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Papaya Strain Overview
The Papaya strain is the perfect strain for kicking back with on a lazy afternoon. It can instill a sense of calmness and deep relaxation - much like you’re on a tropical beach. Speaking of which, the Papaya strain has an incredibly tropical and delicious flavor profile, touting notes of, well, papaya, mango, and subtle spicy undertones. It also has a number of medicinal benefits - so it’s great for increasing your overall health and wellness.
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Growing info
Flowering period is approximately 7-9 weeks, can be grown both indoors and outdoors

Hybrid strains are hugely popular – and for a good reason, as they commonly offer the best of both worlds without too strong an effect from either their indica or sativa genetics. Papaya is a classic example of this, an indica-dominant strain that still retains some of its sativa qualities. It allows you to experience the uplifting boost you would expect with a sativa, as well as the mellow effects that come with indicas.

This is a strain with both a robust tropical aroma and a fruity flavor that packs a punch, whisking you away to a tropical island complete with white sand and Pina Coladas on tap.

Papaya is a strain ideal for laid back afternoons, sitting in the sun and daydreaming of pristine beaches and clear blue water while taking in the tropical notes that Papaya is famous for.

Let’s take a closer look at the Papaya strain and what you can expect from this tropical-filled Indica experience.

What Is the Papaya Cannabis Strain?

Papaya is an indica-dominant hybrid created as a result of Citral #13 and Ice #2 being crossed, resulting in a strain that lives up to its name in both flavor and aroma, with strong tropical tones and a fruity papaya taste.

As with most indica heavy strains, it is recommended that you take Papaya either late in the afternoon or in the early evening. This is for a very good reason, as this is a strain that is likely to leave you feeling relaxed and lazy, but in an incredibly calm, chilled sort of way. Some people have reported that the uplifting, light-minded effects of Papaya have caused them to feel free and creative, allowing them to effectively combat this strain’s heavy stoned effects and let their creativity run free. This is Papaya’s hybrid nature coming through, demonstrating its ability to provide both types of highs at the same time.

This is not necessarily the case for most people, however, especially when taken in large quantities, as Papaya is primarily used to zone out from your busy, chaotic life and take advantage of its sedated, calming effects and its tropical tones. As the high works its way through your body, you can expect to feel a numbing sensation, making your entire body feel heavy in a sleepy, peaceful way.

Papaya is the ideal strain to take after a busy day when you’re looking to forget the rest of the world and relax; especially if you are feeling stressed and need a little extra help to leave the worries of the day behind. Papaya helps to clear your mind and focuses your brain on happy, creative thoughts which, when combined with the relaxing effects that you feel when smoking Papaya, allow your creativity to run free.

Towards the end of the high you can expect to feel a desire to drift off into a peaceful sleep, making Papaya the perfect strain to take during the evening as well, as it works to peacefully and happily end your day and ensure that you achieve a full night’s sleep and wake up the next day feeling relaxed and ready to go.

With a name like Papaya, what exactly can you expect from this strain with regard to flavor and aroma?

Papaya Aroma, Flavor, and Appearance


The aroma of Papaya is no surprise given the strain’s name, with a strong fruity smell and strong papaya overtones that waft through the air and fill your lungs with a fresh tropical breeze. Papaya transports your nostrils to a sun-filled tropical island, filling you with a sense of calm and peace before you’ve even thought about grinding and smoking this euphoric strain.

Breaking apart and grinding Papaya releases an even stronger smell that is reminiscent of opening a fruit salad and soaking up the fruity aroma that hits you, only adding to the sense of calm that you can’t help but feel.

As you smoke Papaya, the air fills with a mix of fruity notes and a light, acrid burning that combines to create a peaceful scent that reminds you of summer evenings chilling on the beach with a campfire burning away in the background, with a star covered sky overhead.

How about Papaya’s taste? Does it live up to its name and actually taste like the tropical cocktail it smells of?


Papaya is a strain that does not disappoint with its tropical theme, carrying over to its flavor profile with distinct notes of mango and papaya hitting your taste buds almost instantly.

Upon breathing in Papaya, you can expect to experience a fruity twist, similar to sucking on a tropical flavor ice pop, with a strong mango taste and the expected papaya.

As you inhale deeper, the flavor develops, and you begin to notice the subtle spicy undertones of Papaya and are hit with a burst of bright pepper. While pepper might seem like a strange addition to this flavor profile at first, it works surprisingly well, along with the same lines as chili on a fresh mango in the summer to help you cool down.

On the exhale, all of these different flavors are released, and you begin to notice the herbal, hash flavor that forms the base taste of this strain and remains somewhat hidden until this point by the intense tropical flavor of Papaya.


Papaya is a beautiful plant with pink and white flowers and a fluffy dewdrop-like effect that covers it, making it really stand out when planted near other strains. Papaya is an elegant plant that grows rather short and thin, giving it a striking presence in your garden.

Papaya buds have a fluffy texture to them, giving the illusion that they are covered in thick early morning dew, adding a rather endearing quality to them that makes them look almost cute.

