Tangerine Haze Strain [Origins, Benefits, Potency]

Tangerine Haze Strain [Origins, Benefits, Potency]

A perfect example of a hybrid strain that presents itself as a sativa; this is a great, all-purpose strain for use during the day. For relaxation, energy, and motivation all at once, this is the perfect strain to keep on hand for general use.

Dominant Terpene:
Body high/numbing, Creativity, Energy, Focus, Happy, Relaxation, Spacy/cerebral
Common Usage
AnxietyChronic painDepressionFocusMigrainesNauseaNerve painStress
Body high/numbingCreativityEnergyFocusHappyRelaxationSpacy/cerebral
Growing Info
An easy, relatively uncomplicated strain to grow at home; just make sure that you are constantly pruning it, as it tends to grow very tall!

Who doesn’t love the deep, sour, and complex flavor profile of citrus tasting strains? The real question, though, is what strain do you go for?

If you have taken even the briefest of looks at your local dispensary recently, you will notice that there are almost endless options to choose from. One great candidate to consider is the Tangerine Haze strain, a tasty, hazy hybrid strain with all of the citrus flavors you could possibly want.

Here is everything that there is to know about this prolific citrus strain so that you can try it for yourself.

What Is the Tangerine Haze Strain?

The Tangerine Haze strain is a hybrid strain with substantial sativa leanings, well known for its buzzing, mind racing effects. This strain is the result of careful crossbreeding between a classic Haze and a perfect Diesel strain coming out of the Netherlands. G13 Haze and NYC Diesel combine into a complex, innovative, and all-around exciting strain that is well-loved.

While it is a hybrid strain, it still manages to present itself more of a sativa than anything else. Despite its only 60% sativa content, it manages to give sativa effects.


The effects take hold very swiftly, leaving your brain buzzing and racing far faster than you have ever experienced. Thoughts will seem to slow down, yet intensify at the same time, leaving your brain with an odd combination of speedy conclusions, yet slow feelings. Some people have compared it to being drunk.

Time and physical reality around you will alter and shift, but not so much that it is a properly hallucinogenic strain. After a brief period of acclimatization, you will find yourself with a big sensation of energy, focus, and determination. You will want to finish that pesky task that’s been bothering you, even if just to have something completed and done.

After the halfway point, the indica portion of this hybrid will begin rearing its head, giving you a gentle physical sensation of relaxation and relief from muscle pain.

It doesn’t replace the previous mental exhilaration, though, but instead compliments it quite nicely. The high from Tangerine Haze lasts a long time. It eventually melds into one big party of different effects, making it an unusual, multi-purpose strain. In fact, thanks to the fact that it doesn’t really knock you out, it is perfect to use during the day and enjoy for hours at a time.


Tangerine Haze is a strain that manages to stick true to its name, offering up some very tangerine-like flavors in its aroma. The citrus twang is tangy and just a little bit spicy, but in the same way that a baked pie is spicy, with rich, warming spices.

There is sweetness as well, almost too much to bear, especially once you break the buds apart. That sweetness evolves and shifts until it eventually presents itself as a nearly herb-like aroma, almost as if you walked through a herb thicket.


Despite this strain’s aroma being true to its name, its flavor is oddly different. As you break your Tangerine Haze bud apart and burn it, the first thing you will notice is its smoothness.

In much the same way that a gently matured, nicely aged glass of bourbon goes down smoothly, the smoke is palatable and utterly enjoyable. As the smoothness passes, you will recognize a general sense of fruit, as well as just a touch of spice.

The spiciness is more noticeable on the exhale, but that doesn’t stop it from being incredibly pleasant once the smoke is over.


The buds of the Tangerine Haze strain are uniform in their appearance, pointing toward the base in a line. However, the appearance of this strain differs greatly from one particular phenotype to another. Some are more precise and compact, whereas others develop wider and more adorned leaves and pistils.

There are a decent amount of white trichomes dotting the surface regardless, contributing an excellent resinous quality to the bud.

The best way to control the final appearance of your Tangerine Haze is to get some seeds and grow some yourself. But what kind of special knowledge do you need to know to grow your own Tangerine Haze?

Tangerine Haze Strain Grow Info

Tangerine Haze strain seeds are unfortunately pretty rare and hard to find these days. You will need to find someone growing it already if you want to grow your own Tangerine Haze. If they are very friendly, they can make cutting and let you grow from it as a clone.

