Snowland Strain Review

Snowland Strain Review

The Snowland strain is an exhilarating burst of fruity goodness that induces a cerebral high and a relaxing let-down.

Dominant Terpene:
Euphoria, Relaxation, Uplifting
Common Usage
Chronic painDepressionStress
Growing Info
Flowering period is about 7-9 weeks. It is grown both indoors and outdoors.

The Snowland strain is an energizing trip to a smooth, relaxing, yet invigorating high. This indica-dominant weed is the offspring of LA Confidential and Snow Cap. LA Confidential gifts its frosty, crystalline appearance to Snowland, while Snow Cap bequeaths its sativa-like qualities. The result is an uplifting and euphoric high with a cerebral buzz.

Although Snowland is more indica than sativa, it packs an excellent sativa punch. It serves as a great pick-me-up after a long day at the office. While it may provide energy for focus and creativity, it has a refreshing and brisk let-down that leaves users feeling relaxed and care-free. It’s perfect for a night indoors with friends whiling away the hours, flitting about the garden, or doing some exercise.

What Is the Snowland Strain?

Snowland weed is an indica/sativa blend that lays claim to generations of highly potent strains. With ancestors that include famously robust strains like Jack Herer and Afghani Indica, it’s no wonder that it has amassed a following. Its unique parentage has lent it an abundance of flavor, as it hits complex notes and gives its fans a high that isn’t sharp but is still heady.

It does take a while for this high to get going. However, once it does, users may be bowled over by its strength.

The Snowland strain is the creation of the Amsterdam group DNA Genetics. A strain of this nature typically has a harsh, hard-edged hit. Snowland manages to take a detour and instead gives users something warm and resonant.


It does take a while for this high to get going. However, once it does, users may be bowled over by its strength. Snowland is a strain that challenges and thrills. Although it is a favorite among many tokers, it may not hit the right notes with those seeking something more sedate.


The Snowland strain has a multi-faceted aroma profile. Not one fragrance experience is the same with this one. While many can smell hints of pine and sandalwood, others cite its crisp, citrusy scent. Its pungent nature has bits of skunk and diesel and dollops of sweet fruit.

It also contains a bit of deep earthiness and herbal dankness. Many cite that a tinge of peppery heat offsets this. However, it also has a hit of menthol – a gift from its parent, the Snowcap strain.


The Snowland strain’s flavor is just as complicated as its aroma. On the inhale, users can detect a substantial bit of pine. Its woodsy flavor is then slowly enveloped in its sweet, fruity notes. It has a unique balance of skunk and diesel that is offset by a zing of citrus.

Many fans of this strain have noted a bit of spiciness on the exhale. There are also elements of mint and fresh lime.

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Snowland’s buds are copious and plentiful. They sport specks of bright green along with other colors, including brilliant oranges and amber. Its buds are large and covered with trichomes.

Snowland Strain Grow Info

Snowland strain seeds are hardy and easy to grow. Despite some sativa characteristics, it has the true look of an indica. It stands up well to weather conditions, making it a prime candidate for outdoor growth. It has a sturdy composition with a resilient stalk and thickly curled leaves. Snowland is unaffected by mold and mildew.

Many growers like this strain not only for its ease of growth but also because it boasts a high yield. However, due to this plant’s height, it has roomy space requirements. Growers should carefully evaluate their layout and area. The Snowland strain grows tall and needs to have some leeway.


This strain is incredibly large and leafy. Cultivators need to trim branches and leaves often for superior air circulation. They may also need to engage other techniques for optimal growth. The SOG method works well with the Snowland strain, as does hydroponics.

Snowland thrives best with lots of sunshine, and while it is hardy, temperatures should hover around 78 degrees Fahrenheit. Snowland is ready to harvest at about 7-9 weeks. If conditions are optimal, growers can expect up to 20 ounces per square meter indoors and over 20 ounces or more per square meter outdoors.

THC Content – Highest Test

Although some estimates go as low as 15%, the average THC content is around 24%.

CBD Content – Highest Test

The highest content test for CBD is 1%.

Medical Benefits of the Snowland Strain

Consumers of the Snowland strain have indicated its use in alleviating a variety of symptoms. Fans of Snowland contend that it uplifts mood, supports healthy sleeping patterns, and induces feelings of relaxation. However, consumers use it in other ways as well.

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Many use it to become more focused and creative. Others attest to its ability to increase appetite and to address physical aches and pains, such as muscle spasms and discomforts. According to users, it is beneficial to those suffering from the effects of PTSD. It is also known for its energizing effects.

Possible Side Effects of the Snowland Strain

Snowland has a few possible reactions and drawbacks. Some consumers using this strain may experience paranoia, dry mouth, and dry eyes. A few may experience dizziness.

Final Thoughts on the Snowland Strain

The Snowland strain has amassed a cult following from many corners of the cannabis world. It is uniquely powerful, with uplifting effects that consumers rave over. Even still, it is an indica-leaning hybrid, and as such, many of its characteristics are indica-strong, including its robust build.

Snowland grows thick and sturdy. This is a throwback trait to its heritage. It is the offspring of LA Confidential and Snowcap, two strains that have resilient and hardy stock. It has also inherited a sativa potency that delivers a high that is euphoric, buzzy, and energizing.

It is the offspring of LA Confidential and Snowcap, two strains that have resilient and hardy stock.

Due to its tenacious nature, it is an easy strain to grow. It has a quick turnaround, with only a 7-9 week window before harvest. Cultivators should note that this strain uses lots of space to grow. Trimming of branches and lots of sunlight will ensure that this strain grows into maturity with an abundant yield.

This strain has an intricate flavor profile that has been a hit with consumers across the country. It is sweet, citrusy, fruity, and has hints of diesel, mint, and skunk. Users also love its woody undertones, like sandalwood and pine.

Many enjoy its purported effects, such as anxiety and stress relief, as well as focus. Those that consume this strain lay claim to its potential ability to soothe away aches and pains and uplift both spirit and mood.

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