Vietnam Black Strain [Origins, Benefits, Potency]

Vietnam Black Strain [Origins, Benefits, Potency]

If you are in dire need of a little energy and can’t have any risk of couchlock, look no further than the Vietnamese Black strain. This 100% pure sativa strain will have you up in running in no time at all with its insanely upbeat and energetic high. What’s more is that it can help you think deeper and focus your attention, so if you really need to get things done - Vietnamese Black is a must try.

Dominant Terpene:
Creativity, Energy, Focus, Happy
Cookies (Girl Scout Cookies)EarthySpicySweet
Common Usage
Chronic painDepressionFatigueFocus
Growing Info
This strain can be grown both indoors and outdoors, average flowering time is approximately 16 weeks.

Sativa strains are known for their mentally uplifting high and their ability to motivate you through even the most boring of tasks. Smoking a few puffs of a high-quality sativa before tackling the day ahead is an excellent way to give you that sudden burst of energy that you sometimes need.

The Vietnam Black strain is the perfect sativa for those busy days when you just need that little helping hand to get you through. It stands out for its unique ability to both motivate and relax all at the same time, helping you to achieve your full potential.

Let’s take a look at the Vietnam Black strain to find out precisely what makes this strain so unique.

What Is the Vietnam Black Strain?

The Vietnam Black weed strain is a pure sativa plant, which, as its name suggests, originates from Vietnam. The strain has gone on to be used by numerous breeders, resulting in strains such as Banana Bread and Willie Nelson. The Vietnam Black strain is a popular choice for those who want to altogether avoid the sedated feeling that often occurs with indicas and hybrids and instead experience an uplifting high.


You first notice the effects of Vietnam Black as a sense of clarity floods your brain, helping you to look at the day ahead in a new and positive light. Vietnam Black causes you to feel happy and upbeat no matter what the situation.

As the effects of Vietnam Black work their way through your body, you experience a sudden burst of energy. You find yourself wanting to tick off tasks or to work on projects that you have been putting off. This deep level of focus and motivation is ideal for those who often find themselves struggling to work through chores without becoming distracted.

The Vietnam Black strain is a popular choice within creative groups, helping you to think on a deeper level than is usually possible and come up with truly innovative ideas.

It’s best to enjoy the Vietnam Black strain during the middle of the day, just as your energy levels are starting to drop and you need a little pick me up. You can also use it during an evening among friends when you have an energetic night ahead planned. The burst of energy is perfect for long nights of dancing and adventure. Vietnam Black can also help to remove social awkwardness, allowing you to chat freely and have a good time.


The Vietnam Black marijuana strain has a complex aroma that fills the air around you with a warming, comforting smell. While its layered aroma might not be obvious right away, Vietnam Black is a strain that rewards those who give it a fair chance.

When you first hold a Vietnam Black strain bud and rub it between your fingers, you notice a citrus aroma with a hint of skunk. This rather traditional cannabis smell leads you to believe that the Vietnam Black strain has a rather nondescript, standard aroma, but this is far from the truth. It is not until you start to break Vietnam Black buds apart that you release its true fragrance.

As you break Vietnam Black buds apart, you start to notice a strong, earthy aroma, reminding you of long summertime walks surrounded by plants, green trees, and sunshine. This fresh yet somehow muddy aroma takes you by surprise, pushing the smell of citrus into the background.

As Vietnam Black starts to burn, a pleasing smell of spices joins the earthy aroma. The warming mix of different spices works perfectly alongside the earthiness. You cannot help but feel mentally transported from a summer afternoon to a fall evening sitting around a campfire and roasting marshmallows.

The many layers of Vietnam Black’s aroma make it an experience on its own before you even start to notice the strain’s actual effects. The smell can linger in the air for some time, even after you finish smoking. While the continued smell might be difficult to hide, it also adds to the overall high experience, giving you an extra reason to smile.

How does the flavor profile compare to Vietnam Black’s complex mix of aromas?


The Vietnam Black strain has an enjoyable sweet yet earthy taste to it that often surprises people when they take their first puff. After just a few puffs, however, you are able to pick apart the different flavors and enjoy the comforting sense that Vietnam Black Strain’s flavor profile creates.

As you inhale your first puff of Vietnam Black Strain’s clear smoke, different flavors flood your mouth, with a robust earthiness standing out among the crowd. A sweetness joins the raw, natural earth flavor, which at first feels slightly out of place but that you quickly get used to and enjoy.

As the warm, smooth smoke from Vietnam Black works its way through your system, you are given a chance to really appreciate the warming, spicy flavors that fill your mouth. The combination of sweet, earthy spices reminds you of mulled wine and Christmas cookies.

As you exhale, you are left with a subtle, spicy note that lingers in the back of your mouth, much like the feeling you get when you finish eating a piece of gingerbread. Vietnam Black’s flavor profile has the ability to make you feel both calm and uplifted before the effects of the strain even have a chance to take hold.


Vietnam Black strain plants feature an exciting mix of colors that can make them eye-catching and difficult to hide among other garden plants. Thin and tall in shape, Vietnam Black leaves can vary in color from a purple-brown hue to a magical blue-green color.

Vietnam Black strain buds have a furry texture to them; this is due to the layer of thick, rust-colored hairs that cover each bud. Beneath the layer of dense hairs, you notice vibrant, deep green colored buds that are almost hidden from sunlight.

