Cannabis Dosage Guide: All The FACTS and More

No one that consumes weed enjoys the feeling of smoking or eating way too much. For those who are regular patrons of the world of cannabis, you know what it’s like to be TOO HIGH. It’s never fun. Well, actually, maybe it is for some if being intensely couch locked is your style, but overall being too high can sometimes make you paranoid or anxious; not typically a pleasant result after enjoying marijuana.

There are a few reasons why overdosing typically occurs and it’s important to be careful if you want your experience to be an incredible, energizing or relaxing high (whatever option you prefer):

1) If you’re consuming edibles, you might not be waiting long enough to feel its effects.

It’s true that edibles can often require an hour or even longer to kick in. After 20 minutes, don’t be surprised if you still feel the same as before. This is not the moment when you should be downing one more serving of brownie, candy or some other treat. Wait it out a little longer, give it at least an hour before making any decisions to up the dose. These guidelines are bound to make your level of high a comfortable one.

2) Just because your buddy smokes or consumes a certain amount, does not mean the same quantity is right for you. Use your judgement and don’t just go with the flow.

Everyone’s body functions a little differently. Listen to what it says to you. After you have a little, wait a small amount of time and ask yourself “do I still feel good?” Once the answer to that question becomes a no, stop intaking anymore cannabis until some time has passed. Try not to just be influenced by the people around you. They aren’t in your body, so they have no right to make decisions for you. Have the courage and strength to stand-up and support your own choices.

3) Each method of marijuana consumption has a different recommended dosage. Make sure you are familiar with the guidelines before use.

Find out all about proper dosage below with…

The ULTIMATE Cannabis Dosage Guide:

No matter what form of marijuana you’re enjoying, we’ll explain the recommended doses to you!

Classic Cannabis Smoking (a.k.a. Having a Bowl):



marijuana grinder

When it comes to enjoying a bowl, dosage may seem fairly complex. It seems difficult to judge how much ground marijuana is packed together. Thankfully, the effects of smoking cannabis are felt almost immediately, making your judgement of when is the right time to stop relatively simple and accurate (compared with a method like consuming edibles).

With all types of dosing, make sure you recognize how much tolerance you have built up for weed. If you’re having a joint, they typically range anywhere from 0.25-1 grams of herb. If you’ve just begun enjoying ganja or only consume it occasionally, start with a much lighter dose (0.25 grams or even less with probably be suitable). If you’re a heavy smoker, stoner or a more experienced connoisseur, bump your intake up to about 1 gram. It’s a good rule of thumb to start with less and then build from there, because the effects will hit you so quickly. You can always get more high, but the only thing that undos being way too high is time. Begin with a bit and continue from there if you’re feeling uneasy.

Edibles, Consumable Oils and All Those Tasty Ganja Treats:

canna oil

Edibles and oils are difficult to judge if you’re doing alright or not. As mentioned above, when consuming cannabis, make sure to wait at least an hour before taking an entire extra dose if you aren’t sure about your tolerance. The effects are absolutely not felt immediately, and this fact should be remembered. For edibles or oils that contain only CBD and little THC, these doses don’t pertain, but for THC rich items, light consumers should begin with only 1-5 mg of THC. A greater amount may be too intense for some. If you enjoy cannabis recreationally, not regularly but not sparsely either, 5-10 mg of THC is a safe place to start. For regular cannabis consumers who have built up tolerance, you may need 10 mg or more of THC to really get you buzzing. The effects of edibles can sometimes last for up to 8 hours, so once the onset of the high hits you, judge your state of being and decide whether to bring up your dose or keep it as is.

If you are buying from a dispensary, any edibles or oils they sell you will most likely have the amount of THC present in each serving readily available for your inquiry. However, if for some reason your product doesn’t, be sure to ask a knowledgeable budtender at the location to inform you of the dosage.

Dabbing and Vaporizing:

marijuana smoke

With dabbing and vaporizing, typically you have to use a visual of the amount you are consuming, rather than a specified or provided dose. A dab about the size of a grain of rice is adequate for light dabbers, while increasing the amount would be for those who have built up a tolerance. With vaporizing, just a few puffs can typically satisfy a light vaper, but those with high tolerance should increase their amount of hits.

Vaping, dabbing and smoking are all methods of consumption that you can feel the effects from almost immediately, while edibles sit in the different realm of long term high.

Final Thoughts:

We hoped you’ve enjoyed our thorough guide of cannabis dosage. It is important to remember that the consumption of cannabis is the sole responsibility of the user and discretion should be taken.

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