Pot of Gold: The Complete Marijuana Strain Review

Pot of Gold: The Complete Marijuana Strain Review

This is a strain that provides a satisfying level of relaxation that might ultimately lead to sedation and sleep. It comes from two outstanding strains and has won multiple awards. MMJ users enjoy Pot of Gold’s painkilling properties and also use it to help fight insomnia.

Dominant Terpene:
Humulene, Limonene, Myrcene
Common Usage
Chronic painInflammationLack of appetite
Growing Info
Pot of Gold is best cultivated indoors. Its flowering time is 8-9 weeks.

According to legend, leprechauns bury a pot of gold at the end of a rainbow. The fact that no one has ever found the gold doesn’t dent peoples’ enthusiasm for the tale! The Pot of Gold strain is a cross between two world-class strains and provides a heavily indica effect. It is an ideal option if you’re looking to treat yourself at the end of a hard, stressful day.

What Is the Pot of Gold Strain?

Pot of Gold is a cross of Skunk #1 and Hindu Kush. The Flying Dutchman bred this heavily indica-dominant hybrid. This breeder likely cultivated it in the mid-1980s in the Netherlands. Pot of Gold has won a significant array of prizes, including the High Times Cannabis Cup in 1998.


The Pot of Gold high primarily focuses on the body. You will feel sedated soon after using it, although there is also a moderate cerebral buzz that could result in euphoric feelings. However, it is all about the physical high, which lasts for hours. In most cases, users report that their limbs and eyes become heavy. At this point, all they want to do is lie down and relax.


Users can expect to experience the typical strong hash smell associated with high-quality cannabis. You might also get floral and fruity notes when grinding Pot of Gold buds. It is certainly an aroma that gets mixed reviews from consumers. Experienced users are more likely to appreciate the nuances of this strain’s smell. Meanwhile, novices might find that the odor is simply too strong.


Once again, it is most likely that seasoned users will like Pot of Gold’s taste more than their inexperienced counterparts. It provides a fruity and sweet hash taste that provides a noticeable aftertaste.

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Pot of Gold has small, densely packed buds which are tricky to break with your hands. The long and thin leaves have a dark green color, while the orange pistils weave their way around. The sparkling coating of trichomes only adds to this strain’s visual appeal.

Pot of Gold Strain Grow Info

When you get Pot of Gold seeds, you’ll find that it is best cultivated indoors. It doesn’t tend to grow to more than three feet tall when grown inside. This means it is an excellent option for growers with minimal space.

We must warn you that this isn’t the best option if you’re a first-timer. Pot of Gold requires a lot more care and attention than the average cannabis strain. You need to ensure that the temperature and humidity are at the right levels. Otherwise, the strain could develop mold. It is much easier to keep things under control when growing indoors.

Pot of Gold requires a lot more care and attention than the average cannabis strain.

Also, make sure these plants receive high-quality ventilation. It is best to prune the plant regularly to ensure buds low down get enough air and light.

If you elect to cultivate Pot of Gold outdoors, please note that it requires a warm and dry climate. It is usually ready for harvest by the middle of October. If you have the expertise, you could receive a yield of up to 31 ounces per plant.

Indoors, Pot of Gold provides approximately 21 ounces per square meter planted in optimal conditions. Its flowering time is 8-9 weeks.

THC Content – Highest Test

There is quite a disparity between the maximum and minimum THC content of this strain. Pot of Gold can have anywhere from 11% to 23%, according to various tests. On average, you can expect to get approximately 17% THC.

CBD Content – Highest Test

There is practically no cannabidiol in this strain. Typically, Pot of Gold has less than 0.1%.

Medical Benefits of the Pot of Gold Strain

The extremely potent body high makes Pot of Gold a highly sought-after strain amongst MMJ patients with pain. It can sedate the limbs and help take your mind off the pain. Users also claim it is useful for reducing inflammation and the frequency and severity of muscle spasms.


There is a suggestion that Pot of Gold could help spike appetite. However, perhaps its most salient property is its ability to sedate and help a person get to sleep. Even users with a very high THC tolerance say they find it challenging to keep their eyes open once the high takes hold. If you struggle to get to sleep at night, give Pot of Gold a try and see what happens.

Possible Side Effects of the Pot of Gold Strain

It is extremely unwise to consider using this strain during the day. That is unless you don’t have any important tasks to do. The level of sedation it provides often overwhelms users and results in couch lock.

As it is a relatively potent strain, Pot of Gold could cause headaches or dizziness on occasion.

As it is a relatively potent strain, Pot of Gold could cause headaches or dizziness on occasion. Apart from that, typical adverse effects include dry eyes and a dry mouth.

Final Thoughts on the Pot of Gold Strain

The Pot of Gold strain is the cannabis of choice for people who need help getting to sleep. It can also help reduce painful symptoms of various conditions. It is an acquired taste as the smell and flavor are often too potent for novices. Pot of Gold also isn’t the best cannabis strain to cultivate if you’re a new grower. It is susceptible to mold, so you must ensure it is exposed to the right humidity and temperature levels.

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