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Locomotion Strain Overview
A strain that keeps you moving forward, Locomotion is all about positive feelings and forward motion. Enjoy it with a relaxing hike, or just chill out and enjoy the intense time dilation.
Common usage
Chronic pain
Growing info
Surprisingly easy to grow, this strain seems designed to make growing your own incredibly easy. Just keep it trimmed and pruned and give it plenty of decent humidity, and you definitely won't have a problem.

One of the trickiest features of most indica leaning strains in the marijuana world is their tendency to induce intense sleepiness at the end of the high. While falling asleep pleasantly is usually a good thing, what are you supposed to do if you want to relax, but still maintain your locomotion?

Well, to solve this problem, the Locomotion strain was born. Designed to help take you to the heights of relaxation, while still giving you a sense of awareness and motion, this strain will take you where you want to be.

Let’s investigate this strain and determine just what it is that gives it such a stellar reputation.

What Is the Locomotion Strain?

The feeling of forward momentum and drive for continuous progress is not something well known to marijuana smokers. Even when it comes to the reputation of habitual marijuana users, they are not typically considered to be very mobile or locomotive.

This tends to be because of the types of strains that most people enjoy. When you only really smoke indica strains with potent sleepiness effects, you don’t really have the drive to try anything else or move around.

That all changes with the Locomotion strain, a marijuana strain designed to give you all of the energy of a coffee booster, while still wholly chilling you out.

Created from a cross between Blue City Diesel and the strangely mixed effects of the Time Wreck strain, this bud offers weird and exciting highs with lots of mental activity.

This is a strain that manages to last for a really long time on very little actual bud, so definitely don’t take the risk of smoking too much at once.


Locomotion is an indica strain, so you likely have a specific idea of what kinds of effects you should expect. However, instead of the melting sensation of calm and relaxation that most indicas induce, Locomotion hits you with plenty of trippiness.

It really does feel like a strong sativa, instead of lots of mental racing, your very senses will start to bleed away. You won’t really have a firm grasp on what time it is, nor will you really know what is going on around you.

Light and sound will feel too overwhelming to deal with, inducing a massive quantity of sensory overload that can be disorientating. Over time, however, these sensations will morph into general relaxation that sweeps across your entire body and chills you out completely.

Your mind will also start waking up a bit as this high develops, lending you a surprising amount of brain activity and awareness. You will find yourself desperate for a puzzle or some kind of mental challenge.

Anything at all that challenges your mind that is within your reach, you will be immediately looking to complete. Some people also find this strain amazing for taking just before a hike, due to the fact that it both increases your ability to discern things mentally, and gives you physical energy.

Locomotion is a surprisingly balanced strain, despite its strong indica roots, but the critical thing is that it just keeps going. Like a runaway train going off the rails, this strain will keep you high and happy for hours upon hours.

What about its flavor profile, though? What does the Locomotion strain taste like?


The aroma of Locomotion is not at all what you would expect from its effects or reputation. Instead of profoundly powerful diesel that its parent strains should pass on, its aroma is much simpler.

There is that little bit of hashiness that all good indicas have, but also a good deal of pine and freshly tilled earth. It is deep and vibrant, but more like an old forest than a new jungle. There is also just that gentle hint of something spicier and more fragrant just beyond your recognition.

This strain’s aroma continues to develop even after smelling it as much as you can. Once you break the bud open, the tastes get even stranger. There is moss, there is a dense hardwood, and there is even just a little bit of intensity that leaves you unsure of its origin.

What about its proper taste, though? Does this intoxicating aroma also carry over into its flavor on the tongue?


When you do finally get over the exciting aroma of Locomotion and break it open for smoking, the flavor is quite surprising.

The initial taste of the smoke is basically the same as its aroma. Rich, vibrant, and filled with the flavors of the forest. However, it is much deeper than how it smells. You can really taste the pleasant woodiness, the verdant green moss, and the intense hash on the tip of your tongue.

The spiciness is also far more pronounced, with plenty of vaguely oriental flavors that are a little bit hard to place.

What about how it looks?


The buds of Locomotion are deceptively large, far more than you would expect. Seen from a distance, they almost look like two regular buds stuck together.

Dense and a little bit structurally rigid, these buds are pretty typical in their internal workings with regard to being an indica. However, they are also super curly, while still remaining intensely green and vibrant.

As with all potent strains, there are plenty of flavorful trichomes and intense pistils, all of which help to accentuate the flavor and intensity of this strain.

What about if you are hoping to grow your own Locomotion? What do you need to know to be able to grow your own Locomotion bud?

Locomotion Strain Grow Info

Locomotion strain seeds are thankfully available basically where that marijuana is typically sold. This means that you do not have to struggle overmuch to find the seeds you need to grow your own Locomotion.

After getting your seeds and germinating them, feel free to grow them either indoors or outside, whichever you prefer and is most convenient for you. Just keep in mind that they tend to prefer slightly more humid climates. If you live in a drier, more arid climate, you might be best keeping your Locomotion plants indoors.

Thanks to its interesting mixed genetics, Locomotion plants are surprisingly easy to manage. They grow their branches primarily to the side, rather than extending them upwards in a far more manageable growing pattern compared to most other plants.

