Wild Berry | Marijuana Strain Review

Wild Berry Strain Overview
Wild Berry is a hybrid strain that blends popular strain White Widow with the fruity twist of the lesser-known strain, Blueberry. A combination of sweet, berry-infused smoke and a deep sense of calm that instantly takes hold make Wild Berry the ideal companion for a lazy day at home.
Common usage
Chronic pain
Nerve pain
Growing info
Wild Berry plants have a short flowering time and are normally ready to harvest during late September and early October. Plants grow taller than average, resulting in a sizable yield.

Choosing the perfect strain to suit your mood is key to a positive experience that leaves you feeling uplifted and rewarded. Choose an energetic strain for a cozy evening in or a sedating strain for a busy day packed with activities, and you can easily be left feeling as though maybe marijuana is not for you.

It is always worth doing a little research before choosing a strain in order to work out which options actually suit the mood of the moment.

Finding the perfect strain for a chilled afternoon or evening at home that doesn’t leave you feeling so sedated that you can’t stay awake can be tricky. Surprisingly, there are few strains that manage to act as both a mental and physical relaxant without leaving you feeling numb and lethargic.

Wild Berry is one of those rare finds, a strain that can help you to relax and feel calm in any situation without the frustrating physical sedation. Let’s take a closer look at Wild Berry and what it is that makes it such a calming strain.

What Is the Wild Berry Strain?

Dinafem Seeds created Wild Berry by crossing White Widow with Blueberry, a slightly lesser-known strain from British Columbia. Wild Berry has a number of names making it a tricky strain to track down at the time. Common names for Wild Berry include Blue Widow, White Berry, Blue Venom, and Berry White.

Perfect for a lazy afternoon at home or an evening with friends, Wild Berry provides a sense of both physical and mental calm without leaving your body feeling heavy and numb.

Being a hybrid strain, Wild Berry manages to perfectly combine the calming effects of an indica with an uplifting feeling that could only come from a sativa. It’s perfect for afternoons when you want to switch off from reality and surround yourself with positive thoughts. It gives you a sense of calm and freedom.

Some people have said that small amounts of Wild Berry helps them to focus. Wild Berry works to clear your mind, allowing you to concentrate on specific tasks better than you might typically be able to.

Smoking an average dose of Wild Berry leaves you with an almost instant feeling of calm and happiness. The uplifting boost remains for the entirety of the high, allowing you to feel relaxed and comfortable.

In social situations, you find that you can navigate conversations with ease, ready to discuss topics that generally cause you to feel uncomfortable. Laughter comes much more easily, creating a sense of oneness within the room.

Wild Berry is extremely popular within the medical community for treating stress and anxiety, as well as mild aches and pains. Since it is so popular for its positive medical effects, Wild Berry is useful in recipes like baked goods. Many online recipes make mention of Wild Berry, using its naturally sweet flavor to infuse recipes.


Wild Berry has a strong aroma that instantly catches your attention with its unusual combination of sour citrus and earthy woodiness.

Given the strain’s berry name, its aroma could take people by surprise at first. A blend of pine and earthiness mixing with an underlying sourness does not make for the most welcoming of smells. Don’t be put off, as Wild Berry’s smoke quickly creates a warming feeling that focuses your mind.

Wild Berry produces a thick, heavy smoke; it’s difficult to breathe through for less experienced smokers. Wild Berry’s smoke can hang in the air for some time even after you finish smoking, making it difficult to smoke discreetly.


Wild Berry lives up to its name when it comes to its flavor profile, with a strong focus on sweet berries. Luckily, none of Wild Berry’s sour aroma carries over into the strain’s flavor. Instead, there is a welcome, sweet fruitiness that makes for a delightful flavor profile.

As you first breathe in Wild Berry’s thick smoke, your taste buds flood with a fruity sweetness that is instantly recognizable as blueberries. Users sometimes compare Wild Berry’s flavor profile to a blueberry muffin that has accidentally had double the sugar added to the recipe.

A subtle earthiness can linger in your mouth after smoking, but it’s somewhat offset by the sweetness from the Blueberry. The earthiness can help to mute the sweetness, reducing the cloying feeling in your mouth.

In recipes such as baked goods, Wild Berry’s sweetness can be used as an advantage, allowing you to reduce the sugar content. Many recipes play into the intense berry flavors; for example, blueberry muffins and shortbread.


Wild Berry plants have a colorful appearance thanks to their beautiful buds that seamlessly combine a rainbow of colors. At their base, the buds are a rich green color with orange hairs that cover the surface.

