Sweet Soma (Cannabis Strain Review)

Sweet Soma (Cannabis Strain Review)

The Sweet Soma strain provides a straightforward indica-leaning effect. While it has some hybrid qualities, it predominantly results in sedation after a pleasant body high. Ideally, you will use this strain in the evening in preparation for a good night’s sleep.

Dominant Terpene:
Pinene, Limonene, Myrcene
Common Usage
Chronic painSleepStress
Body high/numbingCalmingSleep/Sedation
Growing Info
The Sweet Soma strain is extremely easy to cultivate. It is robust enough to continue growing even when you make typical novice mistakes. You can grow it outdoors, but it can reach incredible heights. Therefore, it is probably better to cultivate this strain indoors.

Sometimes, all you want as a cannabis user is an uncomplicated high. Ideally, you’ll come home, have a few tokes, and know that you’ll get a fairly even, straightforward high that helps you relax and perhaps sleep. This is precisely what you get from the Sweet Soma strain. Read on to learn more.

What Is the Sweet Soma Strain?

Bred by 00 Seeds, the Sweet Soma strain is an indica-dominant hybrid. However, no one is entirely sure what the breeder used to create it. The most likely answer is a combination of Somango and an unknown indica. If that’s the case, it means Sweet Soma has a genetic mix of Super Skunk, Big Skunk Korean, and Jack Herer.


One thing’s for sure; this strain is all about relaxation. If you want something to help you relax and chill out in the evening, you’ll struggle to do better than Sweet Soma. Users typically suggest that this strain provides a standard indica-leaning high. You can expect to feel a sedating body high that lasts for several hours. It is also likely to cause your limbs to feel numb and heavy.

As a result, you should consider using the Sweet Soma strain in the evening. We recommend doing so only when you have no further chores to complete. Otherwise, the sedation will prevent you from finishing your tasks. Once the high is at its peak, you’ll struggle to keep your eyes open. 


You will likely notice the pleasantly sweet and fruity scent that carries mango notes. This tropical scent causes many users to fall in love with the Sweet Soma strain. The sweetness is apparent as soon as you take the strain out of the bag and becomes more intense when you grind the buds. The air will linger with the smell of tropical fruits once you light it. 

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Once you have smelled Sweet Soma, there are no taste surprises in store. You should get the sweet mango taste you’re hoping for, along with other hints of sweet fruit. This strain also provides a pleasant aftertaste. 


This strain has the typical robust structure associated with indica strains. Sweet Soma has a compact Christmas tree shape. It also has an immense amount of resin, which is a clear indicator of its potency.

Sweet Soma Strain Grow Info

It is possible to cultivate this strain indoors or outdoors. However, growing Sweet Soma seeds outside may prove unrealistic for most people. Even if you have enough private property available, you have to ensure that your plants remain out of sight of the public. This is challenging since Sweet Soma can exceed eight feet in height when cultivated outdoors!

Should you persist with an outdoor grow, this strain is generally ready for harvest by mid-October. Unfortunately, there is little information on the likely yield. Given the height of these plants outdoors, however, you can expect it to dwarf indoor production.

Sweet Soma is a robust strain that is ideal if you’ve never grown cannabis before.

In general, the Sweet Soma strain shouldn’t grow any taller than 3.5 feet indoors. However, you have the option of topping your plants to keep their height under control. It would help if you also considered using the Sea of Green method to boost your yield. Sweet Soma’s flowering time is 9-10 weeks, and it can produce around 14 ounces of bud per square meter planted.

Sweet Soma is the ideal strain if you’ve never grown cannabis before. It is extremely resistant to pests and most common diseases. Furthermore, it is robust enough to withstand most mistakes you can expect to make as a novice grower.

THC Content – Highest Test

The Sweet Soma strain is potent even by the standards of modern-day cannabis. Its THC content ranges from 20-24%, with 22% the average. 

CBD Content – Highest Test

Sweet Soma’s CBD content is unknown. However, it is believed to be significantly less than 1%.

Medical Benefits of the Sweet Soma Strain

The potency and pleasant effects of Sweet Soma make it a popular medicinal option. Its high THC content means you can consider using it for chronic pain as a symptom of several conditions. MMJ patients with back pain and arthritis, for example, might relish the soothing sedative high that seems to numb the senses.

Sweet Soma is mainly used to help improve the sleep cycle as the sedation it provides makes it hard to keep your eyes open.

If you suffer from anxiety, depression, or stress, perhaps it is worth trying Sweet Soma. It can provide a temporary mood boost that might help get you through the day. The relaxation it offers potentially helps you unwind after a particularly stressful period.

However, the main reason to use Sweet Soma is to help manage a healthier sleep cycle. After a couple of hours, the level of sedation becomes hard to fight. For most users, sleep is an inevitable consequence.

Possible Side Effects of the Sweet Soma Strain

As with all high-THC strains, caution is advised. If you use too much of this strain, you could end up feeling dizzy or nauseous. There is also the possibility of developing a headache.

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In extreme cases, you might feel a heightened sense of anxiety or paranoia. If you’re prone to paranoid thoughts, it is best if you stay away from this strain.

Milder side effects include cottonmouth and dry eyes.

Final Thoughts on the Sweet Soma Strain

If you’re looking for a standard indica high that helps you relax, the Sweet Soma strain is worth trying. It is ideal for evening time use as it sedates the body and gets you ready for sleep. This strain is also an excellent option if you want to learn how to grow cannabis.

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