Sour Grape Strain (Full Review)

Sour Grape Strain (Full Review)

Although it has the word ‘sour’ in its name, the Sour Grape strain will leave you feeling the complete opposite. It can help to induce feelings of happiness and relaxation and will leave you with a fruity, grape taste in your mouth. The cerebral high can help focus and a clear mind and may later turn to a sedated couch lock.

Dominant Terpene:
Euphoria, Focus, Happy
Common Usage
Growing Info
Its flowering period is approximately 9-10 weeks. Sour Grape is best grown indoors

When someone is particularly salty or upset, they are said to have a case of ‘sour grapes.’ Perhaps your favorite sports team was cheated out of victory by financial or athletic doping. Alternatively, the girl you fancied overlooked you for a disreputable charlatan who wears cologne smelling of piss.

Such instances of sour grapes are sometimes warranted. Incidentally, there is also a Sour Grape strain. However, when it comes to this particular Sour Grape, you are more focused on becoming happy and relaxed. It also has a wonderfully fruity flavor without any sourness.

What Is the Sour Grape Strain?

Sour Grape strain weed is a fruity cross of two classics: Granddaddy Purple and Sour Diesel. No one is entirely sure about the original breeder’s identity. However, we know they have created an exceedingly popular strain.

As it happens, Sour Grape is a fantastic cross of its two parents.

Sour Diesel is one of the world’s most popular sativas with a distinctive fuel aroma. GDP is a legendary indica famous for its fruity smell and purple coloring. As it happens, Sour Grape is a fantastic cross of its two parents. It is an almost perfectly balanced hybrid with positive traits from GDP and Sour Diesel.

The combination of high THC and minimal CBD equates to a potent intoxicating experience. It is truly an outstandingly balanced hybrid, which is ideal for use in the afternoon or evening. Be wary if you are a novice because Sour Grape has a sedative quality that could put you out for the count. Fortunately, it shouldn’t cause you to feel sleepy if you have a moderate tolerance to THC.

Initially, you may experience a rapid cerebral high that elevates your mood and generally makes you feel happier. It is the type of head high that allows your mind to remain clear enough to complete your daily tasks. Soon enough, the high creeps down to your body, and you might feel like resting your legs. There is also a chance that Sour Grape will hit you with a case of the munchies.


The Sour Grape marijuana strain has an extremely complex scent that combines jasmine, grapes, and an earthy undertone. When you open the bag, you will probably get hints of fuel and earth.


The intense aroma of Sour Grape gets you ready for tasting, and this strain does not disappoint! The fruity and fuel flavor feels refreshing on the palate, and it provides a generally smooth smoke. Those who have vaped Sour Grape say the grape flavor is extremely potent. Therefore, be wary if you hate the taste of grapes!

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Once the plants reach the bloom phase, you will see dense buds covered in frosty white trichomes. The purple hues synonymous with GDP are also prominent.

Sour Grape Strain Grow Info

Unfortunately, you can’t purchase Sour Grape strain seeds online. As a result, you need clippings from a plant to grow this strain as a clone. If you choose to grow it outside, you must live in a warm Mediterranean climate. Ideally, the daytime temperature will remain in the 70 to 80-degree Fahrenheit range.


If you intend to bring out the famous purple coloring, you must expose your crop to low nighttime temperatures. This is a delicate process because you risk putting your plants in shock if you get it wrong. When grown outdoors, Sour Grape is usually ready for harvest by the end of October.

If you grow Sour Grape indoors, beware of the potent aroma! We recommend investing in high-quality carbon filters to ensure the powerful odor doesn’t get out of hand. Even if you live in a legal state, you don’t want to advertise that you grow!

Sour Grape should flower in around 10 weeks. Although estimates of this strain’s yield vary significantly for indoor and outdoor growing, it is usually classified as ‘high.’

THC Content – Highest Test

On average, the THC content of Sour Grape cannabis is between 15% and 20%. However, if you get your hands on certain phenotypes and grow the strain expertly, you could benefit from a THC content of up to 24%.

CBD Content – Highest Test

Sour Grape is not known for producing large quantities of CBD. You can expect the CBD content to be between 0.1% and around 0.4%.

Medical Benefits of the Sour Grape Strain

Sour Grape weed is popular amongst recreational users, but it also has a few potential medical benefits. You might discover that Sour Grape offers relief from stress and pain, such as migraine, eye pressure, or glaucoma. If you have difficulty eating, this strain could also spike your appetite.

As it is such a relaxing and uplifting marijuana strain, Sour Grape could also help with depression and chronic anxiety. Overall, consider using this strain if you want a balanced body and head high. It should help you retain enough clarity to stay functional throughout the day.

Possible Side Effects of the Sour Grape Strain

One of the best things about Sour Grape is the apparent lack of severe side effects. Typically, the worst you can expect is a dose of dry mouth. On rare occasions, there are reports of users suffering from anxiety, paranoia, and dizziness when they overdo it.

Final Thoughts on the Sour Grape Strain

Sour Grape marijuana is a beautifully balanced hybrid that stimulates appetite. It could improve your mood and enable you to remain functional during the day. It produces a lovely sweet and fruity scent with flavor to match.

On the downside, Sour Grape seeds are not commercially available. This means you need to track down a few clones if you want to grow this plant.

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