Cibdol CBD Review

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Cibdol: Quick Summary


  • A diverse range of products are available
  • Features a variety of price points
  • Utilizes gentle CO2 extraction
  • Items boast an array of terpenes and beneficial compounds
  • Lab results are available for viewing online


  • Some items are expensive
  • Some tincture bottles are transparent, which may affect storage options

Cibdol Review

Cibdol is a Swiss-based cannabis company that sells some of the world’s highest grade CBD products. Their hemp sources come from premium European farms that don’t use pesticides or harsh chemicals. The result is an end-product that is full-bodied, great-tasting, and effective for various symptoms and daily routines.

We especially like that, unlike some fly-by-night operations, this company has invested in learning some of the most cutting-edge technologies and methods.

They ensure that their brand stays up-to-date with many of the latest CBD innovations and process management techniques.

They are also serious about their carbon footprint and utilize practices that curtail emissions. This assists in protecting the environment while guaranteeing consumers a responsible and reliable purchase. Cibdol also takes inclusion to the highest levels and has put in the research necessary for proper Halal certification by food safety authorities.

All in all, there were many reasons why we were excited to try them. In the upcoming sections, we go over how their products stand out from the competition.

What Products Did We Review?

Cibdol sells a diverse range of products. They offer several varieties of CBD, CBN, and CBG tinctures, topicals, and sprays.

In the section below, we highlight some of their products’ significant aspects and provide a few details. We will also discuss how their products may impact a busy lifestyle.

Cibdol: A Look at Their Complete Product Line

Cibdol is one of Europe’s premier sellers of hemp-infused products. Their extensive collection offers quite a few options for CBD enthusiasts. Their product range includes the following items:


Whether you’re looking for a simple CBD tincture or one with beneficial compounds like CBG, Cibdol has you covered. Their selection of tinctures runs the gamut.

They have standard CBD tinctures available from 230mg potencies to a whopping 3800 mg. They also have several varieties of hemp seed oil-based tinctures with cold-pressed hemp and full-spectrum CBD.

The result is a mild taste with beneficial amino acids and minerals. Besides their cold-pressed hemp formulations, their take on tinctures also includes liposomal drops. Cibdol has crafted these drops for faster absorption and effectiveness, a combination that’s excellent for addressing various symptoms.


They also sell a special black cumin seed oil derived from Nigella sativa. This tincture touts some great benefits, including promoting well-being and naturally boosting balance. In addition to their CBD tinctures, Cibdol has a line of oils infused with CBG and CBN compounds.

These compounds may increase CBD’s effects. Interested consumers can choose between varieties such as Cibdol’s 5%/2.5% CBG/CBD tincture blend or their 1:1 CBG/CBD formulation. These blends include an incredible amount of terpenes, antioxidants, and other significant compounds.

Their CBN tinctures have similar ratios, with a 5%/2.5% CBN/CBD tincture blend or their 1:1 CBN/CBD drops. And although Cibdol’s tinctures are an excellent addition to any routine, they sell a few varieties suitable for pets as well.

They offer 2% and 4% tinctures for cats and dogs. These blends include a hefty dose of terpenes and CBD for optimal pet well-being and stress relief.


Cibdol provides a litany of products that consumers can use directly on the body. Their beauty products, for example, offer options such as anti-aging, day and night creams with CBD for smooth, radiant skin. They also have foot cream, hand cream, face serum, lip balms, and under-eye gels that give consumers the chance to create a reliable skincare routine.

Other topicals include CBD-infused creams geared towards assisting with skin problems and concerns. Interested customers can choose between their CBD Psoriasis Cream (Soridol), Acne Cream (Aczedol), or Eczema Cream (Zemadol). Each of these compounds contains a specially-designed formulation that can calm itching, inflammation, and irritation.

CBD Supplements

This category includes a vast array of unique items that Cibdol offers. They provide great products such as CBD On the Go. This item consists of CBD powder packets that consumers can dissolve into any beverage, such as tea or juice. Each pack has 20mg of CBD.

Other products available for purchase include Cibdol’s CBD heating balm, nasal spray, and Meladol, a melatonin and CBD-based formulation. Meladol helps regulate a healthy sleep cycle, while the nasal spray assists with congestion and clogged airways. The heating balm contains vanillyl butyl, which warms and soothes stiff, achy muscles and joints.

Lastly, you can take their Liposomal Vitamin C with CBD along with any number of other products, including tinctures. Each bottle comes with 150ml of liquid and 90mg of high-grade CBD. It also has a burst of Vitamin C that assists in daily maintenance and relaxation.

CBD Capsules

If you don’t enjoy that taste of tinctures, Cibdol has the perfect alternative. Their CBD capsules come in several potencies, including 384mg, 960 mg, 1920mg, along with a 384mg formulation fortified with Vitamin D3. They come in easy to swallow and softgel form.

These softgels contain much of the same fantastic effectiveness as their tinctures. Due to their small size and ease of transportability, they can become part and parcel of a busy schedule.

CBD Vape

Fans of vaping aren’t forgotten with Cibdol’s top-notch vape juice. They offer an assortment that ranges from 500mg per bottle to 3000mg for the ultimate vaping experience. Vapers can also enjoy their flavors, which include strawberry, mint, and mango.

They also sell accessories for vape lovers, including vaporizers and pods. They also offer bundle packs for those looking for an all-in-one combo. Whether you are new to vaping or are a connoisseur, Cibdol has a bundle for every level.

CBD Isolate

Those on the lookout for a potent and purer form of CBD can opt for Cibdol’s isolate. Their 99% pure CBD crystals contain 500mg per each tub. You can take them alone or sprinkle them over food and drink. They are also THC free and come from organically grown European hemp.

What Else Should I Know About Cibdol? An Inside Look at This Premier Brand

Cibdol undertakes strict quality control measures. They engage in careful laboratory testing from trusted third-parties to ensure the utmost level of a superior end-product.

They don’t merely test the final product for a few pesticides and chemicals. Instead, their testing methods include a highly involved process of testing the hemp soil. Cibdol carefully evaluates this growing medium for several issues:

  • Contaminants
  • Pollution
  • Bacteria
  • Fungi

Cibdol also cares about the accessibility of their products. The company makes sure that people from all walks of life can safely and happily enjoy their extensive range. We like that their items are Halal certified. This allows many people to partake in what they offer.

They also utilize a unique system of gentle CO2 extraction and filtration. The result is a full-spectrum product that has a wealth of terpenes and compounds.

In addition to their extraction techniques, they employ HPLC (high-performance liquid chromatography) to identify each specific compound and element in their products. This ensures that consumers have a product that they can trust.

Cibdol CBD Review: Summary & Where to Buy

Cibdol has a diverse array of products. We love that they have such a varied collection. They are also a company dedicated to providing the utmost service within an eco-friendly framework.

They don’t utilize heavy metals, toxic pesticides, or the like. This allows for a better product and less strain on the environment.

We also were impressed by their affordability. Many of their price points didn’t break the bank, making their items an excellent addition to any budget. Interested consumers can visit their site and shop from anywhere.

All in all, this is a company that cares about what CBD consumers want. They specialize in quality and have a good selection and user-friendly website. We think that Cibdol is a CBD retailer worth checking out.

Final Verdict – 8/10

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