Dispensary Marijuana vs. Growing Your Own

Growing cannabis from the comfort of your own home has been the primary source for hundreds of thousands of individuals the world over for years. However, now thanks to changes in the legal cannabis market, we are seeing greater availability and more easily accessible cannabis across many of the states in America.

It is thanks to these legal changes that the cannabis industry is set to bring in big bucks in the future, with 2018 seen as a ‘banner year’ for the plant having amassed around $10 billion worth of investments and no signs of slowing down going forward! So what does this mean for the consumer?

For those who rely on marijuana for medicinal purposes, the ability to grow it from your own home is, of course, one that is going to appeal. Financially, it can make a massive difference to the pockets of thousands of people, not to mention the added security of having full control over what you are consuming.

However, what is more appealing in the long run – control and frugality or convenience and variety? Today we are going to be exploring the pros and cons of homegrown cannabis vs. purchasing marijuana from your local dispensary.

Stick around to find out whether you could be saving a fortune or whether bought is best…

Growing Weed at Home

Let’s start with the area we know best, homegrown weed! People across the world have been cultivating their own marijuana crops for hundreds of thousands of years, so it is undoubtedly a subject close to many people’s hearts. However, until recently, the laws around doing so have been for the most part pretty strict. So as legalities change allowing for the legal cultivation of marijuana, is it the case that more people will naturally want to try giving home growing a go for themselves?

Whether you are opting to grow indoors or out, there are so many benefits to growing your own weed, so let’s start by looking at a few here:

Pros of Growing Your Own Cannabis

  • If you are short on space, the option to grow your own weed indoors cannot only utilize small areas but also gives you full control over the growth of your bud.
  • Complete autonomy and control, assuring you know exactly where your bud has come from and what has been used to grow it.
  • Financial investment; the start-up fees may be a bit of a setback, but in the long-term, it is a financially beneficial way of consuming weed.
  • The sense of fulfillment – there is no better feeling than growing something of your own. In the same way, a gardener tends to their greenhouse and plants; this will become a hobby you love.
  • Co-author of Grow Your Own: Understanding, Cultivating and Enjoying Cannabis said of growing her own weed, “There is an empowerment that comes from being able to do it yourself.”

Of course, where there are benefits, there are sure to be setbacks, and cultivating your own weed is indeed no walk in the park, check out some of the most commonly reported downsides to growing your own weed…

Cons of Growing Your Own Cannabis

  • Growing large amounts of cannabis plants remains illegal in the majority of jurisdictions; this is still the case even in places where laws have been liberalized.
  • Growing your own weed takes a certain level of skill and know-how, so making mistakes can become massively costly and a significant drain on time.
  • Whether you are growing indoors or out, it can be challenging to stay on top of the smell, and in some cases, this can be highly problematic, mainly if you are growing in a state that has not legalized weed cultivation.
  • Could encourage theft as homegrown weed is often accessible, easy to sell on and worth a lot of money.
  • Can attract insects and pests as well as molds.

Buying Weed from a Dispensary

It’s no secret that cannabis dispensaries across America have been sprouting up left right and center in recent years, allowing for a much wider range of people to access weed for medicinal purposes as well as recreational in some states. However, how does buying your weed from a dispensary hold up when we compare it to growing it at home?

Let’s see some of the most significant benefits of purchasing weed from your local dispensary…

Pros of Buying Weed from a Dispensary

  • Purchasing cannabis from your local dispensary can be a much greater convenience. No need to wait weeks for your bud to cultivate – merely buy it there and then!
  • There is indeed a level of quality guaranteed when purchasing weed from any good dispensary. Whereas growing from home relies on your own skill, buying it in can cut out that uncertainty.
  • Buying weed locally gives you access to a wide range of strains and products that you simply wouldn’t get at home.
  • Encourages comparison shopping; with demand so high, dispensaries will often go above and beyond to make a good impression.
  • Access to specialist knowledge which can be invaluable to those seeking relief of a medical condition.

So, with so many benefits to purchasing weed from a dispensary, what downsides are involved?

Cons of Buying Weed from a Dispensary

  • There is no getting away from the fact that you are going to be shelling out much more money if you buy your weed from a dispensary! With variety and industry expertise comes a price – not to mention the overheads and taxes!
  • If you are in a conservative state, finding a legit dispensary may be easier said than done
  • If you are opting to buy your pot from a dispensary, prepare to pay in cold hard cash. Laws mean that banks are restricted, and so it is cash only.

Final Thoughts: Is Your Weed Homegrown or Shop Bought?

Despite the apparent pros and cons, both purchasing weed from a dispensary and growing your own offer strong arguments, and there really is no right or wrong answer.

Personal preference aside, this debate comes down to money (what doesn’t!) and whether you can afford a long term payout or prefer the initial fee of investing in tools to do it yourself!

What we would love to know is what you opt for when it comes to your weed; are you a home grower or do you prefer the convenience of a dispensary? Let us know in the comments!