool, Myrcene
Common Usage
FatigueInflammationUpset stomach
Growing Info
The Elmer’s Glue strain has a relatively long flowering time of 9-10 weeks. It is suitable for cultivation indoors or outdoors.

There are plenty of cannabis strains on the market that help you relax and go to sleep. A significant proportion of them are extremely potent, and Elmer’s Glue is no exception. It was created as a cross of two high-THC strains and is a solid option if you need helping winding down.

What Is the Elmer’s Glue Strain?

Relentless Genetics bred this indica-leaning hybrid as a cross of Gorilla Glue #4 and The White. Both are hard-hitting strains, which means Elmer’s Glue is not the best option for novices. It carries with it The White’s impressive resin production, along with the strength of GG#4.

Despite the potency, Elmer’s Glue doesn’t hit you straight away.

However, despite the potency, Elmer’s Glue doesn’t hit you straight away. Indeed, it can take up to 15 minutes before the high arrives. Initially, you’ll feel the effects on your face and the temples. Then the cerebral high helps you to become more creative. This is a good time to get stuck into any challenging projects that require you to think outside the box.

Elmer’s Glue is also potentially an excellent social strain if you have a decent THC tolerance and don’t get overwhelmed by the high. Once the body high takes over, you should go home because it could cause rapid sedation. You might find yourself entering a dreamlike state and possess a desire to lie down and relax.

At this point, you’re stuck like glue to wherever you sit or lie. It is worth using Elmer’s Glue early in the evening as it takes a while to affect.


This strain provides an earthy and dank scent even before you start grinding the buds. It is an early indicator of its potency. Once you ignite Elmer’s Glue, you’ll probably notice pine and wood notes, too, along with hints of diesel.

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The taste is not as powerful as the odor. Elmer’s Glue is a fairly smooth smoke, and you may get notes of pine and sweetness on the exhale. It is a pleasant, unassuming flavor that should appeal to many users.


Elmer’s Glue has relatively small flowers that cling together. The buds have a classic indica-structure, while the pale green leaves tend to curl inward. You’ll notice a significant number of trichomes, with The White’s genetic influence clearly on display. The copper-colored pistils serve to increase this strain’s aesthetic value.

Elmer’s Glue Strain Grow Info

While you can purchase Elmer’s Glue seeds from Relentless Genetics, the brand isn’t always well-stocked. Therefore, you’ll probably need to take a clipping from a mature plant to grow clones. Once you have them, you’ll find that this strain isn’t especially challenging to cultivate. It fares relatively well indoors or outdoors.


If you choose the outdoor option, please note that Elmer’s Glue thrives in a warm, moderately humid climate. This strain provides a reasonable yield outdoors. The main issue is one of practicality. Not everyone has access to space outside where they can safely grow marijuana plants. Remember, even in legal states; your plants must be out of public sight.

Therefore, you should probably stick with the indoor cultivation of Elmer’s Glue. The plants grow short and bushy, which means you need to prune them occasionally. This process will ensure the removal of large fan leaves that prevent light from reaching the plants’ lower parts. Indoor-grown Elmer’s Glue has a flowering time of 9-10 weeks.

THC Content – Highest Test

As its genetics would suggest, Elmer’s Glue is an exceedingly potent strain. Its THC can vary from 18% to 27%, with an average of 24%.

CBD Content – Highest Test

There is hardly any CBD in Elmer’s Glue. It tends to produce around 0.1% or less.

Medical Benefits of the Elmer’s Glue Strain

Recreational users with a high THC tolerance will enjoy the Elmer’s Glue experience. However, MMJ patients are also getting on board with this strain. The initial head high promotes focus, which could prove useful for individuals with ADD/ADHD. It is also potent enough to dull the pain of certain conditions.

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The level of calm it can promote means that Elmer’s Glue could prove useful for individuals with stress or depression. However, perhaps the most frequent reason for using Elmer’s Glue is its ability to sedate. After a couple of hours, it relaxes the body and mind to the point where you want to do nothing else but fall asleep.

Possible Side Effects of the Elmer’s Glue Strain

This strain could be problematic if you’re a novice or someone with a low tolerance to THC. Its propensity to cause introspective thought could result in panic or paranoia amongst some users. While most cannabis strains cause dry mouth, Elmer’s Glue could increase saliva production. This is a highly unusual side effect of using marijuana.

Final Thoughts on the Elmer’s Glue Strain

The Elmer’s Glue strain warrants respect due to its extremely high THC content. If you’re a novice, it is best to choose something significantly less potent. Experienced MMJ patients might find that this strain can help improve focus and reduce the effects of chronic pain. It is also an excellent option if you need help winding down in the evening.

The Elmer’s Glue strain warrants respect due to its extremely high THC content.

In general, you’ll need to find Elmer’s Glue cuttings because it is hard to find seeds. It is a fairly easy strain to cultivate, although it does require pruning.

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