What Is ‘Dank’ Marijuana? [Is It Good, Bad, or Average?]

My hometown has its fair share of ‘dive’ bars, and my friends and I jokingly state that we are going there for the ‘dank.’ By this we mean the bar in question is dark and is probably a very unpleasant place to go if you’re not a regular. If you check a dictionary, ‘dank’ can mean damp, or unpleasantly humid or moist.

Therefore, one would expect ‘dank’ marijuana to relate to low-grade weed. In fact, the opposite is the case. Every single cannabis user wants dank weed because it means premium-grade, potent herb. It is the kind of marijuana that provides an exceedingly satisfying psychoactive high.

Dank Marijuana Explained

The word ‘dank’ is actually a Middle English word of Scandinavian origin. It originally referred to a marshy spot before it was regularly described as a disagreeably musty, damp, or cold place; much like the dank bars, I spoke about in the introduction.

With this in mind, how the heck did this word end up describing great marijuana? It actually makes sense when you think about it. First-rate cannabis is usually far stickier, greener, and smellier than low-grade ‘Reggie’ weed. In fact, high-quality bud often smells musty and has a wet appearance.

Perhaps 20 years ago, weed users had the choice between Mexican brick weed, mids, and dank. As the herb gets legalized by more states, dank cannabis is becoming extremely common and is basically the standard. We are now getting to the stage where weed will be either garbage, dank, or exceptional!

How to Spot Dank Marijuana

Knowing the terminology is one thing; using it in practice is another matter entirely. Frankly, if you live in a state where marijuana is legal, and you go to a licensed dispensary, you’re unlikely to get ripped off. Dispensary licenses are like gold and no one in their right mind will risk ruining their reputation by providing you with rubbish. Typically, when you walk into a dispensary, the best weed will be on the top shelf.

However, cannabis is still illegal for recreational purposes in 40 states. As a result, prospective users need to take their chances with black market sellers. It’s not like you can complain to the police if you get sold reggie weed! If you are a grower, it is nice to know when you have a successful harvest. As a consequence, you need to learn how to differentiate dank marijuana from all the rest.

Visual Cues

When people discuss dank marijuana, they are talking about bud with high THC content. Low-grade reggie is usually filled with seeds and stems. Not only do you get a rough smoking experience, but the THC content is also typically below 5%. Dank cannabis, on the other hand, has at least 15% and often well above 20%.

One of the quickest ways to determine weed’s potency is to look at the number of trichomes it has. If you can see tiny white crystals galore, it is usually a good sign. Although you can check this out with the naked eye, a jeweler’s loupe allows you to see everything clearly.

Dank marijuana is green with orange or brown pistils and occasionally, specks of purple depending on the strain. Basically, dank weed looks like a healthy plant should. In contrast, lower quality bud is brown and could contain pesticides, chemicals, and mold.

It is also important to avoid brittle or shriveled buds as they have been dried excessively. A strain’s orange hair count is also relevant. If there are lots of them, it is a clear sign that the plant was well-pollinated and mature.

Another crucial thing to watch out for is the presence of thin white hairs. If you see any, don’t even think about purchasing that cannabis because it has probably been infested by spider mites.

Although it is less to do with the quality of the bud, and more to do with the standard of upkeep after harvest, avoid marijuana with lots of leaves. If you are a grower, we recommend removing large fan leaves immediately after harvest to make it easier to dry the bud.

A Good Feeling

One of the most noticeable traits of dank weed only becomes apparent when you feel it. For marijuana to be truly dank, it should be not too wet and not too dry. Most importantly of all, it should be sticky because if it is excessively dry, it will burn too quickly.

The next thing you must check for is the number of seeds and stems. Dank weed contains nothing more than the minimum sticks to hold the bud together. There should be absolutely NO seeds! The best weed consists of fresh and thick buds.

Smell & Taste

While it is true that marijuana strains have different scents, dank weed has a fresh aroma which you can smell even when it is in a bag! Low-quality weed usually smells like hay. If you get a foul, musty smell, there is a chance that the marijuana is moldy.

Ultimately, dank cannabis provides users with a fantastic experience. As it is high in THC, it is going to induce a potent psychoactive high. If you use weed and feel nothing, you either have a bigger tolerance than Howard Marks or else you have been conned. Dank marijuana also offers a smooth and pleasant smoke, from the flavor to the effects.

Final Thoughts on Dank Marijuana

There are some who say that ‘dank’ weed is subjective, because what you find appealing will not be to everyone’s tastes. Even so, some obvious clues help you separate dank weed from average or low-grade bud.

Dank weed is healthy looking and is normally aesthetically pleasing with vibrant colors such as green, orange, and purple. It will contain no seeds, few leaves, and little else apart from the bud. Dank cannabis is filled with terpenes which is why its aroma and flavor are such treats. Above all, when you use dank marijuana, you will feel on top of the world as the psychoactive high hits you in all the right places.

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