White Nightmare | Weed Strain Review

White Nightmare Weed Strain Overview
Contrary to its name, the White Nightmare strain offers a very dreamy and blissful high. It has a fresh pine-like overtone that is both sweet and earthy. Also, since it is high in THC, it can help greatly in focus/attention issues, as well as to help with depression. It’s a great smoke, through and through, despite its deceptive name.
Common usage
Chronic pain
Growing info
Flowering period is approximately 8-9 weeks, best grown outdoors

There are few things more horrifying in life than waking up after a particularly terrifying nightmare. The cold sweat, the sudden panic, and fear that there is something monstrous and frightfully dangerous in your bedroom with you. Everyone gets nightmares, but no one can really explain them.

Considering the fearful reputation of such a situation, it would make sense that anything sharing its name would be equally terrifying, right?

Well, in the marijuana world, things are not always how they seem. The White Nightmare strain is an excellent example of a strain that has the completely opposite effect to its name; instead of scary dreams and panic-stricken screaming, White Nightmare offers users an intense yet overwhelmingly blissful high.

Let’s take a look at the White Nightmare strain and determine its full effects, as well as whether or not it has any distinctive flavors or aromas. Let’s see if it really causes nightmares!

What is the White Nightmare Cannabis Strain?

White Nightmare is a sativa-dominant hybrid strain that comes from two other classic sativa hybrids: White Moonshine and Blue Dream. Both of this strain’s parents lend their flavors to their botanical child, as well as an incredibly potent, primarily cerebral high.

White Nightmare gets its name both from the farcical nature of many marijuana growers picking a name that is so clearly an opposite to its effects, but also its high number of white trichomes.

This whitish appearance is undoubtedly attractive, but what is especially appealing about this strain is the immediacy of its effects. Upon first smoking White Nightmare, you can expect an instant sensation of rushing water straight through your head, as well as a sudden feeling of intense peacefulness.

This euphoric sensation lends itself towards a strangely heightened awareness of the world around you; this can be both positive and negative, however, as if you are in a bad situation or in uncomfortable surroundings, it can actually cause you to feel relatively uncomfortable or upset.

Assuming you are in a peaceful place surrounded by friends and loved ones, White Nightmare will instead create a massive boost of energy, focus, and a general uplift in emotion. You can expect to have a sudden urge to get tasks done, especially ones that you have been putting off for an extended period of time.

Rather in keeping with its white, furry appearance, you will gradually start to feel a warm, comforting fuzziness that persists throughout your entire body. It is almost like the feeling of being wrapped in an exceptionally warm blanket, utterly covering you and protecting you from the world around.

This mix of intense energy and relaxing euphoria, coupled with a heightened level of awareness and focus, is almost paradoxical, yet it all seems to mesh into one coherent, sativa-rich experience.

But it isn’t just the profound effects of the White Nightmare strain that make it so famous; it also has a noticeable smell and flavor as well.


White Nightmare is a perfect example of a strain that contains a mellow mix of its parents’ flavors. Combining the different flavors of both White Moonshine and Blue Dream, White Nightmare manages to mix an earthy sweetness with a profoundly apparent smell of pine.

The first whiff is one of freshly crushed pine needles, along with that immediately recognizable note of turpentine. You can detect more elements of flavor, including sweetness, but they exist more on the back foot, utterly suppressed by the ready notes of pine leaves.

Once you open the bud to the air, it is the decadent earthiness that juts forth into your nostrils. This rich earthiness possesses an odd sweetness, almost like a duller peat flavor which makes the entire smelling experience somehow wholesome and nutritious.

For such an intense strain, it is somewhat surprising that it has such a complex, altogether homogenized aroma. What about its flavor, then? Does the White Nightmare strain also possess an enjoyable flavor profile?


The signature physical quality of the White Nightmare strain is its white trichomes which, along with providing a potent blend of cannabinoids, also carry a powerful mix of different terpenes and flavor compounds that make this strain remarkably flavorful.

The flavors of this strain are surprisingly similar to its aroma, with an intense pine overtone that is quickly overtaken by sweetness and earthiness when smoked.

However, the key differences between its flavor and its aroma are the extent to which the flavors deepen on the palate; whereas the aroma hits you all at once when you crack it open, the actual taste of White Nightmare takes a little while to develop on your tongue.

You will get that first burst of pine, only for it to gradually morph into a strong hit of sweetness. In this way, White Nightmare is somehow both refreshing and great tasting. Additionally, on the exhale, there is a delightful fruity punch that knocks you back, giving the distinct impression of an incredibly fruity sweet.

What about its appearance, though? Does White Nightmare have a pleasant appearance to go along with its great taste?


As might be expected from a name like White Nightmare, this strain possesses a lot of white trichomes. This gives it a strangely fluffy and furry appearance, more similar to a small cotton bud than a clump of marijuana.

Besides its obvious white coating, the principle appearance of the White Nightmare strain is pretty typical of hybrid strains of its type. You can expect a decent green coloration, along with a pretty average size. There is an occasional tinge of redness that will become more apparent as the bud is broken up, but besides this odd coloration, the overall appearance is quite ordinary.

