Citral Skunk Strain Review + Info

Citral Skunk Strain Overview
Citral Skunk is a perfectly balanced hybrid strain that provides an uplifting high and a calming body buzz. Citral Skunk’s unique mix of spicy and fruity flavors make it a strain that you cannot afford to miss.
Common usage
Growing info
Citral Skunk plants are relatively easy to grow and can be kept both indoors and outside. Citral Skunk is popular among new growers as a result of its rewarding yield.

Hybrid strains tend to be most casual smokers’ go-to, and for a very good reason. For those who do not smoke on a regular basis, hybrid strains offer a level of comfort. Hybrid strains save you from having to choose between the full-bodied sedative high that is so common with an indica and the mind buzz of a sativa.

Finding the perfect hybrid strain that encapsulates the very best of an indica and a sativa is not always as easy as you might think, though. Every strain is different. Many hybrid strains lean so far to one end of the indica/sativa scale that it would be easy to forget they are even a hybrid!

Citral Skunk is one of those beautiful rare finds that perfectly blends together everything you think of when picturing a casual afternoon spent soaking in the uplifting effects of a hybrid strain. With its perfect balance of indica and sativa, Citral Skunk allows you to have the best of both worlds.

Let’s take a closer look at Citral Skunk and find out what you can expect from this bright and flavorful hybrid strain.

What Is the Citral Skunk Strain?

Known for its powerful effects and pleasant herbal flavor profile, Citral Skunk is a perfectly balanced hybrid strain with a 50% indica and 50% sativa breakdown. Citral Skunk offers a long-lasting mind high, accompanied by a pleasant, full-bodied sensation that leaves you feeling both relaxed and energetic at the same time.

Citral Skunk has a very clear lineage, with its name being a combination of its two parent strains: Citral and Skunk. Both parent strains are noticeable in Citral Skunk’s flavor profile and its long-lasting and uplifting effects. Breeders often use Citral Skunk when creating new strains and can be found in popular strains such as Sour OG Cheese.


The effects of Citral Skunk quickly become noticeable after just a few puffs, with a sudden rush of euphoria and a burst of energy that leaves your body feeling tingly. Your mood feels instantly lightened, and it becomes difficult to focus on negative and draining thoughts.

As Citral Skunk starts to settle, you notice a slight spacey feeling which can feel a bit overwhelming at first but quickly becomes enjoyable. With all negativity and worry feeling as though it is melting away, your brain can focus on more creative and positive thoughts. Citral Skunk is often a favorite of those who feel they need a creative boost and a new perspective on a task.

When smoking Citral Skunk in social situations, you will find yourself laughing and enjoying the company of those around you without much thought or energy. The euphoric buzz from Citral Skunk seems to bounce around the room, creating energy that brightens even the most awkward of social situations.

Citral Skunk’s high can last for many hours, filling you with energy. It’s therefore not an ideal strain for use during the evening. The effects of Citral Skunk can make it difficult to relax both mentally and physically; it’s best during the afternoon when you feel your energy levels lagging and need a boost to help you make it to the end of the day.


Citral Skunk has a very natural, earthy aroma that you notice from the moment you hold a bud in your hand. Citral Skunk leaves behind its herbal aroma, much like the experience of rubbing freshly picked herbs in the palm of your hand.

As you break Citral Skunk’s dense buds apart, the strain’s aroma intensifies and grows in complexity. You can pick up on a subtle flowery tone that makes you feel as though you are walking through the woods on a bright spring morning.

For those who are not used to Citral Skunk, its complex mixture of smells can feel a little bit overwhelming. It can be rather confusing at first as your brain struggles to unpick exactly what it is smelling. Over time, you may detect the sweet, earthy notes mixed with a fruitiness that you would not expect.

Burning Citral Skunk buds helps to bring out the spicy undertones, only adding to its depth and setting the scene for the burst of flavors that you experience from your very first puff of smoke.


Citral Skunk’s flavor profile is just as detailed and intriguing as its aroma, combining an unusual combination into a smooth smoke. As you inhale your very first puff of Citral Skunk smoke, your taste buds flood with a mix of sweet fruitiness and earthy spice that work surprisingly well together.

As the smoke starts to settle, you can pick apart all the different flavors. The bright citrus flavors give you an almost instant burst of energy, which pairs perfectly with the strain’s uplifting and energetic high.

As you exhale, the fruity, citrus flavors start to dull, allowing you to enjoy the pleasant and more warming flavors that were hanging in the background. Citral Skunk leaves a sweet, spicy flavor in your mouth, calming your senses before the strain’s effects even really get the chance to take hold.