Bright white-colored trichomes give Vietnam Black strain buds a vibrant appearance, helping them to stand out among other buds. The white tint of the buds can also give Vietnam Black plants a rather dramatic appearance, set in contrast to the rest of the plant’s muted color scheme.

Vietnam Black Strain Grow Info

The Vietnam Black strain is best for those who have some previous experience of growing cannabis plants, although there is no need to be an expert.

Vietnam Black plants can struggle when presented with pests and garden molds and do not have the ability to fight them off alone. You will also require basic knowledge of trimming to ensure that your plants are able to grow to their full potential.

You can keep Vietnam Black plants both indoors and outside, but this will depend on your local climate and how confident you feel with fighting off pests. Plants require a hot, humid environment in order to grow happily and produce large yields. For those who do not live in such an atmosphere, it is possible to recreate such an environment indoors.

Plants tend to take longer than average to reach maturity and be ready for harvesting. Some Vietnam Black plants have been known to take up to 16 weeks before a full harvest is ready. The good news is that when grown correctly, Vietnam Black plants produce a large yield, making the wait worthwhile.

Vietnam Black strain seeds can be purchased online, although they are not as easy to find as more commonly grown strains. For those who find it challenging to track down Vietnam Black seeds from a reliable retailer, another option is to purchase clippings from mature plants.

Using clippings to grow your own Vietnam Black plants may even work out better for less experienced growers as they tend to be more predictable, with there being less room for error.

THC Content – Highest Test

Vietnam Black cannabis has a high THC content, with most tests showing around 25%. The high levels of THC result in effects that, at times, can feel intense, especially when smoking larger doses.

For those who are not used to such strong strains, we recommend that you start with small doses in order to avoid overwhelming effects that could affect future experiences.

How does the Vietnam Black strain’s CBD content compare to its high levels of THC?

CBD Content – Highest Test

We know very little about the exact CBD content of the Vietnam Black strain. This is not surprising given that the strain has such high levels of THC, typically meaning that there will be almost no CBD present.

Some tests have shown that the Vietnam Black strain contains 1% CBD. However, this is only likely to be in a small number of cases and this number could easily be halved.

CBD is the main cannabinoid that people associate with the health benefits of cannabis. So, given Vietnam Black’s low level of CBD, what can you expect from it as a medical strain?

Medical Benefits of the Vietnam Black Strain

The effects of the Vietnam Black strain are very much tailored to mental medical conditions.

Vietnam Black is sometimes helpful for those who suffer from depression. The instant uplifting mood boost, which is shortly accompanied by the desire to be productive, makes it perfect for those who are dealing with depression.

Vietnam Black can be equally as useful for those who struggle with chronic stress. The effects of this strain allow you to consider situations with a clear mindset, giving you the chance to see things from more of an objective viewpoint than an emotional one.

The energy boost that comes with a Vietnam Black strain high makes it a useful strain for those who have chronic fatigue. For those who suffer from exhaustion on a daily basis, it can often be challenging to complete even basic tasks and to make it through the day without needing to rest.

The Vietnam Black strain can give your energy levels the boost that they need, while also helping you to feel more positive about tasks ahead.

Vietnam Black can also help those who have attention deficit disorders. Throughout a Vietnam Black high, you cannot help but feel motivated and able to focus on a level that is not usually achievable. Just a few puffs of Vietnam Black before taking on more mentally demanding tasks is enough to help you stay focused and work to your full potential.

While the Vietnam Black strain might be a very mentally focused strain, it can still help manage mild aches and pains. Those who suffer from migraines and arthritis often recommend Vietnam Black. The mild numbing effects that occur when smoking Vietnam Black in larger doses along with the mental high, can help you to get through the day pain-free and positive.

Possible Side Effects of the Vietnam Black Strain

Before deciding whether Vietnam Black is the right strain for you, for recreational or medical purposes, it is essential to be aware of the potential side effects that can occur. Despite Vietnam Black having a high THC content, it manages to keep its adverse effects to a minimum.

The most common effects when smoking Vietnam Black is dry mouth; the good news is that this should only last a short time and have no long-lasting impact on your health. Dry mouth can cause the roof and sides of your mouth to feel intensely dry and fluffy. Staying hydrated can help to reduce the effects of dry mouth.

When smoking large doses of Vietnam Black Strain, some people find that they experience sudden dizzy spells. This is due to the high levels of THC and the fact that your mind is working at a much faster pace than usual. Often, sitting down for a few minutes and having a chance to catch your breath is enough to reduce the effects.

In a small number of cases, people who smoke Vietnam Black suffer from dry eyes. Much like dry mouth, dry eyes are a short-lived effect and more annoying than a real health concern. Dry eyes can leave your eyes feeling sore and irritated for several hours.

Final Thoughts on the Vietnam Black Strain

Vietnam Black is the perfect midday treat to help you get through those tougher days. The strain’s ability to lift your mood and fill you with a burst of sudden energy can turn even the worst of days into a positive experience.

Vietnam Black’s warming flavor profile works perfectly alongside the strain’s effects, relaxing your mind while also helping you to be more productive.

The effects of the Vietnam Black strain are not purely recreational, with there being a number of reasons why you might want to consider Vietnam Black for medicinal purposes. Whether you are someone who suffers from stress or struggles to concentrate for extended periods, Vietnam Black might just be the answer.

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