Where to Buy CBD Oil Near Me – Your Updated 2024 Guide

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Interest in hemp-based cannabinoid extracts has spiked to unprecedented levels over the past few years. But the question of where to get the best CBD oil still looms. In such a saturated market, people want to know how much they can expect to pay. More importantly, they want to know if the product and brand are legit.

In this article, we discuss everything you need to know to find effective, high-quality hemp extracts. Hopefully, after you’ve read it, the answer to ‘Where to buy CBD oil near me?’ will be clear!

Want to ‘Buy CBD Oil Near Me?’ Know the Laws First!

At present, a majority of states permit MMJ, while a growing number now allow recreational cannabis. However, what about people who live in a state where neither medical nor recreational cannabis is available? Or, for that matter, individuals who can’t qualify for a medical cannabis card – or don’t want to pay the high cost of one?

MMJ cards are not cheap (especially when you factor in application and doctor consultation fees). Therefore, they are not a practical option for many people. Even people eligible for MMJ cards who can afford them could live a long way from a dispensary.

The frustration is compounded by the fact that marijuana-derived CBD oil holds the potential to help millions of individuals. Despite the possible benefits of the compound, it is common to search “Where can I buy CBD oil near me?” and come up with no reliable answers.

However, there are options, but you have to know where to look for them.

The Solution to Your ‘CBD Oil Near Me’ Dilemma

First and foremost, it is all about quality. Generally speaking, both cannabis and hemp CBD products available in licensed dispensaries (medical or recreational) are of good quality.

However, cannabis (and all related products) is still classified as a Schedule 1 drug, according to the U.S. government. This means marijuana products are illegal at the federal level and unavailable to those without an MMJ card or access to a recreational dispensary.

want to "buy cbd oil near me"? [know the laws first]

However, certain states (even some non-medical ones) have passed laws permitting the case-by-case use of CBD oil and other low-THC CBD products. Laws on qualifying conditions and product possession vary by state. Sadly, however, the laws in many of these states lie in obscurity and ambiguity.

In fact, in some states (like Georgia), there are impracticalities between the CBD laws that exist and a patient’s ability to get approved for (and obtain) doctor-approved CBD.

Fortunately, several stipulations put forth in an updated version of the 2018 U.S. Farm Bill made CBD oil much more accessible for millions of Americans. This legislation didn’t legalize CBD or any other cannabinoids. However, it did permit the cultivation of industrial hemp with a maximum THC content of 0.3%. The vast majority of hemp grown in America is for the CBD market.

For millions of people searching for ‘CBD oil near me,’ hemp-derived products are going to offer the best or the only option.

What’s the Difference Between Hemp and Cannabis CBD Oil?

‘CBD oil’ has become the general term used when referring to both hemp-derived and marijuana-derived oils. However, while these products derive from the same plant family (Cannabis sativa L), they are quite different.

The main difference is that marijuana-derived CBD oils often contain high quantities of THC. Hemp-derived CBD oils, on the other hand (including those made from industrial hemp), by definition, contain less than 0.3% THC. These products can be bought online and easily shipped to most U.S. states.

Are Hemp CBD Oils Better Than Marijuana CBD Oils?

Concerning hemp CBD oil, you may think it’s less effective than cannabis-derived CBD. Well, let’s put a few things into perspective. First, hemp-based CBD oil will not make you high.

It may, however, help with mild issues such as pain, anxiety, stress, headaches, and insomnia. Similar to most things in life, finding an effective hemp CBD oil is ultimately a matter of finding what works best for you. There are hundreds of CBD oil brands on the market, but what might work for one person may not work for another.

what's the difference between hemp and cannabis cbd oil?
Many CBD companies offer products at ‘too good to be true’ prices. Unfortunately, price is very often a good indicator of quality when it comes to CBD oil. Often (though not always), the lower the cost, the lower the quality (and vice versa). While high-quality brands can also offer reasonable price points, you’re not going to get great CBD products at rock-bottom prices.

This looming disparity in general quality is primarily due to lax regulation. As a consumer, you must be cautious when considering where to buy CBD oil online. There is no shortage of subpar companies producing low-grade CBD oil products that don’t resemble the contents listed on the label.

Let’s go over a few things to look for when separating high-quality CBD oils from the rest.

Where Can I Buy CBD Oil Near Me? Locally Vs. Online

Novices in the CBD purchasing sphere tend to gravitate towards CBD stores that open locally. They are particularly prevalent in states where medical marijuana is legal. If you buy such a product, it means you can use CBD oil right away. You also get to hold the product and check the labeling yourself physically.

