Special Kush Strain Review

Special Kush Strain Overview
Special Kush is a mysterious strain that is uniquely potent while boasting some surprising flavors. Users find that there is a spicy hit upon the first inhale, followed by fruity and earthy goodness. However, its effects are what intrigues users the most. It has an intene body high with pain reducing capabilities.
Common usage
Chronic pain
Lack of appetite
Body high/numbing
Growing info
This strain grows indoors and outdoors. Typical harvesting time is about 8-10 weeks.

Life is all about finding the unique, extraordinary things – those distinct, one-of-a-kind experiences that stay with you. Despite this lofty goal that all of us aspire to, few manage to reach it. There is always something standing in the way, some obstacle that exists to stop you from attaining that something special.

What if we could get something special all on its own? Something that provided us with pleasant sensations and improved our lives, all while being easily attainable?

The Special Kush strain is just that; a little something special that is incredibly easy to get hold of and uplift your day, often for very cheap.

Let’s take a look at the Special Kush strain and discover just what it is that makes it so unique.

What Is the Special Kush Strain?

There are many marijuana strains out there that represent generations of careful, selective cross-breeding. Some belong to prominent marijuana families, like OG Kush. Others carry with them the uniquely signifying flavors of their parents, like Strawberry Banana or Blueberry.


Special Kush is an exciting strain because its parents are not explicitly known. Instead, it belongs to a broader family of marijuana.

By crossing together strains from Afghanistan and Pakistan, commonly referred to as landrace strains, Royal Queen Seeds sought to create something unique. Special Kush is an indica-heavy strain that combines the best of both worlds.

The Special Kush strain is well known for its deeply physical, intensely pleasurable sensations. It is able to utterly remove you from this plane of existence and teleport you somewhere entirely more euphoric and pleasant.

After the first puff of this intensely potent strain, you will feel an almost instant boost in your mood and mental capacity. This leaves you feeling incredibly happy and serene, smiling at everything and everyone around you.

However, after a few minutes of this extremely pleasant feeling, your body will begin to take on a new and strangely concerning sensation. You will experience extremely intense time dilation, followed by the signature slowdown of your muscles. This is accompanied by an inability to lift your arms that all good indicas cause.

You will still be experiencing pleasant feelings, but you will now be locked into that indica sensation of needing to find the nearest comfortable surface on which to fall. Those telltale munchies will begin to set in as well, inducing hunger pangs the likes of which you have probably never experienced before.


Many indicas tend to have a pretty similar flavor profile. Most of the time, they bring elements from the OG Kush family of strains, with skunkiness and hash.

Special Kush marijuana is no different in this regard, with its aroma being very similar to the initial whiff of OG Kush from across the room. However, the aroma of this strain changes and morphs as you begin to break the buds apart, yielding a myriad of deeper, more layered flavors.

Deep, dank, and slightly moist earthiness, is intermixed with a strangely spicy berry flavor. This seems to work at odds with the assumed skunkiness of this strain.

All of these different elements combine into an especially delightful aroma, but it is the flavor of the strain that is far more famous.

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The taste of this potent strain is remarkably similar to its initial aroma. It has plenty of deep, throaty characters of skunkiness and hash. It tastes a bit like an Arabian spice market, though it still has interesting layers underneath the initial flavor to keep you interested.

Most of the time, when a strain is described as having a spicy flavor, people tend to think of spice from peppers. But the spice in the taste of the Special Kush strain is one of the unique and distant spices: pepper, tea, nutmeg, and a little bit of aniseed.

The flavor of both white and black pepper develops very actively after a little while on the tongue. It tastes surprisingly like the distinctive tang of peppery jerky after the first bite.

This will settle into a gentle intensity and earthiness, leaving an exceptionally well-rounded, almost palate-covering sensation that leaves your mouth feeling a bit overwhelmed.

What about how this strain looks? Does it have an equally attractive appearance?


Special Kush is a strain created from a variety of ancient, well-loved strains, which means it is going to look rather typical in appearance. It has a distinctly mottled green look to its leaves and buds, presenting those telltale indica-style marijuana leaves.

The main thing that is immediately noticeable about the appearance of this strain is the sheer quantity of orange pistils that dot the surface. These dark hairs crop up from underneath the bud and provide a great deal of flavor and aroma. This makes for an even more pleasant smoke.

This strain is famous for one other identifying quality – the massive quantity of white trichomes.

Additionally, this strain is famous for one other identifying quality – the massive quantity of white trichomes. These little white splotches make the bud appear almost snowy in appearance.

Altogether, Special Kush has a pretty ordinary appearance. However, it is one that includes plenty of indicators that it contains a beautiful flavor and potent effects as soon as you crack it open.

