Savage CBD Oil Review: Oils, Edibles, and More!

Savage CBD has one goal in mind: to help as many people as they can through natural and wholesome CBD products. They offer a wide variety of products so you can consume CBD via your favorite method of administration.They are a leading CBD company and offer both retail and wholesale opportunities.
MCT Oil, Hemp Seed Oil, Full Spectrum Cannabidiol (CBD), Essential Oils, And Terpenes.
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Enjoy sublingually or in anything else - to tea, drinks, or more.
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CO2 Extraction
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The hemp CBD market has been described as the next ‘Gold Rush’ and with good reason. The Farm Bill of 2018 legalized the cultivation of industrial hemp in the United States, so manufacturers are free to extract CBD and sell it to consumers in America and internationally.

According to New Frontier Data, the CBD market will triple in the next four years. As a result, expect hundreds of new CBD companies to spring up. In our unbiased reviews, our goal is to help you find reputable CBD sellers so you can derive the full benefit of this exciting cannabinoid. Today, we look at Savage CBD.

Who is Savage CBD?

There isn’t a great deal of information about the company on its website; although we know that its HQ is in Irvine, California. You can also see pictures of the 12-strong Savage CBD team which includes Chris Wheeler as CEO and Matt Winters as CFO. The company’s goal is to provide lab tested, naturally derived CBD at a price that consumers can afford.

Savage CBD certainly passes one test: It provides you with third-party lab reports on all of its products. This simple fact alone helps boost the company’s credibility.

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Review of Savage CBD Full-Spectrum CBD Oil Tinctures


savage cbd

Savage keeps it simple with its tinctures. There are two options: Lemon Lime and Pink Grapefruit flavored CBD oil. Each option comes in three sizes:

  • 1000mg: $99.99
  • 1500mg: $119.99
  • 2000mg: $149.99

It is hard to argue with 2000mg of CBD for $150 – as long as it is effective of course! As well as the full-spectrum CBD, the tincture contains MCT oil, essential oils, terpenes, and hemp seed oil.

I tried the 1000mg pink grapefruit flavor and enjoyed the refreshing taste. The packaging kind of reminds me of the Hawaiian Islands and the dropper holds up to 1ml of liquid. Although it contains oil, there wasn’t an oily taste.

It took a while, but I felt my anxiety melt away as the day passed and even summoned some energy from somewhere; no mean feat since I was ready for a nap before using the tincture! I placed it beneath my tongue sublingually, but you can also add it to food or a drink. Incidentally, the lab report showed that there was 1061 mg of CBD in the 1000mg bottle.

Review of Savage CBD Edibles


savage cbd oil

I say ‘edibles,’ but in reality, there is only one option: Edible Gummies. Each packet contains 6x 50mg of CBD gummies for $29.99. Ingredients include water, gelatin, citric acid, pectin, natural and artificial flavors, and corn syrup. Not exactly the healthiest combination but still better than gummy bears!

If you have severe pain, a full gummy might be a good option. As for me, I consumed half of one. The gummies have a fruity taste, and as they look just like regular gummy worm candy, they are ideal for a clandestine session. As expected, they took a while to take effect but, much like the tincture, I felt more relaxed and dare I say ‘happier.’

For me, the effects of CBD are almost a ‘mystery.’ You read different reviews of products and expect miracles, but in reality, the impact of the cannabinoid is almost imperceptible if you don’t pay attention to how your body feels.

Review of Savage Vape Options

savage cannabis oil

Vaping is a fast and effective method of ingesting cannabinoids, and Savage CBD has a full range of vape juice and cartridges. Vaporizing your CBD allows for a far higher level of bioavailability than other methods of consumption. In other words, more of the cannabidiol gets absorbed, and you enjoy greater effects from less CBD.

Savage CBD’s vape juice range consists of six options:

  • Driven
  • Hustle
  • Passion
  • Serene
  • Tranquil
  • Vape Shot

All of the above come in three options, barring Vape Shot which is only available in 1000mg form for $59.99:

  • 250mg: $32.99
  • 500mg: $49.99
  • 1000mg: $59.99

The price points are interesting; it is better to get the 1000mg bottle because it offers significantly better value for money. I also found that the packaging looked eerily similar to that of Koi CBD. In any case, the juice includes CBD, Natural and Artificial flavor concentrate, propylene glycol, and vegetable glycerin.

I tried the Driven option which is a candied blueberry. I immediately felt more relaxed after taking a few hits. This stuff really works! Make sure you hold it in for as long as possible to get the best effects.

You can also get the Ripe Collection which is available in the same strengths as the others and costs the same. The flavors are more exotic, however: Straw Nanners, Kiwi Dragon Berry, and Fiji Melons.

As for the cartridges, you can get a 500mg of CBD option in Pineapple Blast flavor for $46.99. It is an all-in-one vaping option which includes the portable vape device. Once you are finished, place it in the recycle bin and get another.

What About Savage CBD’s Other Products?

what about savage cbd’s other products?

Aside from what seems to be the obligatory pet CBD product range, Savage sells a few other items. You can get the Pineapple Blast cartridge with a Vapewear kit bundle for $64.99. There is also full-spectrum CBD lotion. Each bottle contains 300mg of CBD for $44.99. As it is a topical, you simply rub it on to the affected area and wait for the cannabidiol to kick in and soothe your pain.

The final item on the site is the CBD softgels option; perfect for anyone who doesn’t like the taste or feel of oils & tinctures. There are 30 x 25 mg softgels in each bottle for $90.99.

Where Can I Buy Savage CBD Products?

The easiest option is to visit the Savage CBD Shoppage, and you will be greeted by all of its offerings. There are some ‘mix and match’ bundles that you can purchase to save money. At the time of writing, the brand’s Hustle e-juice is available as part of a clearance sale. You can buy a 1000mg bottle of it for just $22! It apparently has a raspberry cookie taste with sugar, so it is a great vaping option if you have a sweet tooth.

Savage says it will ship orders within 48 hours depending on how busy the site is. It promises to send your CBD products in discreet packaging, but please note, the company does not have a return policy. Savage offers free shipping to all addresses in the U.S. and offers a military discount. If you do a little research, you should be able to find a few discount codes online.

Final Thoughts on Savage CBD

savage cbd online

All of Savage CBD’s products are well-packaged and the ones I tried proved effective for my anxiety. In terms of value for money, there are few better CBD brands, and all of its items are free from pesticides, GMOs, and THC. Lack of a returns policy is a problem, but overall, Savage CBD is a trustworthy company that delivers the goods.

Rating: 9/10

Savage CBD Pros

  • Exceptional value for money.
  • Third party lab reports are easy to access.
  • Excellent range of CBD products that work.
  • The fruity flavors will appeal to anyone who likes sweet things.
  • Free shipping in the United States and a military discount.

Savage CBD Cons

  • No returns policy.
  • Relative lack of information on the company.

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15% Coupon Code: WAY15

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