In a local store, you can discuss the product with an employee and perhaps get answers to certain questions. You also get the benefit of helping a local business. However, locally bought CBD also involves finding a store nearby, which isn’t always easy. Most physical locations have a limited selection of products due to space restrictions.

Purchasing CBD online gives buyers access to lower prices, versatile products, and a wealth of information.

Unfortunately, not all staff are well-trained, and some may not even know the basics of CBD. You also can’t expect to find value for money buying CBD locally compared to online.

When you buy CBD oil online, you have a huge selection of products for lower prices. Yes, it can take a few days for the brand to deliver, but your patience is rewarded. You also have the option of benefiting from coupon codes that offer a discount. The most reputable brands provide third-party lab reports along with money-back guarantees.

No matter where you live in the United States, you’re likely to find a reputable online vendor that delivers to your door.

5 Crucial Things to Consider Before You Buy CBD Oil Offline

When you search for ‘CBD stores near me,’ here are five things to consider before making any purchase from a local store:

1. The Source of the Hemp

Ask the shop’s employee where the hemp used in the CBD oil products was cultivated. It is best if the answer is ‘America’ and even better if the response is ‘Kentucky’ or ‘Colorado.’

2. The THC Content

No matter where you are buying CBD, the answer must be a maximum of 0.3%.

3. CBD Concentration

You need to find CBD with a high concentration so you get your money’s worth and consume less oil. For instance, 1000mg of CBD in a 30ml bottle means 33.3mg of CBD per ml of liquid. A 10ml bottle with 600mg equates to 60mg of CBD per ml, a far higher concentration. It is also worth looking for large amounts of cannabidiol per product.

4. The Price of the Available Products

Use this opportunity to compare the store’s prices with equivalent online products. If they are far more expensive, it makes sense to shop online. If they are significantly cheaper, it is potentially suspicious as high-quality CBD is somewhat pricey no matter what.

5. Certificates of Analysis (COA)

Don’t make any purchases unless the store provides proof of lab testing. Otherwise, there is no way of knowing what is inside. This form of testing is also crucial for online products.

5 Crucial Things to Consider Before You Buy CBD Oil Online

Here are five things to look for to ensure the CBD oil you choose is effective, reliable, and, most importantly, safe.

  1. The company uses third-party lab tests to verify its CBD oil products’ quality.
  2. The company has no problem sharing lab results.
  3. It lists the extraction method(s) used.
  4. The hemp they use is free of chemical fertilizers, herbicides, and pesticides.
  5. The company has good customer reviews and a reputable online presence.

A handful of brands and manufacturers make wonderful CBD products both in terms of safety and effectiveness.

Ultimately, the quality of any CBD oil comes down to the extraction process used and how well the CBD extract is purified. However, not all hemp is the same. Like different strains of marijuana, there are countless varieties and different strains of hemp. Furthermore, not all of them produce useful amounts of CBD.

Quantity Over Quality

To account for the low CBD content of many hemp strains, some manufacturers process massive volumes of plant material at a time. They do this to extract just enough CBD to label their product as a ‘CBD oil.’

Unless the manufacturer’s extraction methods are truly state-of-the-art, very little CBD ends up in the end product. Moreover, some of these products even use chemical solvents like butane (lighter fluid) to extract the CBD content. Without proper evaporation, trace amounts of butane (and/or other solvents) can end up in the product you consume.

It is possible to get authentic, high-quality, hemp-based CBD oil shipped right to your home.

Thus, it is important to only purchase products from reputable manufacturers that adhere to the criteria listed above. These manufacturers do exist, and it is possible to get authentic, high-quality, hemp-based CBD oil shipped right to your home.

Of course, the million-dollar question is ‘what are the manufacturers?’ Here at WayofLeaf, we do our best not to play favorites. At the same time, we want to help you find an answer to the question of ‘where to buy CBD oil near me?’ We’ve put together the following list of CBD companies that continue to deliver quality, effectiveness, and overall value.

1. Premium Jane CBD Oil

Premium Jane is another staple brand in terms of high-quality, reputable USA-made CBD products. It offers a world-class range of CBD topicals, gummies, capsules, and hygiene products in addition to its line of Citrus, Mint, and Mint Chocolate CBD oils.

where can i buy cbd oil near me

Premium Jane offers a wonderful bulk/wholesale program that can benefit individuals and businesses alike. The more quality brands like Premium Jane start stepping up and helping smaller CBD businesses, the quicker the overall quality of the domestic (and global) market will improve.


