Chem’s Sister Strain Review + Info

Chem’s Sister Strain Overview
Chem's Sister may not be anyone you know, but it is the phenotype of the famous OG strain Chemdawg. It induces euphoria, energy and heady effects in its users, and has a tendency to uplift, boost mood and reduce depression symptoms. For users seeking a euphoric high that pushes against fatigue and restores energy, this may be the strain for you.
Common usage
Chronic pain
Lack of appetite
Growing info
Chem Sister flowers between 10-12 weeks indoors and outside harvesting can begin around mid October and early November.

It can be surprising how much variation there is in the world of weed. Non-smokers might be shocked to learn that each strain has distinct flavors, scents, and effects. The individuality of every strain is down to a variety of factors, including cannabinoid content, terpenes, flavonoids, and more.

Reading strain reviews before you take a trip to the dispensary can be helpful, especially if you’re a medical user. Those in the market for an uplifting sativa strain might want to check out Chem’s Sister, a phenotype of another well-known strain. So, sit back and relax as we give you the lowdown on this citrusy strain.

What Is Chem’s Sister?

You may already be familiar with the Chemdawg strain. The ‘chem’ part of the name comes from the distinct diesel, chemical scent and aroma you get with this bud. Chemdawg is a popular hybrid strain, but it is renowned for relaxing and sedative effects. What if you want a strain that tastes like Chemdawg, but provides the opposite effects?

Enter Chem’s Sister. This strain is a phenotype of Chemdawg, meaning they share similar traits but have a few differences, too. Chem’s Sister weed is a sativa-dominant hybrid, and its effects are typical of other sativa-dominant strains. For example, users report feeling energetic, creative, euphoric and focused. This is excellent news for those looking for a wake-and-bake strain.

As might be expected from a relative of Chemdawg, Chem’s Sister provides a diesel-like and skunky smoke. For the more traditional marijuana users, this flavor is considered a delicacy. Plus, there are some pleasant undertones of citrus that make Chem’s Sister a slightly fresher smoke. This pungent and impressive strain has been loved by many ever since it first emerged on the cannabis scene.

Chem’s Sister first hit the market in 1996 and has been growing in popularity ever since. It also goes by names such as Chem Sis and Chemdawg A. In 2016, this strain came third place in the Best Medical Hybrid category at the High Times Cannabis Cup. High Times also mentioned this strain in the list of 25 Greatest Strains of All Time.

Chem’s Sister certainly has some impressive accolades. So, what makes this strain so popular?

Chem’s Sister: Aroma, Flavor, and Appearance

Some of Chem’s Sister’s popularity definitely comes down to the uplifting, euphoric effects. However, we would be at a loss if we didn’t mention some of the physical attributes of this plant. Part of its draw is its ability to encapsulate weed with its flavor and aroma. Let’s check it out.


The Chem’s Sister marijuana strain bears a strong resemblance to Chemdawg in its aroma. Predominantly, the smells are chemical-like and reminiscent of fuel. Think of a gas station, and you’re pretty much there. This scent only becomes stronger as you break the buds apart in the grinder. Be prepared for this overpowering, skunky aroma to fill the room. It’s definitely not the best for inconspicuous smoking!

Those of you with a strong sense of smell will also be able to detect citrusy notes. These lemony undertones creep through in the scent, adding a more pleasant side to the sour diesel.

Be aware that Chem’s Sister has an odor that you will either love or hate. Some enjoy it because it’s such a typical marijuana scent; others would be more suited to a fruity strain.


You might expect the diesel smell to carry over into the taste. While this is in part true, Chem’s Sister tastes a bit sweeter than you might have predicted. Among the bitter chemical taste, there is the presence of sweet sandalwood and pleasant citrus.

Some users can also detect a crisp pine taste. This blends well with the citrus to leave a freshness on your tongue. It actually makes this strain a surprisingly good palate cleanser.

Upon exhaling, however, the diesel flavor becomes more apparent. As we mentioned, the smell of this skunky smoke will linger in the air for a while – remember to keep the window open!


A whole Chem’s Sister plant is not the prettiest. It might even look a bit sad. This is because the stalk is not the strongest, but it nevertheless produces big, plentiful buds. Sometimes, this causes it to sag a little with the weight of the yield.

The buds themselves appear quite frosty. They carry a mint green color interspersed with white hairs. These sometimes darken into a browner color with age, adding a nice golden dimension to the bud. The frosty look comes from the covering of trichomes. Trichomes look like little crystals, and they carry the potent THC users are looking for. A generous coating of trichomes can make any plant look quite striking.

Chem’s Sister is sticky to touch because of these trichomes. If you are planning on growing it yourself, we suggest investing in some gloves to avoid becoming covered in trichomes!

Chem’s Sister Grow Info

Chem’s Sister is well suited to warm temperatures and a lot of sunlight. A Mediterranean climate is best. It can be grown outdoors, but if you don’t live in this kind of environment, then you may want to opt for indoor cultivation. Some cultivators have successfully grown Chem’s Sister outdoors at lower temperatures, but in this instance, it flowers quite late.

