Snow Lotus Strain Review

Snow Lotus Strain Review

The Snow Lotus strain has an extremely high THC content that makes it unsuitable for novices. It provides an uplifting and energetic high, and users often claim that they feel more focused after using this strain. It has a slight diesel scent, but the flavor involves earthiness with hints of sweetness.

Dominant Terpene:
Body high/numbing, Energy, Focus, Relaxation
Common Usage
Body high/numbingEnergyFocusRelaxation
Growing Info
You can grow Snow Lotus indoors and outdoors. It has an average flowering time of 7-9 weeks when grown outdoors. It is ready for harvest by the beginning of October when cultivated outdoors.

In general, marijuana users seem to view the plant through a narrow lens. For them, cannabis is either indica or sativa, with occasional ruderalis genes. The suggestion is that indica-dominant hybrids cause sedation. Meanwhile, sativa-dominant strains offer an energy boost.

However, there are also balanced hybrids and strains with a slight leaning one way or the other. With these strains, the effects can offer sedation or energy. Snow Lotus is a prime example and is fast becoming a recreational and MMJ favorite.

What Is the Snow Lotus Strain?

It is a slightly indica-dominant hybrid. Bodhi Seeds created it as a cross of Afgooey and Blockhead.

Snow Lotus is an extremely potent cannabis strain that doesn’t necessarily provide the sedation associated with indica-dominant hybrids. It does offer a nice body buzz, which mainly comes from Blockhead. However, its cerebral high is arguably stronger and is linked with the Afgooey strain.


What users notice is how quickly the Snow Lotus high hits them. Even experienced cannabis smokers are surprised by the rapidity of the intoxication. The cerebral high helps ease any anxiety you feel, and it also serves to improve your mood. Many users state that Snow Lotus makes them smile and generally feel good about themselves.

The body high provides an element of relaxation and could help ease certain aches and pains. Far from being sedated, however, you may find yourself becoming more creative and productive. As such, you could use Snow Lotus during the day, knowing that couch lock is unlikely. Towards the end of the high, you might discover a significant spike in your appetite.


Snow Lotus provides an herbal aroma that isn’t easy to disguise. There are also hints of earthiness and diesel. Grinding up the buds reveals a pungent skunk scent accompanied by a smell of ammonia.

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There is unquestionably a slight chemical taste when you consume Snow Lotus. However, it is generally quite minimal, and instead, you’ll focus more on the sweet citrus flavor. There is also a pine taste that becomes more apparent on the exhale.


This strain has small clustered buds with slightly brownish-green leaves. The resinous, sticky trichome-laden buds are indicative of this strain’s immense potency.

Snow Lotus Grow Info

The genetic makeup of Snow Lotus means it is fairly easy to grow. It is a short plant with strong branches. As a result, you can use certain training techniques to help the branches grow laterally. As it is resilient in the face of sudden temperature changes, you can cultivate Snow Lotus indoors or outdoors.

The genetic makeup of Snow Lotus means it is fairly easy to grow.

When cultivated outdoors, Snow Lotus is ready for harvest by the beginning or middle of October. It provides around 12 ounces of bud per plant. Indoors, it has a flowering time of 7-9 weeks and offers 10-12 ounces per square meter planted. Those who grow this strain indoors should consider using Low-Stress Training (LST) techniques to keep the height under control.

One issue is that Snow Lotus seeds are not available in feminized form at present. As a result, half the seeds you plant will likely grow into male plants. It is essential to keep an eye on your crop and remove any male plants you find as soon as possible.

THC Content – Highest Test

Testing has revealed that Snow Lotus has a THC content of up to 25%. It is extremely potent and not a good option for novices.

CBD Content – Highest Test

There is very little CBD to counteract the high THC content. This means Snow Lotus is even more potent than the 25% THC suggests. You will usually find less than 0.1% CBD in this strain.

Medical Benefits of the Snow Lotus Strain

Recreational users are drawn to Snow Lotus due to its high THC content and propensity to make them feel happier. However, it is also becoming a major player in the MMJ field. The aforementioned joy it provides means it is popular amongst individuals living with depression. The speed at which Snow Lotus takes effect means that individuals with stress might also find it useful.

This strain is potent enough to help with chronic pains and aches. As it spikes appetite, you might also want to try it if you have a medical condition that makes it hard for you to eat.

Possible Side Effects of the Snow Lotus Strain

A strain as potent as Snow Lotus is always going to have a handful of side effects. There is a possibility of experiencing headaches and dizziness if you overindulge. These issues also arise if you’re a novice user or have a low THC tolerance. Individuals prone to anxiety or paranoia may find that these thoughts are exacerbated.

Apart from the above, minor side effects such as cottonmouth or dry eyes could also crop up.

Final Thoughts on the Snow Lotus Strain

Ultimately, Snow Lotus is an extremely potent cannabis strain that helps improve your mood. It provides an uplifting and energetic high that also relaxes the body.

Snow Lotus is an extremely potent cannabis strain that helps improve your mood.

Novices and users with a low THC tolerance should realistically steer clear. MMJ patients use it for depression, stress, and chronic pain. Snow Lotus is a relatively easy strain to grow, and it doesn’t take up much space.

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