The TOP Benefits of CBD Vape Oil

Before we begin this article we want to highlight some potential discrepancies in terminology. While we use the term ‘CBD vape oil’ numerous times throughout herein, we are not implying that it is safe to use any CBD oil in a vaporizer. Not all CBD oils are compatible with vaporizers. In fact, health risks may occur from vaping CBD oil incorrectly. Make sure the product you are vaping was specifically made for vaping devices.

Prior to 1964 when the U.S. Surgeon General released its first national report on smoking and general health, people really didn’t have any idea that inhaling cigarettes was a bad idea. For generations, they huffed and puffed, not really considering that tobacco may have been part of the reason why the U.S. male life expectancy was only 58 years old.

Nowadays, we have more options — and we have more knowledge. We know that things like CBD vape oil and e-cigarettes are almost certain to be less deadly than smoking ‘regular’ cigarettes. And we know that there are tools out there that can help us kick our tobacco addictions – and hopefully, increase our lifespan.

And of course, through increased awareness and enhanced education opportunities, we are finally getting turned on to the health benefits of cannabis – and in particular the health benefits of CBD.

In this article, we discuss what CBD is, why it has increased in popularity so much over the last few years, and what several of the major benefits of CBD vape oil are over some of the more “traditional” inhalation options. Enjoy.

Before we Discuss the Benefits of CBD Vape Oil, What is it Exactly?

In case you’re in the dark as to what exactly CBD vape oil is (or even what CBD in general is), it is a natural compound that exists in the cannabis plant. Unlike THC, however, it doesn’t get you high at all.

Dozens and dozens of studies have surfaced in recent years suggesting the range of potential health benefits that CBD may have, and it has been these publications – combined of course with the fact that CBD produces no high – that have more or less been the driving force behind the cannabis compound’s rise in popularity.

Furthermore, since CBD is a natural component of hemp (which is now legal in the USA under the Hemp Farming Act), it has been readily available to folks across all 50 US states – with no need for a medical marijuana card.

In terms of CBD vape oil, this is just one of the many ways in which to consume CBD as a therapeutic compound. It all really comes down to personal preference, but if you’re not into vaping CBD, you can also:

  • Take it as an oil tincture (i.e. placing drops of it below your tongue)
  • Ingest it via CBD capsules
  • Massage it into your skin with a CBD-infused lotion
  • Eat it in the form of a CBD gummy

In this article of course – since we are after all talking about the benefits of CBD vape oil – we will focus on the “inhalation version” of CBD and how it might help improve your physical health, your emotional health, and your overall well-being and internal balance to maintain a state of health and homeostasis.

The 5 Benefits of Vaping CBD Oil

vaping cbd benefits

To be clear, we are still lacking both clinical and laboratory evidence that clearly states the long-term health benefits (or lack thereof) of CBD vape oil. As such, what follows is not so much a “guarantee” as it is a “list of potentials.” With that in mind, always proceed responsibly and make sure to speak with your doctor before implementing any change into your daily treatment or therapy routine.

That said, there has been no shortage of research evidence suggesting the possible health benefits (both mental and physical) of CBD oil. So without further ado, we present our personal selections for the top-5 benefits of CBD vape oil. Enjoy!

#1 | It’s Better for Your Lungs […or is it?]

This one is still up for debate (hence the ‘or is it?’ tag smacked on there at the end). While institutions like Harvard Health have claimed that e-cig vapes are almost certain to be “less deadly” than traditional cigarettes (see link above), there has been plenty of speculation that e-cigarettes – and other forms of vaporizing devices including CBD vape oil – may possess plenty of potential health problems of their own.

That said, London’s Royal College of Physicians has recently come out and said that the long-term health risks of e-cig vape were “unlikely to exceed 5% of the harm from smoking tobacco.” Case in point, we reckon it’s fairly safe to assume that one of the benefits of vaping CBD is that it’s far better on your lungs than traditional inhalation of a joint or bowl.