If you manage to get hold of some Tangerine Haze, then you can grow it however you like – either indoors or outside. As always, ensure your outside temperature is humid and at least 70 degrees Fahrenheit.

As it grows, the shape of the plant stays true to its effects, as it is remarkably similar to a plain sativa. It will tend to grow pretty tall as it approaches flowering, so much so that you might need to trellis it.

For better bud production, you would do well to be consistently trimming and pruning the plant as it starts to grow. This will help encourage a more lateral growth rate, something that leads to more usable buds.

Other than that, though, it is a pretty easy strain to manage. It does have a somewhat noticeable smell to it, but it is more recognizable as an orange tree than anything else, so you don’t have to worry about snooping neighbors.

Just keep it well watered, warm, and cared for, and you will end up with a tall, healthy Tangerine Haze plant. After around ten weeks of growing, you can expect a decent yield of very strongly smelling Tangerine Haze bud.

THC Content – Highest Test

Tangerine Haze cannabis might be sativa-leaning, but it is still a hybrid, which means it has been carefully cultivated with generations of meticulous breeding. This typically results in some pretty intense cannabinoid levels, and this is true in the case of Tangerine Haze.

Tangerine Haze’s parent strains are well known, prolific strains, so you can probably guess just how much THC is going to be in this strain from looking at its ancestors.

You can expect most Tangerine Haze buds to contain around 21% THC, though some can go even higher. This makes it a strain that is able to hit you very strongly if you aren’t careful, so make sure that you are watching how much you smoke at any one time.

CBD Content – Highest Test

As tends to happen with all hybrid strains over time, you wind up with nothing more than THC in your buds. Tangerine Haze doesn’t have any CBD content to speak of, making it a not very useful option for those looking for cannabidiol benefits.

However, thanks to its incredible series of effects and excellent parentage, Tangerine Haze still has plenty of medical benefits.

Medical Benefits of the Tangerine Haze Strain

The primary effects of the Tangerine Haze strain are ones of intense mental clarity and acuity. A massive rush of focus, positive feelings, and intense mental attention make this perfect for combating mental disorders.

If you struggle with ADHD or an inability to get your mind to hold attention, this strain is excellent. Furthermore, anyone struggling with depression or excessive stress can easily benefit from this strain.

You won’t be able to think of negative things or dwell on past mistakes when you are feeling so happy and driven. This isn’t to say that it totally banishes these feelings or cures you; it just makes your day better and those mental problems a bit easier to deal with.

There are also several beneficial physical effects. Whenever you have a bud with a large quantity of THC, it is almost inevitable that it is excellent at masking pain.

Thanks to the mild numbness that the indica portion of this bud induces after the halfway point of the high, you won’t notice pain or inflammation. It is also extremely useful at banishing nausea or other unpleasant physical sensations.

Ultimately, this strain is excellent for helping you feel good, relaxed, and driven, something beautiful to help make anyone’s day better.

Possible Side Effects of the Tangerine Haze Strain

The main problem with the Tangerine Haze strain is that it has a pretty high THC load, even for a hybrid. This high THC concentration tends to lead to at least some side effects, no matter how pure the phenotype.

You will obviously notice a tremendous dryness in both your eyes and mouth, so keep yourself well hydrated to avoid any discomfort.

The real side effects are due to this strain’s effects on your sense of time and thought. The initial sativa portion of this bud seems to alter your brain’s processing of the physical reality around you. While excellent for many recreational users, it can lead to some pretty trippy and unpleasant feelings for others.

If you struggle with paranoia or anxiety, whether as a medical condition or just as a common side effect from cannabis, you might want to avoid Tangerine Haze. This strain would likely only exacerbate those problems, leaving you feeling mentally shaken up and disturbed.

It will inevitably ruin the rest of the high, leaving you unable to appreciate the indica portion’s complexities at the end.

Final Thoughts on the Tangerine Haze Strain

There are plenty of fantastic citrus strains out there that boast all kinds of interesting flavor and effect combinations. However, only the Tangerine Haze strain can provide so many different and interesting effects, all muddled into one. It has a distinct hierarchy of impact; you get the intense sativa mental effects first, then the more gentle physical indica effects later.

This strain is perfect for taking after work, or in the mid-afternoon during your day off. You can sit back, relax, and experience a smorgasbord of complicated feelings, emotions, and sensations.

Alongside its fantastic flavor profile, this strain offers up some of the very best in what makes cannabis incredible.

If you are lucky enough to find some or, even better, grow some yourself, do not pass up an opportunity to try Tangerine Haze.

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