THC Bomb (Cannabis Strain Review)

THC Bomb (Cannabis Strain Review)

Despite THC Bomb’s name and the fact it’s high in THC, it’s a mellow and relaxing smoke that won’t completely sedate you. It’s perfect for an afternoon smoke and can help put you in a calm and relaxed state. THC Bomb has a very citrusy and fruity flavor profile, so it tastes delicious as well.

Dominant Terpene:
Calming, Euphoria, Happy
Common Usage
Growing Info

Developed by the experts at Bomb Seeds, this Dutch-born hybrid is one of the most versatile strains we have come across and packs a well-rounded high!

What Is the THC Bomb Strain?

THC Bomb may sound somewhat intimidating, but don’t let the name put you off. This hybrid offers a good punch of THC but has fairly balanced effects.

Depending on the phenotype, THC Bomb can lean towards the indica or sativa side of things. Therefore, users may experience slightly more of one or the other. However, as a whole, this is a versatile bud that can serve a purpose in most situations.

With a mysterious genetic makeup, nobody is too sure what went into making this delicious strain.

Users generally suggest they feel an invigorating cerebral high at first. However, as the high proceeds down the body, relaxation of the limbs takes hold. Use enough THC Bomb, and you could fall asleep.

With a mysterious genetic makeup, nobody is too sure what went into making this delicious strain. However, we are sure that it is a potent delight that is fast-acting and long-lasting in equal measure!


Dank and earthy, THC Bomb is a real potent smelling bud. On the first inspection, the notes of damp earth are pretty strong. However, when you grind it, there are definite hints of wood and musk that add a new dimension to this delightful strain.


If you get past THC Bomb’s intense aroma, you may be pleasantly surprised by the kick of zesty citrus and sweet notes of berry. Much more discreet than its accompanying aroma, this is a fruity noted bud that has a slight undertone of diesel running throughout. On exhale, the harsh smoke takes on a particularly rank smell and tastes of lemon and chemical; simply delightful!



THC Bomb presents some substantial bomb-like flowers that offer a colorful, dense structure that is a sight to behold. Offering a flurry of clear white trichomes and a generous slathering of orange hairs, this short yet hardy plant is a beautiful one to cultivate for yourself!

THC Bomb Strain Grow Info

Bomb Seed has made seeds of this bud available online. Therefore, if you have some time on your hands and a little background knowledge, you have the chance to cultivate THC Bomb at home.

Thanks to its short stature, THC Bomb does well both indoors and out, and when done right, can offer some pretty high yields! Remember, though, this plant will require a certain level of know-how. It needs regular topping to allow for light to reach its lower branches.

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THC Bomb requires a semi-humid climate for outdoor growth, with temperatures around the 72–80-degree Fahrenheit mark.

Indoors, this strain’s flowering time is 7-8 weeks on average. Outdoor harvesting comes around September/October.

THC Content – Highest Test

As the name suggests, THC bomb is high in the intoxicating cannabinoid. While tests reveal a range of 20-26%, it has an average of around 22% THC.

CBD Content – Highest Test

In general, you can expect this strain’s CBD content to be less than 1%.

Medical Benefits of the THC Bomb Strain

THC Bomb has a range of benefits, as we have mentioned, and you can use it both recreationally and medicinally.

If you struggle to stay motivated on any given task, THC Bomb can be just the thing you need to gain the necessary headspace and concentration. Equally, it is helpful for more active pursuits, whether you want to go walking, jogging, or engage in other forms of exercise. The burst of energy and euphoria this bud gives is next level!

Individuals with ADD might find that this strain helps them remain focused. Others have reported increased relaxation, which helps them with anxiety, stress, and PTSD. THC Bomb can even assist with sleeping problems if taken in the right amount, as it can bring on a chilled-out sedative effect.

Those struggling with ADD have found this bud to be particularly helpful in remaining focused on the task at hand .

Some users have reported this bud’s benefits for mild to moderate pain. Many users say the high travels throughout the body and leaves their limbs feeling weightless.

One unanimous report on this tasty hybrid is its ability to bring about insatiable munchies. Therefore, ensuring you are well stocked with your favorite snacks is a must! Of course, this also means that MMJ users with appetite problems should consider using THC Bomb.

Possible Side Effects of the THC Bomb Strain

Like with any strain, if taken inappropriately, THC Bomb can lead to some unwanted effects. THC Bomb is prone to causing both dry eyes and dry mouth in users. However, below is a list of further potential adverse effects that could occur:

  • High THC levels can lead to panic if you are not accustomed to the cannabinoid or are prone to panic attacks
  • Headaches
  • Dizziness
  • Paranoia

If you experience any of these symptoms, we recommend discontinuing the use of the strain.

Final Thoughts on the THC Bomb Strain

This bud excites us greatly! It is rare to find a bud that can do as much as THC Bomb can. With its bold flavors and uplifting high, it is hard to resist!

Let us know your thoughts on THC Bomb in the comments below!

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