The key quality of White Nightmare is obviously its copious trichome content, which has a tendency to fall off the bud at the merest touch – so make sure you don’t handle it more than you absolutely need to!

So, what about growing information? What kinds of special tips do you need to know to be able to grow your own White Nightmare?

White Nightmare Cannabis Strain Grow Info

White Nightmare is a typical sativa-dominant strain in that it tends to grow much taller than it does wide. This produces less useful buds than the strain’s indica cousins, so you might want to try and practice regular topping so as to attempt to make it grow more laterally.

Additionally, White Nightmare is quite rare in that the part of the plant that develops as it is entering the flowering stage, the calyx, is quite large and heavy in its production of cannabinoids. This makes its eventual yield a lot higher than regular sativa varieties, as this tall and thin plant will produce a surprising quantity of useful bud.

You can grow White Nightmare either outside in the bright sunshine or indoors under a heating lamp, but just make sure that, wherever you grow it, it has enough room. This strain can easily scrape the top of your cellar or your growing room if left unattended. This is still a problem if you try and grow it outdoors, as its massive height can make it extremely difficult to try and keep the crop hidden if you are trying to grow it surreptitiously.

White Nightmare also has a tendency to begin to sag once it finishes growing upwards, potentially causing it to fall and damage itself if you are not careful. To help keep the plant supported, consider tying it to a trellis so as to make sure it can remain upright without having to curl over itself and break its stem.

Once you have managed to grow your White Nightmare, what kind of cannabinoid content can you expect?

THC Content – Highest Test

Like many other hybrid strains that have been grown and developed for their effectiveness, White Nightmare is a strain with a massive quantity of THC. You can expect the very best examples of White Nightmare to have about 22% THC, with an average of about 20% across all White Nightmare plants.

This large THC dose is what potentially causes the massive and immediately noticeable effects of this strain.

What about CBD content, however? Is it only THC within the White Nightmare strain?

CBD Content – Highest Test

As is the case with pretty much every single hybrid strain that has been bred for effectiveness, White Nightmare possesses little to no CBD content whatsoever.

Though some strains do maintain at least a low percentage of CBD to help balance the effects of the potent concentration of THC within their buds, White Nightmare is sadly not one of these strains. Some growers actually advertise their White Nightmare as being completely CBD free!

This means that you won’t really get to enjoy any of the medicinal benefits that a higher concentration of CBD would cause in other strains.

Of course, that doesn’t mean that there are zero medicinal effects whatsoever in the White Nightmare strain.

Medical Benefits of the White Nightmare Cannabis Strain

Like all great, high-THC hybrid strains, White Nightmare is best used to treat a variety of mental illnesses such as depression and unwanted stress.

Not only do its effects induce a sensation of calm and overwhelming contentedness with the world, but they also help reduce stress overall, eventually helping you process your day and remain emotionally stable. It is also used to help treat Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD) when it rears its ugly head, as the continual focus that this strain grants makes it an excellent way to combat uncomfortable urges to procrastinate and otherwise deviate from what you should actually be doing.

Additionally, White Nightmare has a number of physical uses as well – many users prefer White Nightmare to help treat their muscle spasms and reduce pain, especially chronic pain that comes and goes throughout the day. What’s more, like many marijuana strains, White Nightmare is excellent at helping suppress the inflammation response, making it the perfect strain for those with Parkinson’s or arthritis.

It is, however, worth keeping in mind that everything with useful medical effects also likely has a concurrent side effect, so let’s take a look at a few of the unwanted side effects of the White Nightmare strain.

Possible Side Effects of the White Nightmare Cannabis Strain

By far the most commonly reported side effects of the White Nightmare strain are the tendency to create an intensely powerful sensation of dry mouth and dry eyes. This is pretty normal with high-intensity marijuana strains, but this variety of it is especially potent, inducing an extreme dryness that feels like it could almost choke you. Make sure you keep a glass of water handy to help combat it!

Another side effect that some users report is a tendency towards paranoid or anxious feelings; this can happen with any marijuana strain which doesn’t have any CBD to help balance out its high THC content. However, keep in mind that the likelihood of you suffering any kind of unpleasant anxious or paranoid feelings is very much linked to your own history of mental health. If you don’t really ever experience anxiety or paranoia, then it is more unlikely that you would feel any feelings after smoking White Nightmare. If you suffer from a condition like anxiety, however, then it is best to avoid White Nightmare.

Finally, there is the chance of feeling dizzy after taking an especially large puff of White Nightmare, so make sure that you pace yourself when enjoying this strain; take too much at once, and you might find yourself falling over!

Final Thoughts on the White Nightmare Cannabis Strain

White Nightmare might seem like a fairly typical sativa-leaning hybrid strain; it induces relaxation combined with intense focus, while at the same time calming you and leading towards a better mindset for the world around you.

The key factor that separates White Nightmare from other strains is a combination of its unique flavor and aroma and its comfiness – when you imbibe White Nightmare, you will feel like you are being wrapped in a warm, soft blanket that protects you from anyone that could possibly want to hurt you.

If you are looking for a strain to give you that feeling of complete safety, while at the same time inducing a high that reaches your very fingertips and lasts for hours at a time, then White Nightmare is likely the perfect strain for you.