Top 44 Strain (Cannabis Strain Review)

Top 44 Strain Overview
Top 44 strain is the perfect strain for those wanting to get a few z's. It has some calming and sedative effects and many use it to quell pain as well. With a lemon candy flavor and sugary aroma, Top 44 is a toker's dream.
Common usage
Growing info
Flowering period is 7-8 weeks and grows both indoors and outdoors.

The Top 44 strain gets its name for a very simple reason: If you grow it under ideal conditions, it is capable of completing the flowering process in 44 days. Top 44 has been described as the ideal bud for night time use, so you can guess its likely effects!

It was created for cultivation in Northern Europe, but it is also possible to get reasonable results when you grow it outdoors. Incidentally, if you have a balcony and live in a place where it is legal to grow, Top 44 is an excellent marijuana strain to choose.

What is the Top 44 Strain?

Top 44 strain weed is a strongly indica-dominant hybrid bred by Homegrown Fantaseeds. It is a cross between a pair of Afghan Indicas: Viking and Skunk #1. It is a strain that makes the body feel warm but does a real number on the mind. Some users have reported feeling utterly zoned out for several hours once the effects of Top 44 make themselves known.


The Top 44 marijuana strain has a strong scent that isn’t easy to hide. You should get hints of citrus fruit, although some users claim they get a burnt sugar aroma.


The taste is every bit as powerful as the smell. Users report getting a potent skunky taste with a citrus twist. We have heard some smokers claim Top 44 tastes like lemon drop candy, while others say they enjoy a fruity caramel flavor. Perhaps most importantly, Top 44 provides users with a smooth smoking experience, especially on the exhale.


Top 44 has large leafy, dark green nugs with noticeable orange hairs. It is a resinous strain covered with a layer of glistening crystals.

Top 44 Strain Grow Info

Once you purchase Top 44 strain seeds, you might be surprised at how easy it is to grow this strain. It is a popular strain amongst first-time growers because it is sturdy, resistant, easy to cultivate, and it flowers in record time if you get the conditions right. Typically, Top 44 will reach approximately one meter tall, and it can flower in 44 days in theory. In practice, it will probably take 7-8 weeks.

Top 44 is one of the better modern-day marijuana strains for growing outdoors. It is ready for harvest by September. The primary maintenance you’ll need to undertake involves the strain’s side branches. They grow to be lanky and require support during the flowering period.

There are a few methods of increasing yield. A prime example involves investing in a carbon dioxide (CO2) system. With this equipment, you can increase the level of CO2 in your grow room. Marijuana uses carbon dioxide to create the sugars it uses for food during the process of photosynthesis.

When you increase CO2 levels, you boost photosynthesis, which ultimately results in greater yields. If you go down the elevated CO2 levels route, make sure you take great care when in the grow room. High levels of CO2 are harmful to humans.

THC Content – Highest Test

There is a significant variation in the strength of Top 44 cannabis depending on the cut you receive. It typically has a THC level of between 8% and 15%, but there are varieties of Top 44 with 18-20% THC.

CBD Content – Highest Test

The CBD content of Top 44 is negligible.

What Can I Expect When I Use Top 44 Weed?

Although Top 44 is far from being the strongest marijuana strain on the market, its effects will surprise you. First and foremost, it is essential that you are finished with your tasks for the day before using this strain. Otherwise, you will find yourself couch-locked, and your important duties will remain unfinished.

It is an unusual strain insofar as it can utterly confuse your mind as it relaxes the body. Despite the moderate THC content, the cerebral effects of Top 44 may be too strong for novice users. On the plus side, you’ll only need to wait for about three hours before the high subsides to a manageable level.

For experienced users, smoking this strain on the balcony is a simple pleasure. If you have a high tolerance, you may feel a slight burst of energy initially, along with a feeling of euphoria. Ultimately, however, you’ll feel lazy with a desire to do little else other than relax. Find a comfortable place to lie down or sit in advance, light up some Top 44, and enjoy the sensation.

Medical Benefits of Top 44 Marijuana

The potent sedative effect of Top 44 makes it a popular medical marijuana strain amongst individuals with nausea, insomnia, depression, and chronic pain. It is also a good option if you feel stressed out or anxious at the end of a long day. Make sure you wait until the late evening to use Top 44 because the sedative effects are as inevitable as they are potent. Some users report an increase in appetite after using Top 44 marijuana.

Possible Side Effects of Top 44 Weed

It isn’t a good option for novice smokers because the strength of the high could prove distressing. Aside from the typical weed side effects such as dry mouth and red eyes, Top 44 could cause you to feel dizzy and lightheaded. In rare circumstances, you may feel an increase in paranoid thoughts.

Final Thoughts on Top 44 Cannabis

Overall, Top 44 is a marijuana strain for the experienced user in need of relaxation. It offers a potent sedative sensation that will definitely lead to couch lock if you use enough of it. It is used to treat medical conditions such as insomnia, depression, anxiety, and pain.

Top 44’s typical effects include sedation, euphoria, and relaxation; although there is a slight possibility of paranoia. It is a relatively easy strain to grow, and it is possible to do a good job cultivating it even if it is the first time you’ve ever tried to grow marijuana.