Nordle Marijuana Strain (Origins, Benefits, History)

Nordle Marijuana Strain Overview
Nordle is a unique strain that has an equal ratio of THC and CBD, making it ideal for both recreational and medicinal use. Nordle’s spicy-sweet flavor profile and effects that relax and motivate you all at the same time make it a must-try strain for novice smokers and experts alike.
Common usage
Chronic pain
Muscle spasms
Growing info
Flowers within seven weeks, Ideal for beginners and can be kept both inside and out.

When choosing a strain, you tend to find that you have to decide between a fun, recreational high, or effective medical results. It is rare to find a strain that can achieve both at the same time.

While having to choose between health and pleasure is not always an issue, it is nice to have the option of both within just one joint. For those who rely on medicinal strains to treat chronic conditions, it can feel frustrating to miss out on the fun side of marijuana. Equally, for those who enjoy marijuana for recreational reasons, having a few therapeutic effects thrown in makes for a nice bonus.

Nordle is a great strain in that it perfectly balances its CBD and THC content, something that is very rare to find in a hybrid strain. Nordle’s balance between CBD and THC allows it to excel as both a recreational and a medical strain, a fact that has led to it becoming an immensely popular strain across the board.

Let’s take a closer look at Nordle and find out what makes it so unique.

What Is the Nordle Strain?

The Nordle strain of weed is a cross between two popular strains, Afghani and Skunk No.1. It was initially bred by Mr. Nice Seedbank. The result of these two strains coming together is a potent indica-dominant hybrid with a 60% indica / 40% sativa make-up.

Nordle is ideal as an afternoon strain as it relaxes your mind but does not leave you feeling sedated and unable to enjoy the rest of your day. The fact that Nordle has an almost equal indica / sativa split shines through in its effects. When smoking Nordle, you get both the relaxation that comes with an indica and the focus and sense of purpose that make sativas great for daytime use.

When smoking Nordle on your own, you first notice the strain’s uplifting effects. You find that you are looking and thinking about everything in a much more positive and upbeat light. With time, the strain’s physical effects start to become more noticeable. Your limbs feel as though they have been freed from their own weight. Stiffness and pain almost magically melt away as the effects of Nordle continue to intensify.

Some people find that Nordle allows them to focus on a much deeper level, making it perfect for working through those slightly more challenging tasks. As the effects start to wear off, however, you will find yourself feeling somewhat lazy, making it harder to complete physical tasks.

Nordle excels as a social strain, freeing your mind from social anxiety and worries you are able to enjoy the company of those around you with ease. People often find that, when smoking with friends, it helps to loosen the atmosphere of the room and to cause you to laugh much easier.


The Nordle marijuana strain has a warming aroma that relaxes your mind before its effects even have a chance to set in. People often describe Nordle as having a Christmassy smell, mixing cooked fruit with a spicy sweetness.

As you grind Nordle’s buds apart, you are able to pick out the different smells that work perfectly alongside, making it feel as though every day is Christmas Day. With Nordle buds being on the denser side, they can take some time to break apart, giving you plenty of time to appreciate the different scents that gradually fill the air.

When you first burn Nordle, its aroma can feel a little overwhelming. But it quickly settles, becoming an enjoyable smell that you just cannot get enough of. When you first light it, Nordle produces a spicy aroma that can appear quite harsh. As the more gentle fragrances start to escape from within the ground buds, they mellow the pungent aroma, making it much more of an enjoyable scent.

Nordle leaves a sweet scent behind that can linger in the air for some time, but it could easily be mistaken for a candle or air freshener.

Is the Nordle flavor profile just as sweet and delicious as its aroma?


Nordle’s flavor profile is just as Christmassy as its aroma, almost resembling a Christmas cookie with a hint of fruit.

As you inhale your first puff of Nordle smoke, you feel as though you have just bitten into a spiced cookie that has a thick dusting of sugar on top. As you continue to breathe through the smooth smoke, you start to notice fruity notes. It is as though berries and lemon zest have somehow been added to the cookie batter.

Nordle’s smoke warms your mouth and throat, adding to the Christmas vibe, making it hard to stop at just a few puffs. As you exhale for the last time, you are left with a spicy-sweet flavor in your mouth, leaving your taste buds begging for more.


Nordle plants grow to a medium height, allowing you to keep them both indoors and outside, among other plants in your garden. Depending on how much you choose to trim your Nordle plants, they can take on a bushy appearance. However, you can easily control this with regular trims if space is a concern.

Nordle buds are on the denser side, showing their indica roots. They also have beautiful purple-green coloring to them. At their base, the buds are deep forest green, but towards the surface purple hues start to appear, giving them an almost magical appearance. The buds have a distinct cone shape to them, giving the plants a uniform shape.

The leaves on a Nordle plant have very similar coloring, with a mottled purple effect. Nordle leaves tend to grow just beyond the width of the plant, making them stand out, and are often the first thing that people notice when looking at Nordle plants.

Nordle Strain Grow Info

Experts consider Nordle an easy-to-grow strain that requires very little previous knowledge. Nordle plants are resistant to the majority of garden molds, requiring very little attention while growing. It is always a good idea to check your plants on a regular basis, though. You never know when garden pests might decide that your plant makes for a tasty snack.

It is best to keep Nordle plants in a Mediterranean climate, avoiding sudden temperature drops overnight. You can keep plants both indoors and outside, though growers often suggest that those who live in an unpredictable climate keep their plants indoors.