#2 | It’s a Helluva Lot Smoother… And it Tastes Better!

So unless you grew up in the 70’s and wore cut-off denim vests and smoked three packs of Marlboro Reds each day, there’s almost no way you couldn’t agree with this one. If you’ve never tried a CBD vape oil, they’re good — trust us.

The cloud that you inhale from a quality e-cig or vaporizer is legitimately as smooth as breathing in steam from a lightly boiling pot of water, and the fact that there are so many spectacular flavors out there to choose from makes it all the better.

Of course the purists out there will say that nothing at all compares to the “flavor” of a cigarette or joint, but hey – when it comes down to the overall benefits of CBD vape oil over other forms of inhalation, there’s really no arguing here.

#3 | It’s Available Medically

What we mean here is that in a lot of states that offer medical cannabis, smokeable flower is still illegal. Qualified patients are subject to inhaling their meds through the use of vaporizers – and most times, these meds come in the form of therapeutic CBD vape oils.

Many of these oils contain full-spectrum CBD and virtually zero THC, which means you get nearly all the health benefits of cannabis, with none of the stereotypical high. If using weed for medical purposes has always been a goal of yours but you want to maintain a steady, normal lifestyle, this is no doubt a massive benefit of CBD vape oil.

#4 | It Can Help You Quit Smoking

Like we talked about in the intro, there are now a myriad of techniques that folks can employ to try and successfully kick their nicotine habits. And believe it or not, one of the benefits of CBD has been to help people kick all sorts of addictions – tobacco included.

In fact, in a 2013 report published in the scientific journal Addictive Behaviors, researchers suggested that CBD is a “potential treatment for nicotine addiction … that warrants further exploration.” Without a doubt, this certainly sounds like one of the major benefits of CBD vape oil to us.

#5 | It’s Faster Acting and Longer Lasting

Alright, so we’re ready to take some arguments over this one. There will likely be a lot of folks out there who say that smoking is just as fast-acting (if not more so) than vaping, and this is probably true.

However, what we’re talking about here is the fact that vaping CBD oil is faster-acting than taking it as an oil, eating it as an edible, consuming it as a pill or capsule, and applying it topically as a pain-relieving gel or cream.

It other words, it would be accurate to say (in our opinion at least) that one of the biggest benefits of CBD vape oil is that it is faster-acting than any other form of therapeutic cannabis available (aside from smoking or dabbing of course). If you suffer from things like sudden onset or migraines, anxiety, or panic attacks, you might seriously want to consider CBD vape oil. Otherwise, you may wait up to two hours for that sublingual CBD tincture to kick in.

Final Thoughts on the Top-5 Benefits of CBD Vape Oil

vaping cbd oil

All in all, there’s really no denying the potential health benefits of CBD vape oil. Not only have many advantages been pointed out in research publications, but ask most any medical cannabis patient and they’ll tell you that the therapeutic potential of CBD is very, very real.

Of course, we are not denying that much more research must is needed in order to better understand not just the long-term effects of CBD, but of vaping in general. After all, we do not want to repeat history and assume that what we’re doing is safe (i.e. going back to the smoking of cigarettes in the early 20th century), only to find out that it’s incredibly dangerous.

That said, even in the unlikely event that the benefits of vaping CBD are shown to be undermined by the act of vaping itself, at least we know there are several over methods of CBD consumption out there that we can rely on. In that regard, don’t expect CBD – or cannabis in general – to be going anywhere any time soon.

The Benefits of Vaping CBD: A parting word from Dr. Ted Valley

It is important to note as a disclaimer that we still do not know what the true safety concerns may be as it relates to vaping products. The research out there is a mixed bag and even though this is obvious NOTHING is without risk.

There is evidence to suggest in one study that the flavoring agents used in vaping have a chemical compound that reacts negatively with lung tissue and stem cells of the lung. This same study also suggests the possibility that heavy metals from the heating element may ionize in the vape cloud before entering the lungs (and subsequently) absorbed into the bloodstream.

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