To help promote this, make sure you are regularly trimming off the very tip of the new growths, to help encourage it to spread sideways. This will also necessitate a bit of pruning.

To do this, take the leaves that rest on the very lowest levels of the plant and remove them, so as to leave plenty of room for new growth and not let the plant waste energy on maintaining useless leaves.

After a pretty typical growing period of roughly eight weeks, your plants will be ready and give you a sizable Locomotion yield.

Make sure to take gentle care with this bud; despite its density and structural integrity, they can fall apart a bit. You don’t want to lose the delicate trichomes and pistils that give this strain such a deep flavor.

After your sizable harvest, what can you expect from your new Locomotion bud? What kind of cannabinoid content will it contain?

THC Content – Highest Test

Like a lot of carefully cultivated indica strains these days, the Locomotion cannabis strain has an oddly varying level of THC.

While some offer up strikingly high levels of THC, this strain can vary between around 15% THC and 23%. This means that it can be a bit of a problem for those looking for a consistent experience.

This might seem like a pleasant thing for those with plenty of marijuana experience, as that means that they get a new sensation every time, but it is dangerous for newbies. If you are not used to potent marijuana and plenty of THC, you might end up getting overwhelmed, especially with this strain.

Too much time dilation can cause a lot of paranoia and negative feelings for those that remain inexperienced with weed.

However, thankfully Locomotion has a way to help counter this; its CBD content.  

CBD Content – Highest Test

With pretty much every marijuana strain in existence that offers up high levels of THC, you can expect to find almost no CBD whatsoever. This is because of the fact that all the CBD gets bred away in pursuit of a stronger THC dose.

Locomotion, meanwhile, tries to defy this.

Instead of lacking any substantial CBD intensity, you can find around 5% CBD content. This is sometimes as much as some actual CBD strains, so there are plenty of CBD-linked therapeutic effects that you can enjoy with Locomotion.

This extra CBD also offers all kinds of pleasantly balancing, calming effects that really help to make the whole high more enjoyable.

So what are these varying, significant medical effects that Locomotion can help create?

Medical Benefits of the Locomotion Strain

The primary effect of the Locomotion strain is its intensely easygoing, chilled out vibes that leave you feeling endlessly happy, yet motivated.

This makes the medical effects of the Locomotion strain centered on mental disorders. If you struggle with issues relating to things like stress, depression, or even anxiety, then Locomotion can likely help.

Though it might sound vapid, Locomotion makes it seem like your troubles aren’t worth worrying about anymore. Furthermore, the time dilation allows you the necessary time to process your experiences and deal with them in a healthy way.

While Locomotion doesn’t actively encourage sleepiness like many other indicas, it does help promote a more restful sleep through its relaxation.

It also possesses higher than average levels of THC, which makes it perfect for handling injuries or general pain. It is exceptionally viable as a treatment for any condition where inflammation is a factor. This is because of the heightened level of the 5% CBD, making it easy to control the inflammation response in the body.

This CBD is also great for helping deal with paranoia or anxiety, making it an excellent strain for those that typically struggle with that when enjoying their marijuana.

This can happen to those with a lower than average THC tolerance, making it a great strain to keep on hand when you have guests that struggle with this. It still probably is not the best strain to give to marijuana newbies, though.

What about its side effects, though? Surely there are some negative consequences of using the Locomotion strain?

Possible Side Effects of the Locomotion Strain

The exciting thing about the Locomotion strain is the fact that it has a surprisingly large yield of CBD to go along with its high THC quantity. This allows it to sort of balance out any side effects or negative consequences of smoking your Locomotion.

This means that there really are not very many side effects of the Locomotion strain. True, you will have to deal with dry mouth and dry eyes, as that is basically unavoidable.

Oddly enough, it is the dry mouth you will recognize most, as it can seem like your mouth has become a sort of literal desert that you cannot escape from. Make sure to keep the right quantity of water on hand to help combat this.

Another noted side effect is a tendency to induce dizziness. Keep in mind, though, that this really only happens when one of two things occurs. You either have smoked far too much Locomotion based on your individual tolerance level, or you got a sample with more THC than average.

Both of these instances can be dealt with by ensuring that you don’t take too much at once and stick to what your body can reasonably handle.

Finally, despite the CBD content prevalent in the Locomotion strain, some few people do still somehow report instances of paranoia or anxiety. This might seem strange, considering it is able actually to help with these conditions, but they are likely linked to the overuse of Locomotion bud when you aren’t used to it.

As long as you stick to what you know you can handle, you should be fine when it comes to the Locomotion strain.

Final Thoughts on the Locomotion Strain

Keeping moving and feeling good are usually diametrically opposing ideas when it comes to marijuana. Most people don’t expect a marijuana strain to be able to help encourage you to keep moving forward and experiencing things, while at the same time feeling chilled out.

While it might still be mostly an indica, Locomotion is definitely a hybrid strain thanks to its surprisingly varied effects.

This is a strain you want to try if you enjoy the relaxation aspects of an indica, yet still, really enjoy the sensations of a sativa, and don’t really want to fall asleep.

The time dilation might seem a little bit scary, but it is absolutely worth it once you give it a chance to work its magic. Just make sure you have somewhere to go – this strain keeps you moving and doesn’t really want you ever to stop.