Triple Diesel Strain [Updated Review]

Triple Diesel Strain [Updated Review]

Triple Diesel is a combination of several potent diesel strains. Its lineage has produced an eclectic mix of aromas, fun flavors, and characteristics that users love. Proponents of this strain report that it is an option for relaxing and releasing stress.

Price(per gram)
Dominant Terpene:
Caryophyllene, Humulene, Limonene
Common Usage
AnxietyChronic painDepressionSleepStress
Growing Info
This strain flowerings indoors in around 8 weeks. Outdoor harvest may begin around the end of september.

The Diesel strain family is known for its sour, aromatic intensity, as well as its rapid uplifting high. Triple Diesel is one of the best-known Diesel family phenotypes. It offers the signature smell and taste but with more complexity. Let’s take a look at Triple Diesel to try and gain a greater understanding of it.

What Is the Triple Diesel Cannabis Strain?

Triple Diesel also called ‘Triple D,’ is a cross of Sour Diesel, New York City Diesel, and Strawberry Diesel. The precise ratio of sativa to indica is unknown, but it contains significantly more sativa than indica.

If you have a small amount, you might benefit from a brief period of increased focus. However, in general, using Triple D is more likely to cause intense relaxation, followed by a deep and mellow euphoria.

Once you use a large amount, the possibility of ‘brain melt’ increases. At this point, your main goal is to find as comfortable a place as possible so you can lie down.

Users typically claim that they feel happy, relaxed, and entirely devoid of any desire to do anything.

Some people have mistakenly used Triple Diesel in the belief it will make them more creative. Inevitably, they use too much and end up lounging on the sofa like vegetables.


The first thing you’re likely to notice about Triple Diesel is the pungent fuel smell. Don’t worry; we’re not talking about the nasty odor of chemical fuel. Instead, it is a pleasant scent which even carries subtle hints of fruit. It is perhaps the combination of terpenes such as humulene, limonene, and beta-caryophyllene, which help generate Triple D’s winning aroma.


While you may get the acrid tang of diesel fuel, the prominent taste is that of pungent sweetness. While the Diesel family is known for its distinctive flavor pattern, Triple D is a little different.  The citrusy, sweet notes complement the immediate diesel flavor, leading to a completely different experience than you might have predicted.



Triple Diesel’s somewhat dour appearance belies its intensity and sheer power. The kief that coats Triple Diesel is highly prized, looking and smelling just like small globules of fuel dripping from your bud. The nugs are denser than others in the Diesel family and offer a lime-green glow and orange pistils.

Triple Diesel Strain Grоw Infо

Triple Diesel has a relatively typical flowering time of around eight weeks. It is generally considered a relatively easy strain for novices to try. It can grow to approximately 80 inches tall. As a result, you need to occasionally prune the plant to ensure you get the very best yield possible.

The Diesel family has a reputation for being somewhat tricky to grow due to their temperature dependence. When they are out of their comfort zone, they tend to grow incorrectly or erratically, leading some growers to avoid producing any Diesel strains.

Unlike some of its cousins, however, Triple Diesel doesn’t mind temperature variations too much. It grows exceptionally well in a temperature-controlled environment indoors but is also efficient if you elect to cultivate it outdoors.  Unfortunately, you will struggle to locate Triple Diesel seeds, so your best option is to take a cutting from a mature plant.

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This bud offers shades of purple, but only if you briefly expose the plants to nighttime temperatures up to 15 degrees lower than the daytime. Don’t allow the temperature to fall any further than this because you increase the risk of shock. As Triple D has a rather intense smell when grown indoors, make sure you invest in exhaust fans.

THC Content – Highest Test

On average, the THC content of Triple Diesel is approximately 20%, though it can contain up to 22%.

CBD Content – Highest Test

Triple Diesel’s CBD content is negligible, and usually less than 0.1%.

Medical Benefits of the Triple Diesel Strain

A growing number of users opt for Triple D to help manage the symptoms of depression. Remember, the strain has a reputation for providing a euphoric high and a general mood boost.

You may also find it useful if you have a sleeping disorder, such as insomnia. While Triple D can help with focus, this scenario only happens with minimal amounts. Otherwise, you can expect to feel sedated and sleepy. Users also believe it can help them with anxiety and stress.

Pоѕѕіblе Sіdе Effесtѕ оf the Triple Diesel Strain

Triple Diesel, like many other potent marijuana strains, has a few side effects. The most common of these is dry mouth. Some users report feeling an acrid sensation in their tongue and gums.

There is also the slight possibility that Triple Diesel consumption increases any feelings of anxiety or paranoia you already have. It is best to steer clear of this strain if you are predisposed to such feelings, or if you are a cannabis novice.

Final Thoughts on the Triple Diesel Strain

Triple Diesel is a strain with both a massive reputation and family history to live up to. Luckily, Triple Diesel delivers, both due to its intense effects and its outstanding flavor profile.

You can enjoy the rubbery, redolent taste and smell while feeling utterly relaxed and euphoric. It is a sativa that potentially causes indica effects. This could confuse some users, so make sure you use a small amount of Triple Diesel at first to see how it affects you.

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