Russian Rocket Fuel Marijuana Strain Review

Russian Rocket Fuel Strain Overview
Russian Rocket Fuel packs a punch, with an intense diesel aroma and a full bodied, sedating high. It also has a number of valuable medical benefits, making it an excellent natural remedy.
Common usage
Chronic pain
Lack of appetite
Body high/numbing
Growing info
Russian Rocket Fuel is an easy to grow strain, offering a large yield in return for its slow flowering time. Best kept in a semi-humid climate, Russian Rocket Fuel can be grown both indoors and outside.

One of the most fun elements of being a cannabis breeder is being able to name the different strains that they create. Most strains get their names from parent strains or adopt names that reflect their aroma and flavor profile. However, there are some breeders that like to be a little more creative, leaving you wondering how a strain came to get its name.

The name Russian Rocket Fuel conjures up some very interesting imagery, leading you to believe that the strain packs a strong, spacey high. While Russian Rocket Fuel does pack a punch, it is unfortunately not a strain that will leave you feeling able to travel through the cosmos.

Russian Rocket Fuel is a potent indica strain that sends you into a deep state of relaxation and calm rather than a journey through time and space.

Let’s learn a little more about Russian Rocket Fuel and how it came to get its unique name.

What Is the Russian Rocket Fuel Strain?

The Russian Rocket Fuel strain originates from NYC Diesel and an unknown strain, creating its profound and overpowering sedative effects. It is a common belief that Short Stuff Seedbank in Spain originally bred Russian Rocket Fuel.

There are a number of theories as to how Russian Rocket Fuel got its name. Rocket fuel could refer to its parent strain, NYC Diesel. Other theories include rocket fuel being chosen because of the strain’s fuel-like aroma.

The Russian part of Russian Rocket Fuel causes the most interest and could potentially be linked to the other strains Short Stuff Seedbank used. Russian Rocket Fuel is a hybrid strain with an 85% indica and 15% sativa breakdown that its effects definitely reflect.


The initial effects of Russian Rocket Fuel come together to create a brilliant mind high. A combination of motivation and a sudden sense of focus make the beginning of a Russian Rocket Fuel high a great time to work through mentally intensive tasks.

Some people find that they experience sensory distortion, which can boost creativity but can equally feel overwhelming. The early stages of a Russian Rocket Fuel high are an excellent time to work through creative tasks and those that require a little extra focus.

The physical effects of Russian Rocket Fuel take a little longer to set in, slowly creeping across your body and causing you to feel calm and sedated.

For those who are planning to take advantage of Russian Rocket Fuel’s mind buzz, it is a good idea to do so early as the feeling of sedation can prevent you from wanting to take part in physically challenging tasks. It is at this stage of a Russian Rocket Fuel high that you are likely to experience a sudden feeling of hunger and a physical pull toward the junk food cupboard.

When smoking Russian Rocket Fuel with friends, the strain’s creative side tends to be much more noticeable. A few puffs are enough to bring on a bout of uncontrollable laughter and excitement.

Due to the sedative effects that take hold towards the middle and later stages of a Russian Rocket Fuel high, it can be challenging to sustain a social and active mindset as the effects start to wear off.

Russian Rocket Fuel is best for use during the evening. As the effects start to fade, you are left with an overwhelming sense of calm and a desire to sleep.


Russian Rocket Fuel has a complex aroma that seems to mix its diesel heritage with a sweet, fruity twist.

When first examining a Russian Rocket Fuel bud, you cannot help but be taken aback by the strain’s pungent chemical aroma. The intensity increases as you grind Russian Rocket Fuel buds apart. The aroma quickly clouds the room, almost making you feel as though you have walked into a gas station.

It is only when you start to burn Russian Rocket Fuel buds that you are able to notice the sweet and slightly fruity tones that were completely hidden only a few seconds before. Some users describe the sweetness as opening a pack of candy and being swept away by the fake sugar smell.

The lingering chemical aroma makes it difficult to distinguish the exact fruits that seem to make up the final piece of the aroma puzzle. When paying very close attention, it is possible to pick up on subtle hints of berries, although it is not easy to tell through the cloud of pungent smoke.

Russian Rocket Fuel creates a dense smoke, which can be challenging for novice smokers at first. Even those who smoke on a regular basis find that Russian Rocket Fuel can leave them coughing for several minutes at a time.


Russian Rocket Fuel gives some hints as to its lineage in its flavor profile. Known to have originated from NYC Diesel, this is something that very much shows through in Russian Rocket Fuel’s strong diesel flavoring.

Russian Rocket Fuel has a complex flavor profile, however, featuring a number of different flavors that you cannot trace back to NYC Diesel. These flavors give some clues as to the other strain(s) that went into the creation of Russian Rocket Fuel.

As you first inhale Russian Rocket Fuel’s heavy smoke, your taste buds are consumed by a strong diesel flavor, which slowly settles and allows the milder flavors hidden within the strain to shine through. A sweet, spicy taste creeps its way through the harsh chemical flavor, adding an exciting element of contrast to the experience.

The thick smoke quickly moves toward your lungs, taking the initial diesel-flavored punch with it. While fighting back the urge to cough, you are able to pick apart the gentle flavors. A mix of nutty spice and pine start to take center stage.

Upon exhaling, you are left with a warm, sweet, nutty flavor and a very subtle herbal tang. The once strong diesel flavor melts quietly away into the background, leaving you with a sweet, almost cookie-like flavor to enjoy.


