Sunshine Dream Cannabis Strain Review

Sunshine Dream Cannabis Strain Review

The Sunshine Dream strain offers a slow-acting high that begins with uplifting cerebral intoxication. Eventually, the high makes its way to the body, where it results in total relaxation. However, overconsumption of this strain will cause couch-lock and may also send you to sleep. Therefore, this skunky-smelling strain is best used in the evening.

Dominant Terpene:
Limonene, Linalool, Myrcene
Common Usage
Chronic painSleepStress
Growing Info
You can cultivate the Sunshine Dream strain indoors or outdoors. If you grow it outdoors, it is usually ready for harvest by the middle of October. Indoors, it has a flowering time of 8-9 weeks.

There is a close link between marijuana use and great music. Virtually all of the legendary musicians of the 1960s and 1970s partook in drug use. But, of course, cannabis was just the tip of the iceberg for many of these groups.

The aforementioned link is probably why Bodhi Seeds named Sunshine Dream after the famous documentary featuring the Grateful Dead. Led by Jerry Garcia, the band developed a hardcore following nicknamed ‘The Dead Heads.’ Garcia and other band members were proponents of cannabis, though the singer seldom smoked it by himself. For him, it was a key component of social interaction.

With this in mind, it is perhaps no surprise that Sunshine Dream is an excellent option for sharing among friends. It can help improve your mood and enable you to relax and enjoy good times with people who matter to you. Read on to learn more about this awesome strain.

What Is the Sunshine Dream Strain?

The Sunshine Dream strain is an indica-dominant hybrid bred by Bodhi Seeds. It is a potent cross of Bubbleshine and Appalachia. You might get fooled by the initial non-reaction after using this strain. However, we advise you to have a couple of tokes and wait a few minutes for the impact.

The cerebral high is likely to put a smile on your face as any negativity gathered in your mind drifts away.

Eventually, you’re likely to feel uplifted as all the tension leaves your body. The cerebral high is likely to put a smile on your face as any negativity gathered in your mind drifts away. However, rather than imbuing you with a sense of energy, Sunshine Dream causes you to feel relaxed and content with no desire to leave your current spot.

After a while, this feeling is amplified as the body high potentially leads to couch lock. By the height of your experience, the best thing to do is sit or lie down and enjoy the happy feeling. The sedation and relaxation combo is likely to result in users with a low THC tolerance falling asleep. In general, the Sunshine Dream strain is best enjoyed with friends at home in the evening.


You will probably notice the dank, skunky odor of Sunshine Dream as soon as you open the bag. The scent only intensifies once you grind the buds. When you light it, fruity berry notes fill the air while hints of earthiness and skunkiness linger.

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Although Sunshine Dream ultimately leads to relaxation, it offers a harsh smoke. If you’re new to cannabis, a coughing fit is likely. The skunkiness remains apparent on the inhale, and the smoke could sting your eyes. On the exhale, at least, elements of the fruitiness you smelled return.


The Sunshine Dream strain has pale green leaves with yellow and orange pistils extremely noticeable. The leaves of this plant are packed tightly around the stems, while the buds have flickers of purple or deep blue. Milky white trichomes coat this strain’s flowers, a clear indication of its potency.

Sunshine Dream Strain Grow Info

Oddly enough, you might find it easier to locate Sunshine Dream seeds online than fresh bud in a licensed dispensary. The good news is that this strain is fairly easy to cultivate indoors or outdoors.


If you opt to grow it outside, you’ll be relieved to learn that Sunshine Dream doesn’t grow especially tall. It is a strain that prefers a moderately humid and warm growing environment. Outdoors, each plant can produce around 12 ounces of bud, and it is ready for harvest by mid-October.

Indoors, Sunshine Dream has a flowering time of 8-9 weeks. It can produce around 12 ounces per square meter planted, depending on the lighting and nutrients it receives. Whether you grow it inside or outside, please note that it is a pungent strain. Indoor growers might want to invest in a filter to keep the odor in check.

THC Content – Highest Test

In general, the THC content of Sunshine Dream can range from 17% to 21%, with 19% the average. While this isn’t considered ‘top shelf’ by modern standards, it is still a THC level that warrants respect.

CBD Content – Highest Test

As Sunshine Dream was not bred for CBD, it is no surprise to learn that its cannabidiol content is low at around 0.3%.

Medical Benefits of the Sunshine Dream Strain

Recreational users enjoy the happy sedation this strain provides. As far as MMJ patients are concerned, it is an option if they have stress, depression, or anxiety. Sunshine Dream’s high is a euphoric one that’s likely to ensure you forget your worries temporarily. It is one of the best strains around for use after a hard day at work. Come back home, light up and enjoy good vibes while lying on your sofa.

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It is also potent enough to take the edge off chronic pain potentially. This is why people with arthritis and fibromyalgia sometimes try it. Finally, the sedation caused by Sunshine Dream makes it a reasonable choice if you have insomnia. Use it a few hours before bedtime to see if it helps you get to sleep.

Possible Side Effects of the Sunshine Dream Strain

As Sunshine Dream doesn’t cause potent cerebral effects, it isn’t as likely to increase feelings of anxiety or paranoia as other strains. However, you might find that excessive use causes headaches, dizziness, or nausea. More common side effects include dry eyes, a dry mouth, and likely coughing fits.

Final Thoughts on the Sunshine Dream Strain

Named after a documentary of a famous band, Sunshine Dream is the ultimate ‘chill out’ cannabis strain. It provides users with an uplifting high that mainly impacts the body.

Once the feeling of intense relaxation hits, the only thing you’ll want to do is to enjoy the moment.

Once the feeling of intense relaxation hits, the only thing you’ll want to do is to enjoy the moment. MMJ patients tend to use it for depression, anxiety, stress, insomnia, and chronic pain. Cultivating Sunshine Dream is relatively easy, although it does produce a strong scent.

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