Star Dawg Strain Review

Star Dawg Strain Review

Star Dawg is a pretty hardcore strain due to its pungency and potency. It smells of strong chemicals, with high notes of skunk, diesel, and citrus and has an average THC level of around 21%. Star Dawg will give you a huge boost in energy and mood due to its predominantly sativa lineage and is therefore best recommended for morning use.

Dominant Terpene:
Pinene, Caryophyllene, Humulene
Common Usage
AnxietyChronic painDepression
Growing Info
Flowering period is approximately 63-73 days, best grown indoors

Originating from one of the most well-loved strains from the 1980s, Star Dawg is the sativa-dominant hybrid strain that has made many a cannabis lover’s dreams come true over the years.

If you haven’t tried Star Dawg yet, then you’re seriously missing out – and today we want to tell you why! So sit back, grab a drink, and find out why Star Dawg should be the next strain you try!

What Is the Cannabis Strain Star Dawg?

It’s hard to know where to begin with this legendary strain; an uplifting cross between well-known strains Chemdawg 4 and Tres Dawg, this is a hybrid strain you have to try.


Chemdawg itself has a pretty interesting story; in fact, most weed lovers will know and have tried many of the Chemdawg strains. Originating from a bag of dog bud that was brought over to Massachusetts from Colorado back in the early 1990s. The Top Dawg Seed Company has only grown and grown since then and now has generated the lineage to unbelievable heights.

One thing we love about Chemdawg is the mysterious elements of its story, with many people still believing that there are remaining original Chemdawg seeds out there somewhere just waiting to be germinated.

As you can see from its relatives, Star Dawg is no common strain, and its effects are something else, too! Star Dawg is a unique, elite strain bred to take the best of the best traits from Chemdawg and combine them with some of our favorite elements from Tres Dawg to bring something new and exciting to the ever-growing market.

As a result of clever breeding and compounding desired traits in the flowers, Star Dawg is a pungent and delicious bud to enjoy. Let’s face it, with such famous ancestors it was always going to be a great strain!

With THC levels at around 16-25%, Star Dawg is undoubtedly a strong contender; with dank qualities taken from its lineage, this 90% sativa-dominant hybrid is one of our favorites.

Star Dawg Strain Aroma, Flavor, Appearance

The name gives this strain away, with reference to the bright and sparkling star-like trichomes that coat the deep green nugs, the only thing to separate the shine is the fiery orange hairs. The nugs are dense and small-medium in stature but don’t be fooled, Star Dawg packs a punch with its potent aroma and taste.


Star Dawg is undoubtedly a beautiful bud to look at, and any growers out there will love the velvety texture, but its potency runs across effects as well as smell and taste. With an earthy pine aroma present in many of the Chemdawg family, Star Dawg stands out with those sour undertones and hints of diesel.

Ultimately, this isn’t a strain that will welcome you in with delicate floral notes; it is a hard-core strain that is pungent in chemical-like aromas. You’ve been warned.

Cannabis connoisseurs may also be able to detect the light citrusy notes that come through upon inhaling. If you’re into the skunky scents of Star Dawg, then you will LOVE the taste! Think lemon and pine with a massive kick of diesel – and you pretty much have Star Dawg! It also gives off a pretty impressive thick smoke, where the aroma lingers long after you’re done.

Star Dawg Cannabis Grow Info

If you are looking to take on a new growing project, then we would certainly recommend Star Dawg; if this is your first rodeo perhaps don’t make this your introduction to growing! Star Dawg isn’t too difficult to grow, but it does require some work and maintenance and thus best suits someone with a little experience.

While Star Dawg can grow well both indoors and outdoors, it appears it thrives most in an indoor controlled setup, so this may be something to consider before you commit.

Star Dawg typically flowers anywhere between 63-73 days, and for those growing outdoors, the early-mid October time is best. Regardless of where you choose to grow Star Dawg, however, it won’t grow to massive heights that can be seen with certain strains, so at a medium height, this is a good one to work with!

Star Dawg Cannabis Effects

The euphoric effects of Star Dawg have a lot in common with your typical sativa strains, and this one can be a perfect remedy for low mood and lethargy.

However, Star Dawg certainly has a lot more to offer than just your average cerebral effects, with varying results that combine the energy with an indica-induced body buzz ideal for unwinding.

Star Dawg is the ultimate party favor strain, and will soon have you and your friends in uproars of laughter and chatting the hours away. We love this strain for its ability to promote sociability and activity without affecting day-to-day life, making it ideal for patients.

The effects of Star Dawg are pretty long lasting, so be cautious of going overboard, because a reasonable amount can keep effect for up to three hours!

Medical Benefits of Star Dawg

Due to the indica in Star Dawg, patients can might be able to benefit from a range of relaxing properties, with a body buzz to potentially relieve symptoms of pain and tension, and a cerebral high from the sativa that is great for low mood, anxiety, and depression.

Many patients struggling from stress and fatigue reach for Star Dawg, as the urge to get up and go helps with both.

It may be particularly useful in helping those suffering from digestive issues and can inspire the munchies, so if you struggle with weight gain and appetite this may be the one for you to try!

Generally a tremendous all-around strain for mental health conditions as well as physical pain and inflammation, this is undoubtedly a popular choice for many.

Possible Side Effects of Star Dawg

With great power comes great responsibility, and this potent strain is not exempt! While you can quickly benefit from the full range of properties this bud has to offer, you should also expect to suffer from dry mouth and eyes due to its highly potent nature.


We also recommend that those less seasoned smokers tread carefully, this is a high THC bud, so if you go in too hard, you may end up feeling dizzy, mild headaches or slightly panicky.

So, Is Star Dawg Your Next Marijuana Strain to Try?

Star Dawg is a fantastic, potent, all-rounder strain, isn’t it? From famous and top-quality lineage, you can go in blindly and with confidence that you won’t be disappointed here.

It is a strong strain in every sense of the word, so it is perhaps not for the mild smokers amongst us, but if you love a potent doobie, this is a MUST TRY STRAIN!

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