Royal Haze | Updated Marijuana Strain Review

Royal Haze | Updated Marijuana Strain Review

If you’re one to appreciate dank and potent buds, you’re bound to love this super stinky strain known as Royal Haze. This skunky smelling bud will fill an entire room with its aroma. Besides its smell though, it’s an indica leaning hybrid that’s great for a happy and cerebral high.

Dominant Terpene:
Focus, Happy, Spacy/cerebral
Common Usage
AnxietyChronic painFatigueInflammation
Growing Info
This strain can be grown both indoors and outdoors, average flowering time indoors is approximately 10-11 weeks, or towards the end of October if growing outdoors.

When it comes to finding must-have strains, we consider ourselves a pretty reliable source, and today we are bringing you a sativa that certainly deserves its royal status. The crème de la crème of social buds, Royal Haze is the tasty flower that NEEDS to make your hit list this year!

Whether you are on the market for a new sativa to try in the New Year, or perhaps you are ticking off your 2018 bucket list, whatever the cause this bud is a definite must-try flower.

To find out more about Royal Haze, keep reading…

What Is Royal Haze?

royal haze strain

Royal Haze is a sativa-dominant hybrid that has all the makings of a party starter, only without the next day hangover! Brought to us by the geniuses at Dinafem Seeds, this beauty has been specially bred to merge the super motivating, cerebral properties of sativa strains with the calming effects of indica buds – and we love it!

Royal Haze is a clever combination of three of the world’s best buds: Skunk, Haze and Northern Lights. And the result? An exotic explosion of spicy herb and citrus, and underneath it all a savory note of sage.

With such a vast following, Royal Haze has undoubtedly inspired others to make their own version, with Royal Seeds coming up with an autoflowering version of the bud which combines Amnesia Haze, Skunk, and a mystery ruderalis strain. The effects are pretty spot on to the original, too!

Packing a generous 15% THC and 5% CBD, this is the perfect daytime bud that will keep you on the go for hours!

Royal Haze Flavor, Aroma, Appearance

Who doesn’t love a super stinky bud?! If you appreciate the potent aroma of a dank bud, then you will love Royal Haze. The super skunky aroma fills the room with ease and lingers long after the experience is over, so those who are looking for a discreet smoke may want to consider this.

Royal Haze has a distinct smell, combining earthy, fresh aromas with a sour, spicy undertone that lingers around. When it comes to taste, though, that is where this bud comes alive, with such a range of flavors that it can be a party in the mouth! Think of the tang of citrus fruits combined with a thick, musty taste, combining earth, pine, and cedar; all rolled into a skunky flavored parcel – it is a must-try!

This exotic bud takes on the typical appearance one would expect from any good sativa, with wonderful, oversized nugs that take on an almost blue tinge but are predominantly a deep green. Coated in amber hairs and tiny crystal trichomes, this is a sticky delight for all to see.

Royal Haze Grow Info

Royal Haze is a joy to cultivate and is pretty easy to grow making it ideal for the novice cannabis lover. You can opt to grow Royal haze both indoors and out, with outside growth resulting in a resilient plant that is great at fending off most problems.

Outdoor cultivation will usually lead to around 600-900g of cannabis per plant, making the flowering time well worth the wait. This bud flowers after between ten and eleven weeks, so she is not one to be rushed.

A sturdy plant by all accounts, Royal Haze usually grows to a medium height and boasts some pretty impressive buds both inside and out. If you can offer a warm and dry climate outside, you will be significantly rewarded for your efforts with this bud. Outdoor growth is usually ready for harvest around the end of October.

Medical Benefits of Royal Haze

The benefits of opting for most sativa strains are that you can benefit from their results all day long, and Royal Haze is no exception to this. You can enjoy a joint first thing in the morning and reap the benefits for hours and hours to follow.

Most users report a kick-start of motivation that is perfect for getting things done, and whether the feeling you experience is academic or physical this can be a great way to start the day. Cerebral and focused, Royal Haze can alleviate stress and help encourage positive thoughts and confidence.

Those suffering from migraines, headaches, minor inflammation, chronic fatigue, and nausea can benefit massively from both the boost of energy as well as the mild body buzz that eases aches and pains.

Some users that suffer from anxiety and depression have benefited from the super happy effects of this bud, with many reporting it has been effective in lifting mood, easing the physical side effects of anxiety, and clearing out those mental cobwebs.

Although the indica effects will kick in eventually, leaving you relaxed and maybe even a little spaced out, this is not really an evening or night time strain.

Possible Side Effects of Royal Haze

There haven’t been many adverse effects reported for Royal Haze; however you should note that some users may experience dry eyes and dry mouth from using this bud. In very few cases, users may experience mild to moderate headaches.

Final Thoughts on Royal Haze

If you are looking for the perfect social party strain, Royal Haze may be the missing ingredient! Boasting long-lasting cerebral results, you can bring out a whole new side of confidence in you and your guests, making for thought-provoking chit-chat and endless laughs.

For those looking to use Royal Haze to treat their condition, this also offers a great range of effects that can be applied to many medical conditions. However, we are not medically trained and advise anyone looking to medicate with cannabis consult their doctor.

Let us know your thoughts on this bud – have you tried it yet? We would love to hear your thoughts

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