If you are the green-thumbed type of marijuana lover, you might be inclined to try and grow some Special Kush of your own. What kind of specialized knowledge do you need to do so?

Special Kush Strain Grow Info

Special Kush seeds are pretty easy to come across, primarily because its growers make an effort to keep their strain in circulation.

This strain is quite adaptable and able to survive in a variety of different temperatures and humidities. This makes it an excellent strain for those just getting started in cannabis growing.

However, keep in mind that like many marijuana strains that come from typically hotter regions of the world, Special Kush does prefer warmer locations. You are much more likely to get a better yield if you keep your growing area nice and warm.

Additionally, like many other indicas, Special Kush will tend to grow exceedingly large, sometimes almost too much to handle. Keep it cut back if it proves a problem, but try only to cut away branches and growths that won’t produce any useful bud. Try and focus on the branches underneath the plant, as well as using a technique called ‘topping.’

This means chopping off the very tip of the plant as it tries to grow vertically. Doing this will encourage more lateral growth. The plant is then able to use the available light more efficiently, allowing for a much higher yield in the eventual harvest.

The yield is great for such a low maintenance plant, giving you more than you could ever need in a single growing period.

Treat your Special Kush properly and keep it well watered and decently fertilized with a high nitrogen fertilizer. If you do, then you can expect some really great returns. The yield is great for such a low maintenance plant, giving you more than you could ever need in a single growing period.

Once you finally have your Special Kush all harvested and dried, what kind of cannabinoid content can you expect?

THC Content – Highest Test

The exciting thing about Special Kush cannabis is that, despite its incredibly potent and noticeable effects, it doesn’t have the astronomically high THC content that you would expect.

Instead of the typically massive levels that many strains seem to have these days, Special Kush is more moderate.

You can expect to find about 17% THC in any individual sample of Special Kush. This is sufficient to create its well known soporific and happiness-inducing effects, without completely knocking you out within five minutes.

What about its CBD content? Is there any CBD worth mentioning?

CBD Content – Highest Test

Like pretty much every single indica strain to come out of the landrace strains in India, Pakistan or Afghanistan, this strain has not been bred for its CBD content.

Although there isn’t the same monstrously high THC content that strains low in CBD tend to have, the original growers of the Special Kush strain decided to breed an entirely CBD-free strain.

You might find specific differences depending on growing methods, but Special Kush is not generally going to contain any CBD whatsoever.

However, just because there isn’t any CBD doesn’t mean there aren’t all kinds of beneficial medical effects that you can enjoy after smoking some Special Kush.

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Medical Benefits of the Special Kush Strain

Special Kush has a great variety of useful medical benefits. Many of these benefits are thanks to the incredibly pleasant and uplifting sensations that you experience for the first few hours of this high. Therefore, people frequently use Special Kush to try and treat issues arising from depression, anxiety, and undue stress.

The other significant medical benefit of the Special Kush strain is its ability to send you into a deep, almost immoveable sleep. Falling asleep very suddenly and extremely deeply might be seen as a bad thing by a lot of people. However, for those that struggle to fall asleep at all, it can be considered a miracle.

For those that struggle to fall asleep at all, it can be considered a miracle.

For people with insomnia or any condition that makes falling asleep almost impossible, Special Kush is a fantastic strain with many possibilities.

Furthermore, this strain induces that beautiful sensation of intense hunger known as the munchies. So, keep this strain on hand if you are struggling with eating properly.

Of course, there are always going to be a few problems with any strain. With every valuable medical benefit, there are sometimes going to be a few problems as well.

Possible Side Effects of the Special Kush Strain

The first significant side effect to consider with Special Kush is its chief medical benefit – its ability to knock you out after a couple of hours. While it does seem helpful for those with insomnia, this strain is so soporific that it will send you to sleep whether you want to or not.

Furthermore, Special Kush will also give you those very typically indica side effects of dry mouth and dry eyes. These are two things that every smoker knows intimately. Keep a glass of water on hand and stay hydrated, and maybe invest in a humidifier to keep the air moist around you.

Other than that, make sure you don’t take too much Special Kush at once. If adopted in extremes, it tends to knock you out completely, annoyingly skipping that pleasant stage of serenity and euphoria.

Final Thoughts on the Special Kush Strain

Many frequent marijuana users are only too familiar with the typical effects of a potent indica strain. They expect pleasant sensations followed by a sudden drop off into total sleepy oblivion. However, although Special Kush quickly provides these effects, it offers a lot more than just a typical indica experience.

Light up after dinner and enjoy its spicy, herbal flavors as a beautiful, well-rounded end to a great meal. It’s sort of like smoking a great cigar after a banquet. Just make sure that you don’t have anything that you need to do for another 10 hours, as you will not be there.

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