Purple Zacatecas Strain | Cannabis Strain Review

Purple Zacatecas Strain Overview
Purple Zacatecas is a Mexican strain that has some great qualities. Its sativa leaning background makes it a good option for anyone searching for an intense, but satisfying high. It also boasts a hefty dose of sweet licorice flavor that many users love.
Common usage
Lack of appetite
Growing info
Purple Zacatecas grows both indoors and outdoors. Home growers can harvest this strain between 8-10 weeks.

Everybody has their favorite cannabis strains; their go-to strains that they know they can rely on. Sometimes you just need to come home from work and indulge in a reliable strain, whose effects you can predict like clockwork and aroma is so familiar it smells like home.

Then there are those days when you’re feeling adventurous and want to experiment with something truly individual, something you have never heard of before. For these adventurous moments, Purple Zacatecas is a perfect strain, as it is one of those strains that even some cannabis connoisseurs have never heard of.

Purple Zacatecas is one of those unfortunate strains that seem to have fallen from public consciousness. Once a popular Mexican strain, Purple Zacatecas is now often sold under other names and seems somewhat lost to history.

If you are looking for something different, a real bucket list strain, Purple Zacatecas is worth the extra effort sometimes needed to track it down.

So, what exactly is Purple Zacatecas, and why should you add it to your list of most try strains? Let’s find out.

What is the Purple Zacatecas Strain?

Purple Zacatecas’ origin has been traced back to the mountain valley region in Mexico and is thought to be linked to the indigenous Indians. The exact details of Purple Zacatecas’ Mexican history are unknown only that it began to disappear during the 1980s. In recent years, Purple Zacatecas seeds have appeared in California and are now grown by Bodhi Seeds. The strain has been rebranded to suit the Californian market better, and has become known as Big Sur Holy Bud, as well as a whole host of other less frequently used names.

The Purple Zacatecas strain is a 30% indica / 70% sativa hybrid with an alarmingly high THC content. Being a sativa-dominant strain, the physical effects of Purple Zacatecas are limited; while your limbs feel light and slightly disconnected from your body, you can generally expect to feel psychically normal and able to move freely. While those who prefer indica strains complain that this makes Purple Zacatecas’s high feel rather limited, others see this as one of Purple Zacatecas’ biggest strengths as you are not left feeling restricted by your body.

Purple Zacatecas offers users a long, drawn-out high as opposed to intense, fast effects that leave you feeling as though you have been spun around several times. Shortly after smoking Purple Zacatecas, you will notice that your mind feels clear and that you are able to work through complex thoughts in a methodical way carefully. A deep sense of focus is sometimes accompanied by a delicate energy boost, which feels more mental rather than physical. Purple Zacatecas is often recommended for those who struggle with focused tasks due to the early stages of Purple Zacatecas’ high being focus-driven.

As the high progresses, your mind shifts from wanting to tick off chores and complete challenging tasks to feeling much more chilled and laid back. Some people have reported experiencing psychedelic effects that result in the later parts of a Purple Zacatecas high feeling slightly trippy and disorientating. You will find your mind wandering off and focusing on the most random of concepts or stimuli in your surroundings.

As the effects of Purple Zacatecas begin to wear off, a wave of sudden tiredness hits as a result of the energy boost that was initially felt leaving your system. Depending on the time of day some people find themselves drifting off into a dream-filled sleep, whereas those who take Purple Zacatecas during the earlier parts of the day may feel slightly foggy for the rest of the day as they go about normal daily chores.


The Purple Zacatecas marijuana strain has a sweet aroma, almost matching its colorful appearance. Rubbing a Purple Zacatecas bud in your hand, your palms are left with a sweet, hash smell to them that slowly wears off.

Breaking a Purple Zacatecas bud apart you start to notice the more complex, sugary aroma mixed with a stronger hash smell that floods the air. While people are not going notice for miles around, when ground in confined spaces, Purple Zacatecas can linger in the air for some time and attract attention.

As Purple Zacatecas burns, the air is filled with sweetness, and you are reminded of eating cotton candy as a child and experiencing that sudden wave of sugar hitting your nose. Given the welcoming sweetness of Purple Zacatecas the first time you inhale its thick, cloying smoke, it can be quite a shock. You expect smoke that is easy to breathe through, almost melting like spun sugar; instead, the heavy smoke can leave you coughing while grabbing the nearest bottle of water. After the first few puffs, you start to adapt as the initial shock of the unexpected dissipates, and you even start to enjoy Purple Zacatecas’ smoke.

How does the flavor profile of Purple Zacatecas compare to its sweet aroma?


Purple Zacatecas has an extremely sweet flavor profile, taking your tastes buds on a journey through a candy store as you inhale Purple Zacatecas’ thick smoke. There are no real surprises when it comes to the taste of Purple Zacatecas given its appearance and aroma, and it perfectly combines a complex mix of sweet flavors.

The first puff of Purple Zacatecas fills your mouth with sweetness, feeling very much like a standard candy. It is only after a few slower puffs that you start to pick apart the different flavors that are hidden within. You notice a licorice flavor mixed with cinnamon, which, when combined, create a sweet warming sensation throughout your mouth. Subtle spicy notes work their way to the forefront of your taste buds, adding to Purple Zacatecas’s warming effects.

Upon exhale, you are left with a slightly spicy sweetness in your mouth, reminiscent of finishing the last drop of a Christmas-themed drink and wishing that you had more.


Purple Zacatecas has a rather striking appearance due to both its buds and leaves and is definitely not a strain that easily goes unnoticed. It is the combination of contrasting colors – the yellow from the leaves and purple from the buds – which give Purple Zacatecas its truly unique appearance.

