Hawaiian Purple Kush | Marijuana Strain Review

Hawaiian Purple Kush | Marijuana Strain Review

Hawaiian Purple Kush is an 80/20 indica-dominant strain. It’s a powerful cross between Purple Kush and the Hawaiian strain, and has a high THC content, raging up to 23%. It’s a fast-acting strain, so newbies should be cautious when using this one.

Dominant Terpene:
Body high/numbing, Happy, Relaxation
Common Usage
Chronic painDepressionLack of appetiteSleep
Body high/numbingHappyRelaxation
Growing Info
Hawaiian Purple Kush thrives in warmer climates and takes about 7 to 9 weeks to fully mature. Growers can expect a harvest of between 10 - 12 ounces of bud.

As soon as you hear the word Hawaii, you probably think of dreamy summer days spent on the beach, with flowers in your hair, free from all the stress and worries of the world. Hawaii invokes feelings of relaxation, happiness, and bliss – and that’s what Hawaiian Purple Kush is all about.

While you may not be able to hop on a plane and travel to Hawaii on a whim, you can bring a little bit of the tropical paradise to you in the form of the Hawaiian Purple Kush strain. Bringing together the taste of the tropics and potency of kush, this strain is the perfect way to escape your daily stress and relax after a long day.

Hawaiian Purple Kush can make all your wildest dreams come true. Offering the perfect combination of indica and sativa effects, along with delicious and tropical flavors, this strain may just become your new favorite.

What Is the Hawaiian Purple Kush Strain?

Hawaiian Purple Kush is an 80/20 indica-dominant strain that is a potent cross between the very popular Purple Kush and Hawaiian strains. It’s a fast-acting bud, and with THC levels of between 21 – 23%, the potency is not to be underestimated. Hawaiian Purple Kush is known for bringing users to a state of complete bliss in a matter of minutes.

The strain is 80% indica due to the influence of Purple Kush – one of the best-known cannabis strains in the kush lineage. This is why Hawaiian Purple Kush is often recognized for the deep relaxation it induces. However, it retains enough of its sativa origins to induce a stimulating mental high before users settle down in bliss.


Hawaiian Purple Kush has a variety of both indica and sativa effects. Users describe the high as one that offers an intensely uplifting creative stimulation with feelings of euphoria and insane waves of powerful creative energy. The head high is followed by full-body relaxation and lethargy with an intense body melt that you will feel throughout the body – couchlock is a real possibility. The high ends in a deep and peaceful sleep.

When used in moderation, Hawaiian Purple Kush induces a mild cerebral high. It promotes an upbeat feeling and inspires creative thoughts. It’s a great strain to share with friends because it eliminates inhibitions. It’s not uncommon for some users to have spurts of giggling, and some people may also talk too much. Essentially, this strain is perfect for bringing a gathering to life.


Hawaiian Purple Kush has a sweet, tropical aroma reminiscent of the tropical paradise it’s named after. The sweet berry fragrance accompanied by hints of tropical fruits is sure to take your breath away.


Once lit and drawn, you can expect an eruption of sweet berry flavors. It’s best described as delightful, flowery, sweet, and sultry, with pines, earth, and berries in the aftertaste.


The Hawaiian Purple Kush nugs are very dense and hard, with a deep olive green coloring that is offset by bright pistils, chunky trichomes, and thick resin.

Hawaiian Purple Kush Strain Grow Info

The Hawaiin Purple Kush breeders are unknown, which means that seeds for this strain aren’t available to purchase. However, if you’re lucky enough to get your hands on some Hawaiian Purple Kush seeds, it’s said to thrive best in a warm environment. You should have no problem growing these plants inside your house or outside in the garden.

Hawaiian Purple Kush has an indoor flowering period of 7 to 9 weeks. Once ready to harvest, you should get between 10 – 12 ounces of buds per square meter.

When grown outdoors, Hawaiian Purple Kush, like other indica plants, should begin its flowering period towards the end of September. Growers can expect at least 12 ounces of buds at harvest.

THC Content – Highest Test

Hawaiian Purple Kush has an average THC level of about 21%. That said, the range is anywhere between 18 – 23%.

CBD Content – Highest Test

Unfortunately, test data for the CBD content of Hawaiian Purple Kush is not available. But by the looks of it, the range doesn’t deviate much from other similar hybrids. This means that the CBD levels are minimal, probably not exceeding 1%.

Medical Benefits of the Hawaiian Purple Kush Strain

Due to the potent effects of Hawaiian Purple Kush, it’s said to be a great strain for treating patients suffering from a variety of medical conditions, including chronic stress, depression, chronic pain, insomnia, and muscle relaxation.

The psychedelic effects brought on by the psychoactive properties can make users feel more upbeat and help relieve stress. Also, by enhancing the mood, it can help people to manage depression better.

Thanks to its potent body effects, Hawaiian Purple Kush can also offer some comfort in the form of pain relief. It may lessen or even completely alleviate chronic aches and pains, as strains that have a THC level of more than 20% frequently do. The pain and stress-relieving properties of the strain means that it may also help those who struggle to sleep.

As the high wears off, most people will probably have the urge to eat – a classic case of the munchies. This means that those who suffer from a lack of appetite or anorexia may also experience some much-needed relief.

Possible Side Effects of the Hawaiian Purple Kush Strain

It’s important to remember that no matter what strain of cannabis you use, side effects are always a possibility. Regardless of which variety you use, weed often causes the throat to become dry. Bloodshot eyes are also a common side effect.

Also, since Hawaiian Purple Kush is such a potent strain, beginners may not be able to handle the initial mental rush of the high. Therefore, it may cause dizziness, and in extreme cases, some users may feel slightly anxious.

Final Thoughts on the Hawaiian Purple Kush Strain

Hawaiian Purple Kush has the most intoxicating sweet, tropical aroma and flavor that will make you think of the island it’s named after. Even better, the effects will have you feeling like you’re in the tropical paradise in an instant. Although it’s an indica-dominant strain, Hawaiian Purple Kush also has plenty of exciting sativa effects.

It starts as an energizing and uplifting head high, promoting feelings of happiness and enhancing creativity, making this the perfect strain for indulging in arts and spending time with friends. Gradually, the effects move from a head high to deep full-body relaxation. Based on your tolerance levels, Hawaiian Purple Kush could bring you into a couch-lock.

Powerful and delicious, it’s not hard to see why this strain is loved by so many. A lot of users find that their minds are completely at ease after just a few tokes of Hawaiian Purple Kush.

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