Indoor plants can take anywhere between 7 and 10 weeks before they are ready for harvesting. Healthy Nordle plants that have been kept indoors produce a slightly larger than average yield. It is possible to shorten the growth time required for indoor plants, although this can have an impact on the size of your return.

Outdoor plants should be ready for harvesting between early to mid-October and produce a similar size yield to plants that are kept indoors. Nordle plants tend to grow slightly larger outdoors, as they have more space, and can, therefore, produce a slightly higher yield.

You can find Nordle strain seeds for sale online for a reasonable price and they are an excellent way to start growing your very own Nordle plants. Nordle seeds are known to take quickly and easily once planted, with a low failure rate.

For those who are new to growing and are looking to build their confidence, it is also possible to purchase clippings from mature Nordle plants. The main benefit of clippings of plants is that they are genetically identical to the plant they were taken from. This allows for a much more predictable growing experience.

THC Content – Highest Test

Nordle cannabis has an average THC content of 8%, although some tests have shown levels as low as 6% and as high as 10%. Nordle’s remarkably low THC content causes many people to dismiss it as an effective recreational strain, believing it to produce limited effects.

This is very much not the case as, despite Nordle’s low THC level, it still manages to pack some pretty powerful and rewarding effects.

It is Nordle’s lower than average THC content that is thought to be the reason why it produces very stereotypical indica effects, without the typical heavy sedation. It is, in part, the lack of sedation that has led to Nordle becoming such a popular strain.

How does Nordle’s CBD content compare?

CBD Content – Highest Test

Nordle is a rare find with an identical CBD and THC content – something that can only be seen in a handful of strains. Nordle could have an average CBD content of 8%, although this can vary by a few percent, just like its THC content.

Not only is it rare to find a strain that has an equal THC and CBD content, but it is just as unique for a strain to have such a high level of CBD. Nordle’s much higher than average CBD content makes it a strong contender as a medical strain.

Let’s find out why you might want to consider Nordle for medicinal reasons and whether its CBD content really makes a difference?

Medical Benefits of the Nordle Strain

As Nordle has a much higher CBD content than you would typically expect to find in a hybrid strain, people often use it for medicinal purposes.  One of the great things about Nordle as a medical strain is that it manages to target both mental and physical illnesses, due to its 60% indica / 40% sativa split.

One of the main reasons that people use Nordle as a medical strain is to manage pain, whether chronic or just temporary. The numbing effects of Nordle’s 60% indica content work to ease physical pain.

Nordle is particularly famous for pain management as it does not leave you feeling sedated and unable to move, as many strains that numb pain do. The physically relaxing effects of Nordle can also help to reduce muscle spasms, which in turn reduces pain.

Nordle is equally as effective at helping those suffering from depression. The uplifting effects of Nordle help to push negative thoughts to the back of your mind, almost making them disappear for a few hours.

While Nordle might not leave you feeling sedated, some people find that it can make them feel mentally relaxed. When you smoke Nordle in large doses, its effects are much more powerful, heightening this sense of relaxation.

Nordle may be a useful strain for those who suffer from insomnia, making it much easier to reach a mental and physical state that is conducive to sleep.

Finally, Nordle may increase people’s appetites, especially when smoking larger doses. Therefore, it can be useful for those who find that they are unable to eat a healthy diet due to a lack of appetite. Whether you are undergoing treatment that reduces your appetite, or you suffer from an eating disorder, Nordle could make mealtimes feel less stressful and more enjoyable again.

Possible Side Effects of the Nordle Strain

The most common side effect that users experience when smoking Nordle is dry eyes. It is not unusual for people to notice that their eyes suddenly feel intensely dry and irritated shortly after smoking Nordle. In more extreme cases, Nordle can cause your eyes to look tired with a reddish coloring.

Luckily, dry eyes typically last a few hours, or at worst until the next morning, and have no long term effect on your health.

Many people underestimate the effects that Nordle can produce as a result of its low THC content and therefore smoke much larger doses than their body can actually handle. When burning large amounts of Nordle, adverse side effects are much more likely to occur, including experiencing sudden dizzy spells, as well as a feeling of anxiety.

Some people feel the appetite-enhancing effects of Nordle to be one of its adverse side effects, causing you to eat more than you usually would and leaving you feeling sick once the effects wear off. This is, of course, something that you can avoid by keeping snacks hidden when you know you are going to be lighting up.

Final Thoughts on the Nordle Strain

Nordle is a rare find, managing not only to produce effects that perfectly balance those of an indica with those of a sativa, but also containing an equal CBD and THC content. Nordle almost feels as though it has been designed for those times when you really cannot make up your mind and want a bit of everything all within just one joint.

The effects of Nordle vary based on how much you smoke at one time, making it a very adaptable strain. It is possible to achieve both a profoundly relaxing high that sends you to sleep, while also experiencing a sense of motivation and determination, depending on the amount you consume.

Nordle is much more than just a recreational strain, though. With a CBD content of 8%, it doubles as a powerful medicinal strain that can treat both chronic pain and depression.

If Nordle’s effects are not enough to excite you, its spicy-sweet flavor definitely will, allowing you to experience the joy of Christmas cookies all year round.

Why not try Nordle for yourself and experience its delicious taste and rewarding effects?