Royal Queen Seeds Review: Does It Deserve Its Lofty Reputation?

Royal Queen Seeds: Quick Summary


  • An almost perfect germination rate for its seeds
  • Excellent choice of cannabis strains and accessories
  • Multiple Cannabis Cup winning options
  • A high standard of customer service
  • A reasonable returns policy
  • Its blog provides a huge amount of information on cultivating cannabis


  • Some of the seeds are on the expensive side
  • It delivers to a limited number of nations; 17 at the last count. No possibility of buying seeds if you live outside Europe.

Royal Queen Seeds: Full Review

It’s clear that not all cannabis seed banks are created equal. Some, unfortunately, provide users with ‘dud’ seeds all too often. Others fail to provide a wide enough variety for most customers. Royal Queen Seeds is considered by many as the finest seed bank in the world and has none of the above issues. Its reputation is such that it vies for the top spot with the legendary Sensi Seeds brand.

A team of Dutch breeders founded RQS, and they created their seed bank in 2007. The first Royal Queen Seeds store opened in Amsterdam in 2010. Within a year, the brand created its website and opened another Amsterdam store in 2015. Just one year later, RQS expanded internationally with a shop in Barcelona.

It has almost 100 strains on offer and ships its seeds to 17 European nations at present.

At present, these are the only three physical locations, though the company is planning to open a fourth soon. It has almost 100 strains on offer and ships its seeds to 17 European nations at present. With such a long history already, it is unsurprising that RQS has produced so many remarkable strains.

There are dozens of options that have won prestigious awards, and the brand will likely produce many more. Its motto is: “If you have the passion, you can grow quality genetics.”

The Royal Queen Seeds brand proves this by constantly breeding and searching for the best genetics. It takes pride in helping the community of cannabis growers it has developed. All RQS seeds are hand-picked from organic plants and tested for purity. The team also subjects its seeds to daily tests to ensure a phenomenally high germination rate.

Its RQS Pro arm develops premium-grade seeds, which help improve the genetics available.  Moreover, it promotes organic and sustainable growing methods. Now, let’s check out what Royal Queen Seeds has to offer.

Royal Queen Seeds: What Does It Sell?

You should find over 90 varieties in the RQS store at any time. This includes legendary strains such as Amnesia Haze, White Widow, and Royal Dwarf. The brand divides its offerings into several categories.


Feminized Seeds

These are the seeds of choice if you want to guarantee female plants. During our review, RQS had over 50 options, including:

  • Shogun
  • Triple G
  • Wedding Crasher
  • Green Gelato
  • White Widow

While it depends on the strain, you could purchase feminized Royal Queen Seeds in the following packages:

  • Single seed
  • 3-pack
  • 5-pack
  • 10-pack
  • 25-pack

Not many breeders sell seeds in packs of 25. While you could pay over €13 for a single seed, the prices become more reasonable when you buy in bulk.

Regular Seeds

It is pot luck should you decide on the RQS regular seed options. There is a 50/50 chance you will end up with a male plant. However, these are useful seeds for breeding purposes. RQS sells ten options, including:

  • Shining Silver Haze
  • Garlic Mist
  • Mango Crunch

These seeds are almost half the price of their feminized counterparts.

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Autoflowering Seeds

These are the right seeds for the grower in a hurry. Autoflowering seeds will enter the blooming phase regardless of the light cycle. They also take less time to flower so that you can enjoy a much faster harvest. Royal Queen Seeds offers over 30 options, including:

  • Watermelon
  • Mimosa
  • Amnesia Haze

USA Premium Seeds

This particular range offers seeds with genetics from the West Coast of the United States. There are almost 30 Cali weed options, most of which are extremely high in THC. They include:

  • Fat Banana
  • Royal Gorilla
  • Purple Queen

Bear in mind that some of these strains have almost 30% THC. Therefore, please ensure you use them sensibly!

