Watermelon Marijuana Strain Review [UPDATED!]

Watermelon Marijuana Strain Review [UPDATED!]

The Watermelon strain is a super juicy and delicious strain that is reminiscent of watermelon, fresh berries, and candy. It’s bursting with flavor, and is just one of the reasons Watermelon is such a hit. This strain also simultaneously offers relief from stress, fatigue, and chronic pain, so it’s perfect for those suffering from muscle conditions, arthritis, or mood disorders alike.

Dominant Terpene:
Euphoria, Sleep/Sedation, Uplifting
Common Usage
Growing Info
Flowering period is approximately 8-9 weeks, best grown outdoors

The Watermelon strain is named after one of the most refreshing fruits around. As well as being a delicious low-calorie treat that quenches your thirst, watermelon contains an array of vitamins and minerals. Did you know it contains an amino acid called citrulline which boosts the body’s levels of nitric oxide?

Other goodies contained in watermelon include magnesium, vitamins A, B6 and C, and potassium. While the marijuana strain doesn’t quite provide you with as many vitamins, it could have a few medical benefits, and it is unquestionably refreshing.

What Is the Watermelon Strain?


Watermelon strain weed is an indica dominant strain, but no one is 100% sure as to its origins! It is likely to be a cross of parents from the Berry family, which would explain the sensational flavor. This strain is known for its uplifting qualities and is a treat to smell and taste. Users suggest that the best way to consume Watermelon is via a bong as you get all the aromatic qualities that make this strain famous.


The Watermelon marijuana strain has an unmistakably sweet scent akin to fruit-flavored candy. If you close your eyes and truly take in the aroma, you will get the smell of fresh strawberries, along with hints of sugar and earthiness.


You can probably guess that this strain tastes a lot like watermelon! The sweet berry flavor is a joy to behold, and you will be eager to consume even more of it; just don’t get greedy with the blunt! Upon the exhale, you may get hints of tropical fruit with a honey flavor that lingers luxuriously.


This strain’s buds have a pale green coloring, although if you look closely, you should be able to see pink undertones. The bright orange hairs also stand out against the light-colored background, and the frosty white trichomes are the icing on the cake.

Watermelon Strain: Grow Info

If you are a first-time grower, you can purchase Watermelon strain seeds with confidence because it is not a tricky plant to grow. In the event that you want to grow it outside, make sure the crop is situated in a warm and sunny climate with excellent air circulation. It is one of the most popular strains amongst medicinal growers and is ready for harvest by mid-October. One downside is the moderate yield of up to 11 ounces per plant.

You can purchase Watermelon strain seeds with confidence because it is not a tricky plant to grow.

If you elect to grow Watermelon marijuana indoors, consider using the Sea of Green growing method to increase yield. First-time growers should focus on using organic soil as the growing medium because it should provide your crop with all the nutrients it needs.

Once you gain a little more experience, a hydroponic system of growing could boost your yield still further. It requires greater knowledge of horticulture because you are in control of the crop’s nutrient intake. It is very important that your grow room has good air circulation to keep the humidity and temperature levels in check. When growing indoors, the yield is approximately 13 ounces per square meter, and its flowering time is 8-9 weeks.

THC Content – Highest Test

We have seen a wide array of results for Watermelon cannabis’ THC content. The average THC content ranges from 11 to 17% but can top out at 20%. We have heard unsubstantiated stories which claim certain cuts have a THC level of 29%.

CBD Content – Highest Test

Some cuts of Watermelon have a CBD level of 1%.

What Can I Expect When I Use Watermelon Weed?

Watermelon is a popular recreational marijuana option because of its uplifting yet relaxing effects. If you are feeling a bit listless and down, a few tokes of Watermelon could improve your mood and even give you a feeling of euphoria for a short time. Once you have experienced the cerebral high, this strain makes its way through the body and helps alleviate mental and physical stress.

At the beginning of the high, you may experience fits of laughter for no particular reason, as you understand what joy really feels like. As the high expands, it helps soothe your body, and you may feel a sudden urge to lie down. If you consume a lot of Watermelon, there is a decent chance you’ll slowly drift off to sleep, far away from a world of worries. As such, we recommend using this strain in the late evening to de-stress.

Medical Benefits of the Watermelon Marijuana Strain

If you are suffering from stress or chronic fatigue, Watermelon could be the tonic you need. Use it an hour or two before bedtime if you have insomnia, and get ready for sleep to take hold. One of the reasons why it is so effective for insomniacs is because it helps you set aside the mental worries that keep you awake.

Watermelon is potent enough to serve as a worthy analgesic. It could be effective if you have chronic pain due to a condition such as arthritis, migraine, or backache. This strain helps numb the pain you feel and give you a much-needed mental break. It has been linked with a reduction in vomiting and nausea, which means it is potentially useful for patients undergoing treatments that affect appetite.

This strain helps numb the pain you feel and give you a much-needed mental break.

If you feel your stomach rumbling as the high wears off, don’t worry! Getting a case of the munchies is normal. If you have issues with your appetite, Watermelon could help you look forward to mealtimes. Finally, as it can improve your mood, you might use this strain to alleviate symptoms of anxiety or depression.

Possible Side Effects of Watermelon Weed

As Watermelon has heavy indica effects, you could end up with dry and itchy eyes, along with a dry mouth. You can alleviate this problem by staying hydrated before, during, and after the high. Additional side effects may include a pounding headache. This is linked to dehydration, and could also prove to be a problem if you have a low tolerance to marijuana. In rare cases, excessive use could result in dizziness and paranoid thoughts.

The Watermelon Marijuana Strain: Our Final Thoughts

Watermelon is one of the most sought after Indica strains due to the incredible feeling of relaxation it provides. Initially, at least, you will feel on top of the world as your worries fade into the distance. Eventually, the high makes its way to the body, and you might find yourself unable to fight off sleep.

Once you experience Watermelon, you will find it hard to switch to other strains because of its remarkable aroma and flavor. It is also an easy strain to grow which is great news for newbies.

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