Purple Zacatecas plants grow tall rather than wide with the leaves at the bottom of the plant taking on a bright forest green color. As your eyes travel up the plant, you notice the leaves quickly change to a banana yellow color, intensifying as they reach the top. In taller plants, this results in a burnt yellow, orange coloring on the uppermost leaves.

From a distance, Purple Zacatecas buds appear to be purple in coloring; however, when looking at a Purple Zacatecas plant closely, you notice that the buds are actually a complex mix of colors. Purple Zacatecas buds are sometimes described as being rainbow-colored, and while they do manage to pack a range of colors, this is limited to pinks, purples, and blues making for a somewhat limited rainbow.

Upon close observation, you will also notice thin orange pistils curling around the outer parts of the buds, adding a layer of texture and even more color into the mix. These pistils also give the buds a fur-like appearance.

Is it possible to grow these strikingly beautiful plants yourself and add a little spice to your garden? Let’s find out.

Purple Zacatecas Strain Grow Info

For those who are looking to grow their own Purple Zacatecas plants, the good news is that it is a relatively easy plant to grow. The bad news is that Purple Zacatecas strain seeds are almost impossible to find online. If you are lucky enough to know someone else who has Purple Zacatecas plants, your best option is to take clippings from their mature, healthy plants. These clippings can then be used to grow your own genetically identical plant. If this is not an option, it is possible to find clippings for sale online, but this might require many hours of searching.

Assuming that you have been able to obtain clippings or even somehow find seeds for sale, you are set to start growing your very own Purple Zacatecas plants. With Purple Zacatecas being such a rare strain, very little is known about its growing process when compared to the more popular strains that flood online discussions.

What is known is that Purple Zacatecas takes between 8 to 10 weeks when grown indoors before it is ready to harvest and that you should expect an average to large size yield. Purple Zacatecas can be grown both indoors and outside, depending on your local climate.

THC Content – Highest Test

Purple Zacatecas cannabis has an extremely high THC content, with an average of 26%. When it comes to hybrid strains, the average is around 12%, although it is common for strains to reach 18% and sometimes even 20%. Purple Zacatecas goes beyond this, however, with a crazy 26%.

Given the strain’s high THC content, it is surprising that the effects of Purple Zacatecas are so gentle rather than providing an intense psychedelic high, which is normally found in strains with a high THC content.

How does Purple Zacatecas’ CBD content compare?

CBD Content – Highest Test

There are very few strains that manage to pack both a high THC and CBD content and so when you come across a strain with a high THC content it is normally safe to assume that it has a low CBD content. Purple Zacatecas follows this rule perfectly, containing almost no CBD and almost shocking levels of THC.

While the exact CBD content of Purple Zacatecas is not known, the quantity is so small it is almost impossible to measure and at most is thought to be around 0.1%.

Medical Benefits of the Purple Zacatecas Strain

As a result of Purple Zacatecas’ almost non-existent CBD content, it is rarely used to treat physical conditions and those that require CBD. Purple Zacatecas is, however, a useful strain for treating psychological illnesses such as depression and anxiety, as well as reducing the effects of fatigue.

One of the most common medical uses of Purple Zacatecas is to treat ADHD; the early effects of the strain make it ideal for focusing on complex tasks in a way that is not normally possible. Purple Zacatecas’ mental energy boost and clear-headedness allow for those who suffer from ADHD a chance to complete tasks to their full potential, free from distractions.

Purple Zacatecas can also be used by patients who are suffering from severe stress as a result of its mind-clearing effects. Purple Zacatecas provides a few hours of mental clarity and blissful peace, allowing stress to vanish to the back of your mind while you relax.

Purple Zacatecas can be used to treat anxiety for similar reasons as to why it is an effective form of stress management. However, due to its high THC content, it can sometimes increase anxiety depending on your individual THC tolerance. It is therefore recommended that those who are prone to anxiety use Purple Zacatecas with caution.

Purple Zacatecas acts as a nausea suppressant and can, therefore, be used in conjunction with other medication known to cause nausea. The mental high and suppressant effects provide a few hours of pleasant relieve, as well as a chance to enjoy a healthy meal.

Possible Side Effects of the Purple Zacatecas Strain

As with every strain, there are potential negative side effects; luckily, Purple Zacatecas has a relatively short list of potential side effects compared to some other strains.

The most common effect of Purple Zacatecas is dry mouth. While dry mouth can feel slightly annoying at the time, causing your mouth to feel dry and fluffy, the effects are short-lived and have no long term health concerns. Drinking plenty of water helps to fight off the effects to some extent, making it easier to deal with.

Another annoying, but ultimately non-damaging effect, of Purple Zacatecas, is dry eyes, just like dry mouth, the effects should only last a few hours.

Purple Zacatecas can trigger anxiety due to its high THC content, especially in those who have a history of anxiety or have a lower than average THC tolerance. If anxiety is something that concerns you, it is recommended that you start by trying Purple Zacatecas in small doses.

Final Thoughts on the Purple Zacatecas Strain

Purple Zacatecas is definitely not the easiest of strains to come by but is definitely one worth trying if you are lucky enough to find either the buds or plants for sale. Purple Zacatecas offers a long and pleasant high that takes you on a journey from productive focus to calm and slightly trippy relaxation. If you are looking to avoid the more intense physical effects that are often felt with cannabis, Purple Zacatecas is perfect, with only mild physical effects that do not feel limiting.

As a result of its low CBD content, Purple Zacatecas is often mistaken as having no medical benefits; however, it can be an extremely effective strain for those who suffer from a range of different mental medical conditions. Purple Zacatecas should definitely not be dismissed when considering medicinal strains just because of its CBD content alone.

If you get lucky and find yourself some Purple Zacatecas online or at your local supplier, definitely pick it up and give it a try – you might get to try one of the oldest and most enjoyable strains ever created.