  • World-class customer service
  • CBD gummies are vegan
  • Discounted bulk and wholesale ordering options are available


  • No CBD vaping products are available
  • Smaller CBD selection than other brands (although it has an expanded range of other products)

Visit the official online store at www.premiumjane.com to check out the entire range of newly released Premium Jane CBD oils (as well as its line of gummies, CBD capsules, and other products).

[Also, don’t forget to use our exclusive 20% coupon code if you’re going to place an order: 20JANE]

2. CW Hemp (Charlotte’s Web)

If you’ve performed any research on hemp CBD oil in the United States, you’ve probably heard about Charlotte’s Web. For years, the brand’s line of USA-made products was recognized for their iconic flavor but, more importantly, their unparalleled effects. Of course, one of the main issues with Charlotte’s Web in the past was its prohibitive costs. Now, that has all changed.

cw hemp

As competition grew (along with general customer awareness), the brand recognized an obvious shift in the market. Rather than isolating itself cost-wise from the majority of American consumers, Charlotte’s Web promised to offer practical, affordable products without sacrificing quality.

Many of the brand’s new CBD creams, balms, and other topicals contain double the CBD concentration at prices that are far less than their previous formulations. Charlotte’s Web now offers a variety of products tailored to meet different budgets and requirements.


  • Constantly improving, progressing, and refining their formulas
  • You can save money with the bundle packs
  • 30-day satisfaction guarantee


  • No CBD vape products
  • Free shipping doesn’t apply to all orders

The iconic Charlotte’s Web label is now available in the same timeless CBD formulation, just with competitive prices. To compete with the market and not lose out to vastly inferior-quality brands, the price of some CW Hemp products has been reduced by up to 40%.

To check out all current product and pricing options, visit the official Charlotte’s Web online store.

3. Fab CBD

FAB CBD is a little more economically priced than the other brands on this list. For those looking for upper-range quality but who don’t want to spend top dollar, FAB is a brand worth checking out. Their line of CBD oil is simple, straight to the point, and very well made. It is sourced from Colorado’s fertile hemp cultivation epicenter.

fab cbd review

Also, one unique thing about FAB CBD is that they offer a few different superfoods that apparently help with the absorption (and overall efficiency) of CBD into the body. CBD is lipid-soluble, meaning the body typically utilizes it most effectively when consumed along with quality, healthy fats. Have a read through the brand’s website to learn more about this interesting method.


  • Made from Colorado-grown hemp
  • Value for money
  • Frequent coupon codes and promotions on the site


  • A relatively small range of topical products
  • Minimum order requirement to receive free shipping

Visit the official Fab CBD website now to learn more and place an order.

Finding Safe and Reputable CBD Products Near Me

Ultimately, a brand can and will make all the promises under the sun. We advise you to steer clear of any company that makes blatant health claims. Yes, CBD is potentially beneficial for helping reduce the symptoms of numerous medical issues. However, it is illegal to suggest CBD ‘treats,’ ‘diagnoses,’ or ‘cures’ any medical condition.

Unless a CBD seller ticks all the boxes, save your money until you can find a brand that does.

In the end, the quality of CBD depends on the hemp source, extraction method, and standard of lab testing. Organic hemp cultivated in the United States is likely to provide the pure CBD you want. However, brands must still use CO2 extraction to remove cannabinoids and other compounds from the plant.

The brand must then subject its products to third-party lab testing on a batch-by-batch basis. Furthermore, it should have the results readily available online. Unless a CBD seller, whether online or in your town, ticks all of these boxes, save your money until you can find a brand that does. Otherwise, you’re potentially placing your health at risk.

Final Verdict on How to Buy CBD Oil Near Me

As long as you’re in the market for a hemp-derived CBD product, the nearest place to ‘buy CBD near me’ is your computer!

Following the guidelines above makes it easy to purchase authentic, USA-made CBD oil products for very affordable prices. Just make sure you’re getting a product that offers lab-verified CBD reports. Given the lack of industry regulations, these reports are the only thing consumers can use to gauge product quality.

Furthermore, customer reviews are always worth their weight in gold. Check out the feedback from any one of the brands mentioned above (or below), and you’ll see that these products are the real deal.

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