Is Medical Marijuana Better Than Street Marijuana?

Back in the olden days, we didn’t have the luxury of being able to walk into a cannabis dispensary and choose from one of several dozen glistening jars of grade-A bud. On quite the contrary, most of us were actually stuck snatching up whatever the local “dealer” had on offer from week to week. And the majority of time (to put it mildly), the bud wasn’t that great. Unless, of course, you consider brownish, moderate-potency ganja that’s chock full of stems and seeds “great.”

In any regard, the excessive availability of marijuana nowadays has got a lot of people asking: “is medical marijuana better than the stuff you can get off the street?” It’s a good question, in all reality, and is one that’s worth digging in to. After all, wouldn’t it be nice to know where (and how) all those sophisticated lab coats get their weed from?

In this article, we delve into the question of whether or not medical weed is better than “regular” weed. We will say, however, as a fair bit of “warning,” that we doubt you’ll be much surprised by the answer.

Who Grows Medical Marijuana?

Have you ever stopped to wonder where medical marijuana comes from? I mean let’s face it, even though it’s 100% legal, somebody out there has got to plant it, water it, take care of it, give it nutrients, harvest its buds, and so on and so forth — are we the only ones who think it’s odd to picture some brainiac lab coat out there doing the job of a verifiable green thumb?

In any regard, it turns out that growers who supply legal medical dispensaries actually do a pretty decent job of staying on the “hush hush.” What we mean by this is, it can present quite a dilemma trying to track down certified weed harvesters that supply state-run medical agencies. We don’t know whether or not this is due to some legal restriction or potential breach of contract, but what we do know is that in every single one of the 29 states who legalize medical marijuana, the process for obtaining a “grower’s permit” is, to put it lightly, pretty strict.

This is actually good news, though, no matter how you look at it, because believe it or not the majority of states out there with a medical marijuana program are extremely cognizant of bogus companies that try and “worm” their way into the industry with the idea of making a quick buck or two while selling garbage product.

In addition to maintaining an extremely rigorous application process, state-run medical marijuana agencies also seem to abide pretty stringently to the old adage that “it takes money to make money.” What we mean by this, of course, is that becoming a state-registered cannabis supplier is not cheap. We don’t have any specific figures on us, but in light of a recent research campaign that we did on Canada’s industrial cannabis industry, the majority of medical growers seem to be looking at a minimum of a 7-figure investment after considering application fees, processing, court documentation, and of course, the product and growing facility itself.

As you might imagine, then, these “high class” prerequisites do a pretty fair job of “weeding” (no pun intended) out any lesser-quality growers. So to put it bluntly, if you become a state-registered medical marijuana supplier, you are going to be growing some top-notch shit.

How Potent is Medical Weed? It’s GOOD…. Let’s Just Leave it at That

As such, you might already be guessing where we’re heading with the rest of this article; if you hypothesized that medical marijuana is legit, then congrats – we tip our hat to you because for the most part, medicinal cannabis is good, GOOD stuff.

I mean, not to say that we’re connoisseurs or nationwide experts or anything like that, but based off the medical-grade cannabis that we’ve consumed, there is unlikely to be any higher quality product out there on the street. And if there is, good luck finding it.

We believe that the quality of medical marijuana comes straight down to the fact that it is regulated so stringently; everything from the seeds that are planted to the pesticides that are used to maintain it, to the employees that are used to who harvest are watched over like hawks by each and every state-run MMJ program. This results in a standard of product that is, to put it mildly, no less than top-notch.

“Street” Marijuana Can be Great, But It’s Largely Hit or Miss

Now, don’t let the fact that we’ve been singing the praises of medical marijuana put a damper on all the good, hard-working, old-fashioned “street” growers out there. There is absolutely no doubt that there is some incredible pot hitting the streets, which is grown by vastly experienced and knowledgeable “cannaseurs” who probably know more than any state-run agency could ever dream of.

However, the problem is that it’s not easy to find these suppliers. I mean, correct us if we’re wrong, but the vast majority of “street bought” weed is, let’s face it, nothing to write home about. I, for one, have gone straight to the heart of California (the supposed weed capital of the world), picked up some “grade-A” bud, and ended up spending more time picking seeds and stems out of my “flower” than I did smoking it.

Now of course, I probably got straight up hosed on that deal, but the bottom line is that it’s far too easy for street “growers” to package up some dime bags with glorified oregano, and sell it for 15 bucks a gram. It sounds totally square of us to say it, but without state-run regulation, you’re more likely to get dirt for weed than quality ganja. As you might guess then, when all is said and done, medical marijuana – for the most part – vastly outshines regular “street” marijuana in terms of quality and potency.

Final Thoughts on Medical Weed vs. Regular Weed

Again, don’t let the fact that we just spent an entire article singing the praises of MMJ-grown weed put a damper on the fact that there’s loads of supremely-talented street growers out there. For what it’s worth, we have no doubt whatsoever that the most knowledgeable (and talented) cannabis harvesters are those who have no affiliation with state-run agencies.

However, the simple truth of the matter is that there are far more “bogus” street slingers out there (selling dime bags of horse hay) than there are quality MMJ greenthumbs — until the average quality of street weed outshines the average quality of medical marijuana weed, there will be no real comparison between the two. For now, at least, medical marijuana is far superior to the quality of street marijuana, at least on a general level.

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