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We specialize in industries that aren’t particularly well-regulated, which is why we work so hard to earn your trust. There is content related to CBD, hemp, and cannabis on thousands of sites. It is extremely difficult to know if what you’re reading is true.

At WayofLeaf, we’re dedicated to ensuring that you, the reader, are only privy to well-researched and accurate information. This level of integrity is also evident in how we select our partners and how we review products and services.

No Claims, No Biases, Just Facts

WayofLeaf’s goal is to become your one-stop-shop for all things hemp, cannabis, and psychedelics related. It is a sad truth that many websites providing this information make wild claims with no hard evidence.

We pledge never to make any claims or suggest that something is a ‘fact’ without the evidence to back it up. This means detailed research into the various medical studies relating to hemp, cannabis, and its cannabinoids. Our ultimate goal is to have all medical content reviewed by licensed physicians, and we’re well on the way to achieving that feat.

The topics we choose to cover represent what we believe matters most to our readers. From cannabis strain information to research into medical marijuana to brand reviews, the WayofLeaf goal is always to inform but not to influence.

While our team believes that hemp, cannabis, and cannabinoids have many uses, they do not shirk from their responsibility of providing readers with the full picture. This means outlining the risks associated with using these plants, including adverse side effects.

We also try our best to keep up with the hemp and cannabis industries’ fast-changing legal aspects. This means doing what we can to ensure marijuana and CBD law content is updated whenever necessary.

The Product Selection Process

First and foremost, our research team looks into the brands and products that are the most searched for online. They also take into account the growing level of reader feedback it receives. This can mean discovering more about the best CBD transdermal patches or THC beverages.

The next step involves a detailed analysis of product trends and the most relevant brands. We do our utmost to flag any companies of a dubious nature and aren’t afraid to tell you if we believe a brand isn’t trustworthy.

Every product or brand review we create contains a list of pros and cons and lets the reader know if such organizations are worth their time and money. Our team does the research for you and lets you decide on the next step, armed with the relevant information.

WayofLeaf does have affiliates and partners, but only we consider working with brands after a thorough and detailed search. We only associate with reputable organizations with long-standing reputations for excellence. Our readers deserve nothing less.

Above all, WayofLeaf aims to provide readers with transparency within an industry that is opaque at best. As such, we must point out that if you make a purchase after clicking on the link of one of our partners or affiliates, we might receive a small percentage of the sale’s revenue.

We use this income to continue producing the written and video content necessary to keep our readers informed. No one from the research, content, or medical teams receives any money from customer purchases.

WayofLeaf also operates a stringent advertising policy, which means none of our partners or affiliates have any influence on our content whatsoever.

Ultimately, our business is all about providing readers with informative, accurate, honest, yet easy to digest information on the hemp, cannabis, and psychedelics industries.

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