Indoor growing provides another advantage: You can protect the plants from humidity. Chem’s Sister is highly sensitive to mold and mildew, so it’s crucial to invest in a ventilation system that sucks excess moisture out of the room.

This strain’s preference for dry climates means that you would be best off using soil as the growing medium. Chem’s Sister doesn’t really respond well to a hydroponic setup.

Indoors, you are looking at a flowering period of between 10 and 12 weeks. Outside, it can flower anywhere between the third week of October and the first week of November, depending on the weather.

Yields tend to be higher from an outdoor grow – at least 16 ounces per square meter on average. Indoors, Chem’s Sister produces around 12-16 ounces per square meter. However, if you use the Screen of Green (SCROG) method, you may be able to increase trichome production and yield.

Be aware that, no matter where you grow Chem’s Sister, you’ll need to be ready for the smell. These potent buds will fill a grow room with their scent, and outside the odor may drift away from the planting spot. Think of ways to try and cultivate your Chem’s Sister discretely.

Unfortunately, Chem’s Sister seeds are not available online. In fact, this is a clone-only strain. This is better for reliability, as you know precisely what you are getting from the mother plant. However, it makes Chem’s Sister a moderately tricky strain to grow – not one to start out with as a beginner.

THC Content – Highest Test

Chem’s Sister cannabis is extremely potent. On average, you can expect 18% THC. However, many samples soar as high as 28%. To put this in perspective, sativas average at about 13% THC.

The high THC content means that newcomers to cannabis consumption will have to imbibe with caution. Be very careful how much you take, and make sure you are in a safe environment when you start smoking. With this strain, it’s best not to overdo it.

CBD Content – Highest Test

Chem’s Sister has no CBD. At least, the quantity of CBD is negligible. This can exacerbate the effects of THC, providing even more need to consume Chem’s Sister with caution.

Medical Benefits of Chem’s Sister

The sativa effects of Chem’s Sister lend themselves well to some excellent medicinal benefits. You will often find this strain in a medical marijuana dispensary. Budtenders often recommend it for pain as one of its primary uses.

Chronic pains, in particular, can be tackled by Chem’s Sister. Many users report feeling pain-free for a long time after using just one dose of this strain. This is great news for those suffering from debilitating and persistent pains.

The high THC content and sativa-dominant effects are also brilliant for mood disorders. Chem’s Sister is common as a medicinal strain for treating stress and depression, among other things. THC is renowned as a mood-booster due to its cerebral effects on the endocannabinoid system. There is no denying that Chem’s Sister provides a mainly cerebral high, so it’s not surprising that it has these positive effects on mood.

Chem’s Sister is also used as a wake and bake strain. In case you didn’t know, a “wake and bake” is an activity performed first thing in the morning. Chem’s Sister is really energizing and can lift you out of bed with no problems. If you’re struggling to pull yourself out of your covers and get on with the day, Chem’s Sister could be the answer. Those suffering from fatigue might find relief in this strain.

Interestingly, Chem’s Sister is also said to increase appetite. THC is often said to bring on ‘the munchies,’ and Chem’s Sister is definitely a strain that delivers on this front. Some users have also reported that this strain diminishes nausea, so if you’re struggling to eat because you feel sick, you might want to give Chem’s Sister a go. Lack of appetite and nausea are not the most common uses for this strain, but it still appears to lend a helping hand.

Potential Side Effects of Chem’s Sister

Every strain has some possible side effects. As always, you can expect to experience dry mouth and dry eyes. This is a pretty typical effect of THC and comes with pretty much every strain. You can easily combat it by staying hydrated before, during, and after your smoking session. For dry eyes, you can try using eye drops.

The worst side effect of Chem’s Sister is anxiety and paranoia. Anxious thoughts are to be expected of a strain with a THC content reaching 28%. You are more likely to become paranoid if you already suffer from anxious thoughts and paranoia. As a result, those with anxiety are advised to avoid this strain.

At the very least, it’s important only to use Chem’s Sister in small doses and not overdo it.

Final Thoughts on Chem’s Sister

If you’ve tried Chemdawg and loved the taste, then you might want to take a shot at Chem’s Sister. This strain is pretty similar, but its effects are quite the reverse. Instead of feeling sleepy, this strain lifts you up and gives you a burst of energy. Recreational users adore the cerebral high for its euphoria.

Medicinal users can also get a lot out of this strain. Chem’s Sister is often used for pain, depression, stress, and fatigue. It might also lend itself to an increase in focus and creativity if that’s what you’re looking for.

Whether you’re a recreational or medicinal user, you might find that you love the taste and aroma of Chem’s Sister. This skunky strain carries lovely undertones of sandalwood, pine, and citrus, making for a fresh and crisp smoke that can be enjoyed by many different marijuana users.

All in all, Chem’s Sister is an exemplary sativa-dominant strain. When using, it’s essential to be aware of the high THC content and smoke in moderation. Stay safe, and we’re sure you’ll love giving this strain a try.