Citral Skunk plants stand out from the crowd as a result of their bright, vibrant green coloring. Both buds and leaves have a beautiful deep forest green coloring to them that almost looks as though it has been airbrushed.

The exact shape of Citral Skunk plants tends to vary depending on the climate that they are growing in. It is, however, common for Citral Skunk plants to have long, thin stems, with the plant’s leaves being the dominant feature.

Citral Skunk plants have a dense appearance, and the buds are difficult to break apart, almost clinging together on the plant.

Citral Skunk Strain Grow Info

Fortunately, Citral Skunk plants are relatively easy to grow and suitable for novice growers who are willing to put a little extra time into learning as their plants grow. Citral Skunk makes all the effort put into growing worth it, producing a sizable yield.

You can easily find Citral Skunk strain seeds for sale online, another reason why Citral Skunk is often an excellent choice for new growers. It is also possible to purchase clippings from mature, healthy plants, which can result in a slightly more predictable and stable growing experience.

When growing Citral Skunk plants, it is possible to keep them both inside and outside, with both options resulting in a sizable harvest. When growing plants indoors, you can expect an average flowering time of between 6 and 8 weeks.

For those who decide to grow their Citral Skunk plants outside, harvesting tends to be during early fall, although this depends on your climate.

Optimal growing conditions consist of mild temperatures and a dry climate. It is possible to grow Citral Skunk plants in humid settings, although it can be slightly more challenging.

THC Content – Highest Test

The Citral Skunk cannabis strain packs a punch when it comes to its THC content, with an average level of 25%. Levels can vary, with some tests showing Citral Skunk buds to contain as little as 20% THC, while others have shown highs of almost 30%.

Due to its tendency to vary, Citral Skunk can be a freaky strain for novice smokers or those who have a naturally low THC tolerance. It is generally recommended that novice smokers use Citral Skunk with caution, starting with much smaller doses in order to avoid a sudden wave of overwhelming effects.

CBD Content – Highest Test

The precise CBD content of Citral Skunk is not clear, although it is likely to be less than 1% given the strain’s overwhelming levels of THC.

It is especially rare to find a strain that has both a high CBD and THC content, leading people to believe that Citral Skunk has an extremely low and almost unnoticeable level of CBD.

However, despite its low CBD content, Citral Skunk still has a number of potentially beneficial medical effects. These make it worth considering for those looking to treat stress and mild pain.

Medical Benefits of the Citral Skunk Strain

Citral Skunk is most commonly recommended for those who are looking to treat conditions such as PTSD, depression, and fatigue using natural remedies. The uplifting effects of Citral Skunk, combined with its energetic high, make it ideal for clearing your mind while also giving you the physical energy to enjoy yourself.

Unlike many other strains that people use to treat depression and stress, Citral Skunk does not leave you feeling sedated. The energizing effects of Citral Skunk mean that you can truly make the most of the strain’s clear-headed effects. Whether you have planned a day out with friends or are looking to tackle solo challenges, Citral Skunk is the ideal strain, giving you the gentle push that you need.

Citral Skunk can also be used for beating fatigue, giving you a much-needed energy boost and the ability to continue you with your day without feeling limited by your falling energy levels.

The low CBD content of Citral Skunk means that it is not the first strain people think of when looking to treat aches and pains. Citral Skunk can, however, be useful to manage mild pains and, in particular, migraines. The main benefit of using Citral Skunk over other strains is that it doesn’t leave you feeling sedated, allowing you to make the most of a few pain-free hours.

Possible Side Effects of the Citral Skunk Strain

As is the case with almost every strain, there are a few potential side effects that it is worth being aware of before using Citral Skunk.

Despite having a high THC content, Citral Skunk does not cause the strong side effects that you would expect. The most common effect that people will experience is dry mouth and eyes. The effects of both dry eyes and mouth are luckily only temporary and do not detract from the uplifting effects of this strain.

The high THC levels found in Citral Skunk can cause sudden feelings of anxiety and paranoia and tend to be the most common in those who already suffer from such conditions. It is always a good idea to test the effects of Citral Skunk in small doses if you are one of the unfortunate people that suffers from anxiety.

Final Thoughts on the Citral Skunk Strain

Citral Skunk is a fun and brightening hybrid strain that offers an uplifting and energetic high. From the first puff of smooth, spicy sweet smoke, you cannot help but become lost in a cloud of positivity and intrigue as you pick apart the beautiful blend of different flavors.

Whether you are looking for a push to get you through the afternoon or for a few hours of blissful creative time, Citral Skunk is a perfect strain.