Jelly Hash Recipe… And How to Use It!

The modern cannabis consumer is spoiled for choice! Especially if they are experienced users with a high THC tolerance. The number of marijuana concentrate options continues to grow. Jelly hash is one of the most interesting, and we outline how to make it in this guide.
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Looking for a new way to possibly alleviate stress and mitigate your aches and pains? Creating a jelly hash is potentially the way to go. Most users consider this product as an extremely potent form of hash.

Also known to users as hashish or hash oil, the hash is derived from the cannabis plant, typically using butane oil as a solvent.

Hash comes from the kief portion of the cannabis plant. The kief comes from the trichome, which is sticky and contains much of the plant’s resin. Kief contains many of the compounds that provide the biggest benefits. These include terpenes, cannabinoids, and phytochemicals. These components could help support many of the body’s day-to-day functions and systems.

Those experiencing chronic pain and nausea often swear by jelly hash’s effects. Much of this is likely to do with the inclusion of kief into jelly hash’s make-up. Jelly hash is especially popular among users undergoing chemotherapy treatments. Chemotherapy disrupts many of the body’s functions and can cause overwhelming feelings of nausea and sickness.

Jelly hash could relieve some of these symptoms and may help improve health and wellness.

How Can I Make Jelly Hash?

Making jelly hash isn’t as complicated as you may think. All you need to do is follow a few simple steps. Begin by obtaining a few key ingredients; these will make up your hash mixture base. Although it is up to you, the suggestion is that the ideal ratio for this recipe is 80% bubble hash against 20% hash or honey oil.


You can add a higher rate of hash or honey oil to reduce the potency. This is recommended if you have a medium THC tolerance. Those with a low tolerance should probably avoid jelly hash altogether!

The following are the essentials for this concoction:

  • One large container, preferably heat-resistant glass
  • Eight parts powdered bubble hash (unpressed)
  • Two parts hash or honey oil
  • A lighter or small blow torch (similar to what you would use for a creme brulee)
  • A metal cocktail stirrer or spoon
  • A timer or watch


  1. Pour the hash or honey oil into the glass container.
  2. Carefully heat the bottom of the container with the lighter or torch. Keep some distance between the heat source and the container so the oil won’t burn.
  3. Next, add the powdered hash in small increments, a little at a time. Stir continuously with your stirrer or spoon. Thoroughly heat the mixture until it releases slight smoke.
  4. Watch the bubble hash closely. As you add the hash, take note of the consistency. You will most likely see a consistency similar to syrup. As you continue to heat it, the mixture will begin to thicken.
  5. Once you have thoroughly heated and mixed all of the powdered bubble hash, stir it a few more times.
  6. Continue stirring it until it cools. Next, place it into a resealable plastic bag. Seal and place the bag into the freezer to cool for around two minutes.
  7. Remove the hash from the freezer. Mold it into whatever shape you desire.

How to Consume Jelly Hash

You may have a question or two on how to consume jelly hash for maximum benefit. The great thing about jelly hash is that unlike other types of hashes, you can smoke it. You can theoretically smoke other hashes. However, users don’t derive much benefit from the process.

In general, smoking a hash doesn’t result in the consumption of most terpenes, flavonoids, and phytochemicals. The key to jelly hash is the addition of the powdered bubble hash. The powdered hash lends a more combustible quality to the final product. This allows users to smoke it and extract essential compounds. You can place jelly hash into a joint or bong.

Jelly hash has a pleasant flavor and an agreeable aroma. Users state that it also has an intense, swift hit with a smooth and mellow let-down.

Final Thoughts on Jelly Hash

Jelly hash is an exceptionally potent derivative of cannabis. It consists of kief, a compound extracted from the trichomes of a cannabis plant. Jelly hash also contains bubble hash, a hash brought to a boil during its inception. It is called “jelly hash” because the end product has a jelly-like consistency.

Jelly hash’s potency is cited as a means of helping to alleviate a wide variety of symptoms.

These include nausea, as well as body aches and pains. Many users state that they enjoy the intense high as well as its pleasant flavor. It is described as having a deep and earthy aroma.

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