6 Things That Affect How High You Get

You may have smoked a joint before – the usual type – and yet still had a different experience despite it being the same exact strain. Depending on many different factors, your encounter with cannabis can differ each time. Things such as your environment, how you smoke it, potency, the strain contents, and your sensitivity all can have a say in how the cannabis will affect you each time.

When you understand the things that can influence your high, you can prepare yourself to have the experience that you so desire.

Many people like many different things when it comes to sensations upon smoking, so by being in touch with these different factors that all can play into how your smoke sesh goes you can be in better control of your how your body and mind are impacted by marijuana.

The Six Things That Can Affect How High You Get

If you want to understand your body better and decide how you experience your high, keep reading on…


Surroundings are perhaps one of the biggest factors that influence how your high will go. Are you in a crowded space in the center of the city? Or a remote and peaceful forest with very little disturbances besides birds and possibly the sound of the trees rustling? Your location, its ambiance, and your mood will have the biggest effect on how your high goes since your state of being plays a big role in your high.

If you start out in a pleasant and happy place upon smoking your joint, your high may be joyful and relaxing as well.

But if you do not like crowds and you smoke in a crowded or busy area with a lot of people and commotion, you may feel overwhelmed or even become very anxious. That is why it is important to figure out what kind of setting and what type of adventure you are looking for before you start smoking – because the environment and setting can definitely have a big say in things will go.

In a nutshell, just match the location to the experience you are looking for. If you are looking for an upbeat and fun high that is buzzy and exciting, a city location with lots of people may be perfect for you to get in that peppy mood. If, however, you are hoping to relax and have a very special and quiet time, doing it at your house or in nature could make a world of difference.

Method of Administration

Another big factor that will affect how high you get is how you administer your cannabis. There are many different ways you can take your cannabis such as through smoking it, vaping it, ingesting it, or applying it topically. There is a big difference in the effect you will experience through smoking it and through ingesting it, however.

The smoking or vaping method is quicker to take action and will start to work faster, but it will not give you as strong of a sensation as if you ingested it. The length of time of the high will also be a lot longer through ingesting it – often generating both a body and cerebral high as well.

There are some positives and negatives to each and every delivery method, so depending on what you are looking for from your experience with cannabis, the method of administration will play a big role in the result.

A lot of people like how they can control how much cannabis they are putting in their system through the smoking and vaping method, which isn’t as possible with edibles. If you intend to ingest cannabis by smoking or vaping and feel you need a little bit more, simply take another hit.

With the ingestion method, such as through edibles or gummies, you can’t really monitor consumption as openly. It’s challenging to know how edibles will affect you until they’re already in your system, and for some people that feeling may be a little overwhelming or unpredictable, especially because edibles have effects that are very different from those which can be incurred from smoking or vaping.


The potency is also another big factor in determining how high you will get. Strains with really high concentrations of intoxicating cannabinoids will obviously have a much stronger and more potent effect.

You can opt for strong cannabis extracts, such as dabs, which can sometimes be up to 99.9% THC and can really pack a punch to produce a more invigorating and stimulating high. Depending on the concentration of cannabinoids in the joint or dab, it can get you pretty high and make your experience either good or bad.

You should always start small when you are getting into the world of cannabis and THC to ensure a more effective outcome.

When you work your way up and you find that sweet spot that works for you, you are then more likely to have the outcome you are looking for. If you start too high, your body may overreact because it may be too stimulating, producing a lot of anxiety. So, potency is a very big factor in determining your high, because it may simply be too much for you at first and this can greatly affect the outcome and how you feel when smoking your cannabis.

Strain (CBD/THC content)

The strain you select also has a say in your experience with cannabis as well. Each strain will contain different terpenes, CBD content, THC content, and levels of other cannabinoids.

Depending on what strain you choose, this combination and ratio of the different substances and phytochemicals in the cannabis plant will all have varying effects on how you feel with your high.

A strain that is high in THC and low in CBD may produce a more exhilarating and upbeat high with minimal effects at relieving pain. A strain that is high in CBD and low in THC, on the other hand, may have you feeling much more relaxed and pain-free with very mild euphoria or stimulating effects.

Depending on which type of high you are looking for, you should check the statistics on your strain so you can find out the levels of CBD and THC prior to smoking, because there are many different combinations which can all adversely or positively affect you and what you are looking for in a high.

Sensitivity/Body Chemistry

This is a big one. Sensitivity is often something that must be taken into consideration when starting to smoke cannabis, as it can greatly affect your high. Those who are prone to anxiety or who suffer from other mental conditions or illnesses should exercise caution with THC.

They may be more sensitive to the effects since they already have a pre-existing mental condition and it may exacerbate it as a result. Other people just may be more sensitive in general, even if they don’t have a mental condition.

It’s important to just start small as discussed above, because your sensitivity may be stronger than someone else’s, as everyone’s threshold for THC is different. Your body chemistry also has a say, as your weight and rate of metabolism is different to anybody else’s, so the effects THC may have on you may not be the same as your friend with whom you are smoking – resulting in you both ending up with a completely different experience with the same strain of cannabis.

Getting to know your limits with your own body is an important step in having your ideal result with cannabis because you can know what is right for you based on how it will affect you.


Lastly, age. Age can also affect your high and how enjoyable it is for you. Many younger people have shown to be less negatively affected by cannabis and have a much more positive outcome than their older counterparts.

A lot of adults simply lose their tolerance for weed as they age.

The reason behind this isn’t quite known, but it may have a lot to do with their state of mind or beliefs before smoking which can affect their experience psychologically as a result. But in general, many younger people simply seem to be able to handle cannabis and its effects much more easier than adults can.

6 Things That Affect How High You Get: Conclusion

So overall, there are many different factors that play together to affect how high you can get and how your experience with cannabis will be. Making sure you know and are informed of the potency and CBD to THC ratio as well as controlling your environment can have a big say in the outcome.

Other things, such as your personal sensitivity and body chemistry, must be taken into consideration as well, considering that everyone is different and will react differently to THC and other cannabinoids. Getting to know these features better will help you to understand your own body and what you should and shouldn’t do when it comes to cannabis.

As long as you listen to your body in accordance with what type of high you are looking for, you should be able to reach that perfect sweet spot for an ideal high every time. So, feel free to test out many different strains, locations, and potencies which match what you may be searching for in your cannabis journey.