Russian Rocket Fuel plants easily blend in when planted among evergreens. Matte green leaves give Russian Rocket Fuel a very uniform appearance. The leaves are typically a forest green color and take on a long and thin feather-like shape.

The lack of coloring on Russian Rocket Fuel’s leaves allows the plant to subtly disappear among the rest of your garden, making it perfect for those looking to grow discreetly.

Russian Rocket Fuel buds have a distinct arrowhead shape to them and usually grow to a medium size. The bud’s shape allows them to be easily recognizable among other strains. The buds are also covered in a layer of white trichomes, giving them a pale, milky appearance. The thick white further adds to the lack of color and contrast that makes Russian Rocket Fuel plants so nondescript.

Russian Rocket Fuel Strain Grow Info

Most experts consider Russian Rocket Fuel to be an easy-to-grow strain, but one that requires a great deal of patience. Russian Rocket Fuel plants take slightly longer than the average before being ready to harvest but are definitely worth the wait thanks to their sizable yield.

Russian Rocket Fuel strain seeds are easy to purchase online. However, consistency can be hard to find. With a number of different breeders selling Russian Rocket Fuel seeds, there is a great deal of variation. While seeds from one breeder might offer an 85% / 15% indica sativa split, another breeder’s seeds could shift these percentages by 10-15%.

Russian Rocket Fuel plants can grow happily both indoors and outside. When growing outside, a semi-humid climate is optimal. Consistent temperatures are also important for those looking to keep plants outside.

Russian Rocket Fuel plants grow bushy rather than tall, making them ideal for growing indoors as they do not require too much height. Regular trimming is necessary to help Russian Rocket Fuel plants grow to their full potential and prevent them from growing too wide. For those who opt to grow Russian Rocket Fuel plants indoors, trimming may be required more frequently.

When growing Russian Rocket Fuel plants outside, you can expect them to be ready for harvesting around early autumn. Indoor plants can take roughly anywhere from 10 to 12 weeks before they are ready to harvest.

THC Content – Highest Test

The Russian Rocket Fuel cannabis strain has an average THC content of 20%, although there have been reports of levels as high as 30%.

Due to Russian Rocket Fuel’s higher than average THC content, those who know they have a lot of THC sensitivity should avoid it. Adverse effects are much more likely to occur due to the strain’s high THC levels.

It is very rare to find a strain that has both a high THC and CBD content, so what can you expect from Russian Rocket Fuel?

CBD Content – Highest Test

The precise CBD content of Russian Rocket Fuel is not known; however, it is likely to be less than 1%. Russian Rocket Fuel’s low CBD content is very much what you would expect from an indica-dominant hybrid with high levels of THC.

While Russian Rocket Fuel might contain very little CBD, that does not stop it from being an effective medical strain to help treat both physical and mood-related conditions.

Medical Benefits of the Russian Rocket Fuel Strain

Russian Rocket Fuel’s primary medical use is to treat chronic pain. The powerful numbing effects make it ideal as a nighttime pain reliever. Due to the strain’s sedative effects, Russian Rocket Fuel is not quite as useful during the day, leaving you feeling as though you are unable to continue with routine daily tasks.

Russian Rocket Fuel can also be useful to treat mild and temporary pains such as those caused by an injury. Those who suffer from regular migraines are also able to benefit from Russian Rocket Fuel’s numbing effects.

While the strong sedative effects of Russian Rocket Fuel can make it limiting when looking to treat pain and other conditions during the day, it does have one significant benefit: It makes a great natural sleep aid. The mentally calming effects paired with the overwhelming feeling of sedation make Russian Rocket Fuel one of the best strains for combating insomnia and other sleep disorders.

The intense sense of focus and motivation during the early stages of a Russian Rocket Fuel high have caused it to become a popular treatment for those who have ADHD and ADD. The short period of focus that is felt before the strain’s sedative effects kick in make it ideal for working through tasks that require concentration not usually achievable.

Russian Rocket Fuel can also be useful for those that suffer from an eating disorder. The strain’s calming effects mixed with the sudden feeling of hunger can help to encourage healthy eating and the ability to eat a complete meal.

Possible Side Effects of the Russian Rocket Fuel Strain

Russian Rocket Fuel is not ideal for those who have a low THC tolerance as it is at the higher end of the scale for THC levels. Adverse effects of excessive amounts of THC can include paranoia, anxiety, and panic.

The most common effect that people experience when smoking Russian Rocket Fuel is a dry mouth. A temporary feeling, dry mouth can cause your mouth to feel dehydrated and slightly fluffy in texture.

Much less common effects include dry eyes and dizziness. Russian Rocket Fuel has few potential side effects, making it ideal for novice smokers or those who do not want to risk experiencing adverse effects the first time that they smoke.

Final Thoughts on the Russian Rocket Fuel Strain

Russian Rocket Fuel is the perfect strain for a relaxing evening at home when you also happen to have a few tasks to work through before sitting back and watching your favorite TV show. The initial feeling of motivation allows you to quickly tick chores off of your to-do list, giving you the rest of the evening to relax.

The powerful numbing effects that you feel with even a small dose of Russian Rocket Fuel make it a useful medical strain, especially during the evening. From treating chronic pain to helping you beat insomnia, it is no surprise that Russian Rocket Fuel has become so popular within the natural medical community.

Russian Rocket Fuel’s unique aroma and flavor profile helps to make Russian Rocket Fuel stand out and make it a strain that is definitely worth trying if even just the once.