Upon closer observation, you notice that Wild Berry buds have a blue and purple mottled effect, adding depth to the overall coloring. The buds are covered in a layer of white crystals that add a misted look to Wild Berry plants, complementing the blue and purple hints.

Wild Berry features dense buds that have a dry texture to them, causing the outermost layers to crumble in your hand. As you break Wild Berry buds apart, you are presented with an onion-like effect, unraveling the different colors and shades contained within.

The leaves on a Wild Berry plant have almost as much color as the plant’s buds, mixing deep blues and purples with yellow and black hints. Together, the leaves and buds create a beautiful plant that catches your attention at first glance.

Wild Berry Strain Grow Info

Wild Berry strain seeds are available online. Most consider it to be a relatively easy strain to grow – and one that you can leave alone for the majority of its growth cycle.

Wild Berry plants grow at a remarkable rate and can be ready to harvest in as little as eight weeks. Despite their fast growth time, Wild Berry plants still manage to produce a sizable and rewarding yield.

In order to achieve many of the deeper colorings that make Wild Berry plants really stand out, you need to subject plants to colder temperatures while growing. Instead, plants that are kept in temperate conditions tend to take on more of an orange-yellow coloring, allowing them to blend in a little more among other plants.

Growing Wild Berry plants outdoors can be slightly trickier than keeping them inside due to their specific temperature requirements. Wild Berry plants are happiest when kept in hot temperatures during the day. However, they need cooler nighttime temperatures in order to achieve their rich coloring.

When keeping Wild Berry plants outside, they are normally ready for harvesting around late September and early October. Precise dates depend on your local climate and seasons.

THC Content – Highest Test

Wild Berry cannabis strain has a rather average THC content, with results showing between 12% and 17%. As a result of Wild Berry’s average THC levels, you are unlikely to experience the typical psychoactive high that you might expect from a hybrid strain.

A Wild Berry high is much more about feeling calm and relaxed than it is about experiencing trippy psychoactive effects that leave your mind racing. Even when smoking larger doses, the strain’s low THC levels prevent it from achieving the overwhelming cerebral effects that some sativa strains can.

CBD Content – Highest Test

Wild Berry has a low CBD content which is generally less than 1%. Some tests have shown a more precise level with a 0.3% CBD content.

Despite having almost non-exist levels of CBD, Wild Berry still manages to pack a wide-ranging number of medical benefits. Wild Berry is, in fact, considered as a popular medical strain for treating everything from stress to muscle pains.

Medical Benefits of the Wild Berry Strain

Wild Berry has become a popular medicinal strain as it manages to pack in a number of positive effects ideal for treating both mental and physical conditions. Unlike many similar strains, Wild Berry does not leave you feeling sedated and unable to go about normal daily life.

Wild Berry can be extremely effective at relaxing your muscles, making it a great choice for those looking to alleviate muscle and joint pains. It can be useful to treat both chronic pains and more moderate pains caused by injuries.

Wild Berry is the perfect strain for times when you are feeling tense and need a little help relaxing and switching off. While the calming properties of Wild Berry make it a popular strain for dealing with stress, its ability to relax your body can help with other ailments, too. Wild Berry can help to treat hypertension, migraines, and anxiety.

There have been reports of patients receiving chemotherapy successfully using Wild Berry because it can dull the effects of nausea. Wild Berry is ideal just before a meal, allowing you to enjoy your food without worrying about feeling nauseous.

Another popular use for Wild Berry is to help beat insomnia. The relaxing effects when smoking Wild Berry become even more powerful when consuming larger doses. Wild Berry can send your body into a deep sense of both physical and mental relaxation, making it easy for you to drift off into a peaceful sleep.

Possible Side Effects of the Wild Berry Strain

Due to the combination of Wild Berry’s low THC content and its rather mild effects, there are very few reports of side effects.

The main negative effects that people experience with Wild Berry are dry eyes and mouth. The short term feeling of dehydration can leave your mouth feeling slightly fluffy, and your eyes irritated and sensitive. Luckily, the effects rarely last more than a few hours and leave no long-term damage.

Larger doses of Wild Berry may trigger paranoid episodes. It is best to stick to smaller doses if you are prone to anxiety and paranoia.

Final Thoughts on the Wild Berry Strain

Wild Berry is a calming strain with a delightfully sweet fruity flavor that instantly lifts your mood and leaves you feeling relaxed both mentally and physically.

Whether looking for a tasty strain to help you relax over the weekend or for a way to manage stress naturally, Wild Berry is a strain that you cannot afford to miss out on.