Unlike the tropical, bright, fruity theme of Papaya, the buds tend to be on the dimmer, dustier side of green, rather than the bright summery color that you would expect. The buds are often covered in orange hairs that do add a little sense of summer to what is otherwise a muted looking strain.

Papaya is a strain that you can grow yourself at home with very little experience, so what exactly can you expect when growing your own Papaya plant?

Papaya Cannabis Strain Grow Info

Papaya is a strain that is ideal for beginners looking to experiment with growing their own plants thanks to its fast-growing time, with plants taking on average between 7 and 9 weeks, and the majority of plants being ready to harvest after only eight weeks.

Papaya can be grown in most conditions and is a plant that will grow happily both inside and outdoors. If you don’t have the space to grow indoors but are worried about temperamental conditions outside, Papaya can also be grown in a greenhouse and will flourish due to the humid conditions that can be achieved in a greenhouse.

If you are looking to truly experience the intense fruity flavors and aromas that Papaya has to offer, however, this is a plant that will need to be grown outside in late summer temperatures. That is not to say that plants grown indoors will not also have a tropical scent and taste, but they will not be quite as strong.

Don’t be fooled into thinking that you will only have a small harvest because of the short growing time; when grown outside and allowed to hit its full height, you can expect an average yield of 800 grams per harvest from a Papaya plant. With plants grown inside, you can expect a suitably smaller yield. The best time to harvest Papaya when grown outside in October and is when you can expect to find such a fruitful yield.

What can you expect from Papaya in terms of its cannabinoid content given its short growth time?

THC Content – Highest Test

Papaya packs a punch in more than just its strong tropical flavor, with a THC content of between 20-25%. That is a crazy 13% above the average for an indica-heavy hybrid strain.

It is the high THC content of Papaya that causes the calming, relaxed effects that make it such a popular strain to take during the evening to help you wind down after a busy day.

How does the CBD content of Papaya compare?

CBD Content – Highest Test

As you have probably heard before, strains that have a high THC content tend to have an extremely low CBD content. Papaya is no exception to this rule and, given that it is a strain with a much higher than average THC content, you can expect to find extremely low levels of CBD in Papaya.

There is very little research into the exact CBD content of Papaya, but given its high THC content, you can safely assume that there is less than 1% in any one Papaya strain.

Medical Benefits of the Papaya Cannabis Strain

Despite its low CBD content, Papaya is a strain with a surprising number of medical benefits to offer.

One of the most popular reasons for taking Papaya for medical reasons is due to its numbing effects that come from being such an indica-heavy strain. Papaya has been proven to relieve even chronic aches and pains, numbing your body and allowing you to go about your normal life pain-free.

Papaya can help to negate symptoms that come with stress, anxiety, and depression, thanks to the uplifting mood effects of this strain and the sense of clear-mindedness that it gives you. When taken in small doses throughout the day, Papaya can give you just the right amount of buzz to lead a healthy and happy life. When taken at night and in larger doses, it can help manage insomnia, so that you drift off to sleep worry-free.

This is a strain that has also been recommended to patients in order to help combat eating disorders and increase appetite. This is not a surprise from such an Indica dominant strain, as Indicas are generally known for improving your appetite and making food seems that much more appealing.

Perhaps the most surprising reason for taking Papaya is to help combat fatigue, which might seem strange at first given that this is an Indica dominant strain that is common for helping to deal with Insomnia. However, it is important to remember that this is a hybrid and that some Papaya plants will lean slightly more towards the sativa end of the scale, producing uplifting, energetic effects. When these effects are combined with the happy, creative, mood-boosting effects that come with this type of Indica they can shift your brain to a more positive and productive place and give you the help that you need to feel more productive.

As with most strains, medical benefits are always accompanied by side effects, but what exactly can you expect from Papaya?

Possible Side Effects of the Papaya Cannabis Strain

Papaya is no stranger to the most common side effects, such as dry mouth and dry eyes. Most strains of marijuana will come with these effects, especially when taken in larger doses, but the good news is that by staying hydrated you can reduce their impact and enjoy the positives that Papaya has to offer.

Less common side effects of Papaya that have only been reported in a few cases are dizziness and headaches. A very few number of cases have also claimed an increased sense of paranoia and anxious feelings. This might seem ironic given that Papaya can be taken to help combat anxiety, but it is important to remember that everyone reacts differently and that this only tends to happen in a small number of cases.

Final Thoughts on Papaya Cannabis Strain

Papaya is a tropical strain in more than just name; from its flavor and aroma to its uplifting summery mood enhancing effects, and even how it manages to grow to its fullest outside in the summer. From the first waft of Papaya, you are mentally transported to a hot summer’s day, chilling on a tropical beach, complete with a cocktail in hand and a free, happy mind.

Papaya is not all about the relaxing, vacation vibes that it fills you with, because this is a strain that has a surprising number of medical benefits as well. Papaya is great for making daily struggles seem manageable and just generally improving your life on a daily basis, all while adding a little bit of tropical paradise to your life.

Everyone can stand to have a bit more of a tropical island in their lives, and Papaya is a perfect way to get it.

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