CBD Seeds

If you want to sample the delights of CBD, Royal Queen Seeds has you covered. It has over a dozen options, including:

  • Royal Medic
  • Dance World
  • Euphoria

These are ideal options if you want to see if cannabis’ potential therapeutic effects work for you without experiencing an intoxicating high.


Royal Queen Seeds even sells its own brand of CBD oil and CBD capsules. Its highest CBD oil concentration is 40%, which contains an impressive 20mg of CBD per drop. RQS’s CBD oil contains just 0.02% THC and uses MCT oil as the carrier. There is also a CBD oil option with added CBN.


Finally, Royal Queen Seeds sells growing kits, vaporizers, companion plants, clothing, and other accessories. It is an impressive range which, in general, is of high quality, just like the company’s seeds.

What Else Should I Know About Royal Queen Seeds?

First and foremost, according to customer reviews, RQS fully deserves its reputation. The seed quality is about as good as you’ll get, with a near-perfect germination rate. With daily checks, you would expect nothing less.

One thing about Royal Queen Seeds is that its customer service team is seldom used. For most customers, all they want are seeds that germinate and produce a high-quality plant. Getting the order in a timely fashion is also important. The fact is, RQS meets all of the above and then some.

Royal Queen Seeds are relatively expensive, but most people are happy to pay extra for guaranteed quality.

When you want to chat with its team, you’ll find that the company responds quickly. This is one benefit of not being overwhelmed with customer complaints!

Royal Queen Seeds are relatively expensive, but most people are happy to pay extra for guaranteed quality. You can save money by purchasing a 10-pack or a 25-pack in any case. RQS accepts credit and debit cards and direct bank transfers. It even accepts Bitcoin! One downside is that the company doesn’t take PayPal payments.

The Royal Queen Seeds website is impressively designed. It manages to provide a huge amount of information without ever overwhelming the user. It offers an enormous amount of advice on growing cannabis. Bear in mind that this content comes from world-leaders in the field. RQS color codes its products and also provides customer review star ratings for its products.

Discounts & Specials

Royal Queen Seeds has regular sales with online specials offering up to 25% off on some products. On occasion, the brand also includes free seeds or an accessory with orders. What you get depends on how much you spend. For instance, you might get three free seeds and a grinder for an order worth over €50.

Apart from the 25-pack option, RQS sells its seeds wholesale to companies involved in the industry. This enables you to purchase packs of 100+, but only if you can prove that you’re a legal seller. There are also several ways to benefit from discount vouchers. For instance, you get 10% off for signing up to the RQS email list. Liking the brand on Facebook could earn you further discounts, and so on.

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Delivery, Shipping & Refund

Apart from the quality of products, a seed bank’s ability to ship is its most important attribute. All seeds get sent from the Royal Queen Seeds warehouse in Spain. The brand offers free shipping, which can take 3-15 working days. You have to sign for your delivery, and the company can’t arrange a specific time or date for your very first purchase. The UPS shipping option gives you regular tracking updates.

You can also choose between standard or discreet packaging. The former is free, while the latter is €5. Paying the extra money ensures you get your seeds in a stealth packaging DVD case. However, you can’t use the special delivery option if you order products such as a grinder since they won’t fit in the box.

At present, RQS only ships to 17 countries, all of which are in Europe. UK customers can only buy seeds and not merchandise.

The brand’s return policy states that you can return your purchase within 14 days of receipt without giving a reason. Make sure the product has its original seal intact.

Royal Queen Seeds: Final Thoughts & Where to Buy

You may find RQS strains on third-party websites. However, it is best to buy them from the official Royal Queen Seeds website. Otherwise, you won’t get the same delivery or return benefits.

Ultimately, there are very few breeders or seed sellers that can compete with Royal Queen Seeds. It has produced many award-winning strains, and the germination rate of its seeds is unsurpassed. With a huge choice of products and excellent customer service, RQS deserves its reputation as one of the best in the business.

One huge issue is that RQS only delivers to relatively few countries. However, if you happen to live in one, you’re very fortunate to have the option.


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